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Payment Deadline: March 1, 2014

(print attachment below)

Teams who wish to participate in the NJCO must register by supplying the following information in writing along with a fee of $150.00. (Make check out to NJIT-NJ Chemistry Olympics).

  • Name of Coach: ________________________________________

  • School Name: ________________________________________

  • School Address: ________________________________________

  • School Phone Number: ____________________

  • Home Phone Number: ____________________

  • Fax number: ____________________

  • Email Address (required): ____________________

Please note: A separate submission is required for each team being registered. An email address is required as all correspondence will be done via email.

Registration information and payment must be sent to:

Gayle Katz, NJ Chemistry Olympics
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Room 151 Tiernan Hall
161 Warren Street
Newark, NJ 07102-1982

Purchase orders will be accepted, however the fee must be paid in full no later than April 23, 2014.

*Note: See NJCO Guidelines for Event Sign-Up Information