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We would like to thank JTB for becoming a Gold Corporate Member (2018) and for their $1,000 JTB Cultural Exchange Corporation Grant!

President's Inaugural Greeting
First and foremost, I would like to thank NJATJ for allowing me to serve as President and be part of an organization dedicated to the outstanding instruction of Japanese language and culture. I held the position of Vice President alongside Fukuda-sensei, who did an outstanding job as President for the last two years. NJATJ was founded in 2009 and its goals since then have been to explore new teaching methods to share and try in our classrooms, support one another's Japanese programs all across New Jersey, build and create a professional network of development opportunities, and celebrate our most dedicated teachers and students. 

NJATJ has already done so much for me since my initial membership in 2012. It has been my greatest avenue of networking and furthering my career to reach professional and personal goals. The amount of support I have consistently received from colleagues all over the state is something I will always remember. To be able to give back by leading this organization is an absolute honor. I am more than proud to lead NJATJ in the direction of our mission for the next two years along with Kawahara-sensei as Vice President and achieve even more than what we had planned.
Kristin Wingate
President of NJATJ

2018 NJATJ Japanese Language and Culture Study 
Award Ceremony
March 9, 2018
Orange Avenue School
Guest Speakers: -Mr. Tomofumi Horiki, Consul, Japan Information Center, Consulate General of Japan in New York

NJATJ - New Logo
Bosheng (Jim) Li

NJATJ Summer Benkyokai
Topic 1: 90%+ Target Language Use in the Classroom
Location: Kawaguchi-sensei's House
Date: July 17, 2018

Thank you very much for your interest in Japanese language education in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.  Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions.  NJATJ looks forward to working with you to achieve our mutual goals.

NJATJ Mission Statement

NJATJ shall strive to promote Japanese language education at all levels and support Japanese language teachers in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. 

Please view our Objectives and our By Laws for more information about our association.

Please visit our Japan Disaster Education page for materials to share with your students.
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