Niveus Lepus Raid Requirements

1. Each raider is required to show up on time to scheduled raids prepared.

2. "Prepared" is defined as having all gear gemmed and enchanted with appropriate level gems and enchants. It also extends to class/spec appropriate flasks, repair costs and food for themselves for each and every raid.

3. "Prepared" further extends to knowing the intricacies of the fights we are up against. This includes knowing what to dispel (Or not!), when and WHY to interrupt, and how to not stand in the poo. This further includes knowing when to use an AoE spec or a Single Target spec and how to optimize damage for every encounter.

4. A raider is required to contribute to the raid as a whole, either by offering profession services free of charge (if provided materials), or putting profession materials of appropriate kind into the bank.

5. Every raider is required to deposit materials for feasts into the bank at minimum once a month.

6. Every raider must keep abreast of their class requirements and changes by reading patch notes and or utilizing spreadsheets/datamining/practice (Preferably all three) to determine best rotations/gear, including changes as they come up.

7. If a raider is unable to make a raid, 24 hour notice must be given to any officer before the scheduled raid either by email or in game mail and through the in game calendar system. Simply telling an officer is not okay, as they are human and prone to forget. Back it up with some form of written correspondence.

8. Emergencies do arise to the above rule and exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. However, if it is thought a raider is trying to avoid raids or content they dislike in order to only be present for content they want, appropriate action will be taken. A raider must contact Onicorah via cellphone if they cannot give 24hr notice.

9. If a raider has any issues with the loot system they must bring it up immediately to the Loot Master. (Tizaria) Use only well reasoned and thought out arguments about loot or you will be ignored.

10. An applicant to the raid will be evaluated for a period not to exceed 4 weeks (28 days). During this time the applicant is expected to follow all the guidelines as a core raider. They will also be required to follow world of logs and make sure they are performing at their max level. All of the core raiders are willing to answer any questions and work with applicants on their class/rotation/gearing path.

11. If the applicant is found to be lacking in any of the necessary areas but are still working with others to improve and works well in the raid, the evaluation period can be extended for another 2 weeks (14 days). If the applicant is found to still be below standards after all reasonable help has been offered they will be asked to step down from raiding status.

12. Alts will not be allowed in the main raid unless fully geared and necessary to continuing the raid. The raid is to gear out mains in order to work towards achievements and is not for the sole purpose of getting purples exclusively.

13. Attendance: All raiders are required to be available for raids minimum 2 out of our 3 raid days. 3 out of 3 is preferred but we understand that real life happens and there are times you won’t be able to make it. If attendance falls short of 2/3 for more than 2 weeks then the raider will be warned. If attendance is still lacking after 4 weeks the raider will be removed for the good of the raid. There are 12 total people in this raid. Everyone one of them has given up time, energy and materials to be here on time and ready to raid. We will not allow a single person to disrespect that commitment. Our raid days are set time and days, if you are unable to make it consistently to these days then you are required to take it upon yourself to step out of the raid out of respect to your fellow raiders.

14. Reasonable excuses include but are not limited to loss of life, limb or freedom. Work calls, delays, overtime or emergencies. Sudden loss of all bladder or sphincter control. Illness.

15. Unreasonable excuses include but are not limited to forgetfulness, alcohol binging, a hot dude or chick or dudechick or chickdude you met at the bar or having your driveway paved.

General Guild Guidelines


2. If you have issues with a person you must take your issues to that person privately. Either in /whisper or in a separate channel on voice. If the issue cannot be resolved, the HR officer will act as Mediator (Onicorah).

3. The guild bank is there for everyone to use. If you have extras of something, feel free to put it in the bank. If you are short a bit, feel free to take some. If you only take and do not donate you will be banned from use of the bank.

4. Remember, we are all people here. You might be having a really bad day but try not to let it rain on someone else. If someone doesn’t answer you right away they might be busy or afk. Be patient.

5. Happiness, bunnies, punch and pie.

6. No really. HAVE FUN.

Loot Rules

1. Loot is spread out on a very modified Loot Roll system. All loot from raids is tracked and detailed records are kept.

2. Loot will be spread out to the raid based not only on attendance but also on performance, need and the general good of the raid. If you have received 8 Main Spec upgrades then expect to be passing to the person who has only received 2. This also goes for Off Spec gear, which is tracked separately from MS but handled the same way.

3. If a raider is interested in loot a /roll 100 is required for main spec and /roll 50 for off spec. Rolling only indicates a desire for the loot in question and the actual rolls count only in a tie breaker situation.

4. Only hybrid classes have an offspec. Tanking and healing require very different gear. Pewpew +hit or pewpew + crit is the same gear: pewpew.

5. Remember that all gear you ever get in game will be replaced at one point or another. If you make drama about loot it will not be tolerated and you will be replaced for the night on the first offence, for the week on the second, and you will be removed from guild on the third.

6. Loot is dealt with quickly and efficiently. All raiders are required to know what they want before they enter raid so they do not delay the raid. If you are unsure speak up or it will be sharded.

7. Loot will go to Core Raiders first followed by applicants, unless the Core Raider chooses to pass.

8. If loot is swapped around after it has been awarded it must be brought to the attention of the Loot Master Immediately.

9. All shards are reserved in the guild bank first for weapon enchants, then gear enchants. If you require shard(s) for an enchant for gear you have you must have the rest of the materials ready and ask Tizaria to get them for you so she can track the shards being awarded. Luthane and Dlahnthae are the 2 enchanting officers in the raid. Between them they should have 95% of the enchants needed by raiders.

10. If you win a BOE item in raid, you are required to equip that item right away and have the Loot Master inspect you wearing it.

11. BOE’s not picked up by a raider will be sold and the funds put in the guild bank for repair costs.