Page updated 2019-11-17

Hi Everyone!  I'm going to blather on this year, since it's 4 am, and I've been messing, unsuccessfully, with drone video for a few hours now.
Please bear with me!   ( Disclaimer!  I make many jokes.  All of them bad, according to my family & friends...  Please take them in the spirit they are intended, no matter how badly punny they are! )

A quick note if you watch the 5 videos from this year.  Most of the trees you are seeing are 7-8 feet tall.  There are of course smaller and larger trees, but this should help you judge how tall the bulk of the trees are.

For anyone looking at Google Maps, PLEASE be aware that the images are VERY old!  Watch the videos, listed just below!

Also, I'm not sure, but I don't think many people look at the Navigation bar, over on the left, up at the top of the page.
There is some good info in the other pages.
I just added our first customer picture, from 2018, on 11/19/2019.

Another year, another Xmas, and I still haven't made a new drone video of the place.  BAD Bob!
(yeah, the drone is charged and sitting there waiting for me to take it for a ride... )

UPDATE 11/16:
    I got off my butte, and went and videoed ( sp? ) the farm.  Asked for help from the family...  ( And yes wifey, butte is spelled right.  You used to think it was a butte at least... )  (( look it up folks... more jokes in there than I can spell out. ))
        My son "suddenly" got a call to go with friends while I was at Home Depot.  THANKS ROBERT.
        Daughter Gretchen, " I have a headache dad."
        Wife - Why would I Even Ask?!?!?  ( I asked anyway.  "NO" )
        Over to the farm to do the actual drone video, maybe Dad will help drive while I film?.  Walk into Living room.  Dad watching his fave college team Michigan State, football game.
        Michigan State 7     -    Michigan 24?  49?  78?  IDK, Something really bad.
        "Hey Dad, can you drive me around the far.........  Ah, OK, I'll talk to you tomorrow!  Have fun with Rutgers West! "   (Yeah, Rutgers West is HIS term, not mine!!!!!  Go discuss with him.  Honestly, I think it fits this year.  *SIGH* )

    The old video is still available, but things have changed a bit this year.
    I'm doing a vid of each field, simple edit, on youtube.
    Watch as much as you need of each vid, then skip to the next.
    The Overview vid is long, but useful?  I think?  This being said by me at 4 am...
    This is the 2016 vid: Black Oak Farm overview 2016

11/15/2019: The pond is actually clear enough this year, that you can see the two giant Koi we have.  I need to go video tomorrow...
UPDATE 11/16:
    I went and videoed.  The Koi are nowhere to be seen.  Cue swearing here.  Use your imagination.
    ANYWAY,  here are a set of unaltered, UNASSISTED FROM THE FAMILY videos.
    By myself.
    In the cold.  
    Drone touchscreens do NOT like gloves. *SIGH*
    Someone throw me a pity party?

    Upper Field  ( testing now, lets see if this looks good.  OMG It works!  I might be able to get to bed before 6 am!!!!!!!!!!   )   yeah, right?
    Lower field

We have Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Concolor Fir, Serbian Spruce and Canaan Fir
We do also have a very few Douglas Fir.  There are a few other species as well in smaller quantities.

Please watch this page if inclement weather is expected and I will try to keep it updated.
As always, if you have questions, please CALL US before you come out.  908-537-4133

Our Trees are normally about 6 Foot to 12 Foot high.  This year we have some 10 foot trees.  Dad got annoyed at all the really tall ones.  There appear to be a few 10-12.  After Thanksgiving weekend, tall trees will be scarce, with 6 - 10 Foot being the norm.
What few 12 footers there are go quickly!  We do have a selection of 12 foot trees, but they have those high stumps.

Questions and Answers
Please check out our Questions And Answers page. 

YES, we accept credit cards, but on Weekends only.

For 2019

Black Oak Farm will be open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays, from November 29th thru December 22nd.  

We are not open on Thanksgiving.

Any hours before Thanksgiving, please CALL THE FARM and speak with Bob to make an appointment.

If you come weekdays, PLEASE bring appropriate muscle with you!!!

Dad is almost 110 ( or maybe 88 ) years old, and gets tired very quickly.

Other days by Appointment Only!

Please call the farm at 908-537-4133 and speak with Bob before you drive out to the farm!

Please do not leave a message and come out!

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  PLEASE arrive before 4 PM.  It gets dark at 4:30 PM sharp!

All Trees are $55.00

Our Christmas Shop will be fully stocked this year!

We will have Wreaths, Roping, Tree Stands and our newest selection of hand-picked gift items, S&F Honey and, 

Of Course:  Mrs. Housedorf's Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles.


Please call 908-832-2392 in advance if you would like to place a candle order. 

( Yes, my wonderful wife Jennifer does actually make ALL the candles herself, one at a time.  So if she's grumpy, don't assume it's because of me!  There might just be a lot of orders.... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

As usual, we will have free Coffee & free Hot Chocolate.

Cookies & Muffins ( and some Sabrett's hot dogs on Martin's Potato Rolls 

during busy weekend days at lunch ) will be available for a nominal fee.

We also carry bottled water for a nominal fee.



From I-78 Westbound: Take Exit 12 (Jutland/Norton).  At stop sign, turn left.

At light, make right onto Charlestown Road (County Route 635).

From I-78 Eastbound: Take Exit 12 (Jutland/Norton).  At stop sign, turn left.

At light, turn left.  At next light, proceed straight ahead onto

Charlestown Road (County Route 635).


On Charlestown Road, take third left onto Mine Road.  Proceed 7/10 mile to

Black Oak Farm on left.   Phone (908) 537 - 4133


Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year from Black Oak Farm!!


We have electric deer fencing!

Unless you are interested in lighting Uncle Fester's 

light bulb in your mouth, please do not touch.  

( The fence should be off during normal business hours, 

but who wants to take chances?!?!?  )


( Ahh, yes, I do have a sense of humor. 

    In ANY case, please accept my poor attempts at humor for what they are!  Thank you all!!!!  



Owner: Robert Housedorf
9 Black Oak Lane
Asbury, NJ 08802
Farm phone: 908-537-4133 
Alt. phone: 908-832-2392 ( do not call this # on weekends... )

PLEASE NOTE:  Dad is 85+ something years old, and quite hard of hearing.  He does have close-captioned phone service if you give him a chance. For more involved questions,  please use the email or call 908-832-2392  We are over at the farm on weekends.

Alternate recorded message, if no answer at farm: 908-832-2392

Please send an email to this address if you want to be added to our yearly Email!

OK, if you're reading this far, there is actually something wrong with you.  There is nothing after this.  Go Home.
Yes, this is a Ferris Buehler reference.  ( That is a copyrighted thing and is Fair Use! )

Yeah, you are persistent. OK, you asked for it:

If you ask Nicely, and tell me ( Bob the 2nd ONLY!! ) you saw this ABC123, you *might* get a high speed ride around the farm. At 5 PM only!

ONE person only, precisely at 5 PM, come over to me with the time on your phone!


I might even dance with you, in the parking lot, if you can tell me what movie this quote is from:
"I do, actually. I might, even when this is all over, go dancing."
FYI: I do not dance well...

Or, if you're REALLY adventurous, at the 5 PM mark, give you the extended tour of the property.
This is not fun anymore, as it involves opening nasty electric fence gates... But, What The Heck?
Maybe we'll just go out and come back the way we went in, instead of opening those gates.... Please note: Excessive walking may occur!