Training Videos

These videos are meant to provide some ideas for self-training.  Each one links to a YouTube video.  Remember that there is no substitute for coming to the dojo and training, but on days you can't make it to the dojo or on days when there is no training, you should practice for at least 5-10 minutes. 

Basic Techniques from natural stance:
Choku tzuki (straight punch)
Gedan barai (down block)
Age uke (rising block)
Soto ude uke (outside forearm block)
Uchi ude uke (inside forearm block)
Shuto uke (knife hand block)
Mae geri keage (front snap kick)

Zenkutsu dachi (front stance), Kokutsu dachi (back stance), and Kiba dachi (horse stance)
Transitions between 3 basic stances

White belt exam basics:
These are the kihon (basic techniques) that are likely to be on the white belt and yellow belt exam, though you are likely to be required to do more repetitions than what is shown in the video

Sample Ideas for self-training drills*:
Stance changes (kiba dachi / zenkutsu dachi)
Stance changes (kiba dachi / kokutsu dachi)
Switching feet (stepping to back foot)
Switching feet (stepping to front foot)
Rotation (180 degrees, 90 degrees)
One step (forward with the left, forward with the right, back with the right, back with the left)

*Note: These sample drills are meant to give you a basic idea of foot patterns that you can use to practice basic techniques.  They are demonstrated with only one (or a few) techniques, but there are many different options for adjusting these drills to your training.  You can adjust any of these drills to your specific training needs by changing the stance, block, counter attack, kick, etc.  See the list of terminology for a more comprehensive list of the various techniques, or take movements from your kata to use as combinations.

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