Learn Portuguese On-line

BrazilYou can learn Portuguese with a native and expert teacher!

Thanks to the Internet, geographic borders have been surpassed. That is why and how you can choose better.

Classes can take place where there's a computer with Skype and a headset. So, classes schedule can be very flexible and there's no need to miss a class!

How classes work

By using instant messengers' tools, teacher and student can interact by talking, writing and exchanging files.

Instant messengers programs allow teacher and student to interact using the four skills. Internet stimulates spontaneous conversation using voice and writing as well.

Moreover, teacher and student have real-time Internet content (news, sites, images etc.) to improve classes.


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Free trial class

This class/ interview will give the student a better idea of how online classes work. Students will be able to ask questions about Portuguese language, teaching methods and talk about their experience with Portuguese learning and their objectives in studying the language.

Sign up for a free trial class by sending a message to nivea.lazaro@gmail.com.