We are the Northern Illinois University Fencing Club, located in DeKalb, Illinois. If you're looking for a club where you can learn a new skill and compete, all while meeting new people and creating lasting friendships, you've found it!

We meet twice per week at the NIU Recreation Center.  The NIU Fencing Club is open to students, staff, and faculty of NIU, as well as community members. If you're interested in learning to fence, we offer a beginner's class that meets 9pm-10pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and starts fresh each month during the academic year.  During the summer, we meet once per week, but the schedule varies based on member availability. 

The class costs $5, and attendees must also have a membership or a guest pass to the NIU Recreation Center (all NIU students have a membership automatically).  If you like the class, we hope you'll consider joining the club as a full member ($20 per year, but your beginner's class fee can be applied). 

If you've fenced before, please consider coming to both the beginner's class to help out, and also to the intermediate classes and to open fencing.  We fence all three weapons, and have complete electronic scoring gear.

Finally, if you're a member, you should consider joining our Facebook Page and Huskie Link pages to keep up with the most current club news!
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