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Head Instructor: Sensei Kim Baran

Sensei Baran began her training in 2001 at the Penn State Shotokan Karate Club under the instruction of Sensei J-D Swanson. During her time as a student in the club, she competed in many ECCKU (collegiate) tournaments, as well as regional (East Coast) and national tournaments.  She was awarded the rank of Shodan under Shihan Okazaki in November 2004.  She instructed the Intro to Karate kinesiology class at Penn State beginning in January 2005.  Later in 2005, she became the head instructor of the Penn State Shotokan Karate Club, where she remained instructor until June 2011.  In July 2011, Sensei Baran stepped down from the Penn State club to start Nittany Shotokan Karate-Do with locations in downtown State College and Bellefonte.     

During her time as an instructor, Sensei Baran has dedicated herself to the physical and spiritual development of her students in the art of karate-do.  She has been involved in helping to judge ECCKU tournaments and has been very dedicated to collegiate karate.  Kim received her D judges rank during Master Camp 2012.  She was awarded the rank of Nidan in May 2009 and Sandan in November 2011 under Shihan Okazaki.

Assistant Instructor: Senpai Matt Baran

Senpai Matt began training in Shotokan in 2003 under Sensei J.D. Swanson as an undergraduate at Penn State University. As a karate student, he has competed in collegiate and adult karate events both regionally and nationally. He now serves as assistant instructor to Sensei Baran and actively supports regional collegiate karate tournaments as a judge and ring manager through the East Coast Collegiate Karate Union. Senpai Matt was awarded Shodan in 2007, Nidan in 2009, and Sandan in 2012 under Shihan Okazaki. He received his D judges rank during Master Camp 2012.  He has served as an assistant instructor for the Penn State Shotokan Karate-do club from 2009-2011, and currently acts as assistant instructor to Sensei Baran at Nittany Shotokan Karate-do. He is continuously striving to develop his karate technique and instruction not only for his own development, but also for the benefit of the students at Nittany Shotokan Karate-do.

All club instructors have First Aid, CPR, and AED training