Nordea Fonden donerede i 2018 7.000 kroner til Koret
 - beløbet skal bruges til indkøb af lydudstyr til brug ved vore koncerter:

Nordea Fonden overrækker donationen

Sæsonen er i fuld gang  

Jesper Holm er vores ny dirigent pr. september 2017. Hér under er gengivet et klip fra hjemmesiden for koret Touché, som Jesper også er dirigent for:

... in 2001 he formed what would come to be Touché - a vocal group, based in Copenhagen, capable of performing what other groups did only on recordings, but live. Having been strongly influenced by legendary vocal groups such as The Singers Unlimited, as well as big bands like Count Basie Orchestra, the group’s repertoire was characterized by diversity, variation and love for complex and challenging arrangements from the very beginning.
Over the years, Touché has developed into a group consisting mostly of professional young musicians from Scandinavia. With voices ranging from deep bass to soaring lead soprano, exploring the field of big band music applied to voices has become a central concept for the group. With the title of ”Vocal Big Band”, Touché has had the pleasure of collaborating with artists such as Danish jazz vocalist Sinne Eeg, the DR (Danish Radio) Big Band, among others. Most recently, the group has been touring Scandinavia, Europe and North America, performing live on TV, in large concert halls as well as in intimate jazz club settings. 

Det er så den Jesper Holm vi nu har fornøjelsen af at have som dirigent !

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