Greetings all lovers of the Snowy Rabbit!

We here at Niveus Lepus are recruiting again.   We are a close knit group of friends that likes to kill stuff and have fun.  We'd like more awesome people to join us under the banner of the white bunny.  If you match what we are looking for below please send an in game mail to Onicorah or Tizaria, or use the in game recruitment tool.   We can't wait to meet you!

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern Time.

Currently we are seeking awesome people who can:

Tank - Main spec tank, off spec dps - We don't currently have a Warrior or DK in the raid!  Bears also welcome.  We do have 2 paladins in the raid already.

Dps/Tank -   Main spec dps, off spec tank - you will be asked to tank on some fights or fill in for our OT
 We are full on dps right now so if you don't have a tank off spec I'm sorry we won't be able to find a spot in the raid for you now.

Come find us Horde Side on Argent Dawn if you are interested.  Any of our officers would be happy to talk to you!