Welcome to Nittany Shotokan Karate-Do.
Thank you for showing your interest in martial arts, and we hope that Shotokan will be the path that you choose. As you will learn, this Shotokan karate club is more than simply a martial arts class; we are more like a family and we ask you to be a part of it.

Please take the time to browse the material on the website. The information provided should give both new and advanced students an overview of what this club is all about. It will answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and will try to anticipate your concerns and curiosities about this club. It will help give you a better understanding of the journey you have begun.

In the coming days, weeks, months, and for the most dedicated among you, years, you will learn much about yourself and about Karate, and you'll have fun in the process. If you take the chance, if you make the effort, if you stick with it, Shotokan Karate can make you a healthier, stronger, more patient and more confident person.

Train Hard and Have Fun!

Nittany Shotokan Karate-Do is a member club of the International Shotokan Karate Federation