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I like reading articles on gaming and games and I also like homebrew.  Unfortunatly there don't seem to be many articles written on the subject and the ones there are seem to deal mainly with how to get homebrew up and running on your DS.  Luckily I like to write so I thought I'd write up a short little piece about my favorite DS homebrew games.  I'm not going to rate the games because I don't feel qualified to and since the authers are making them available for free I don't feel like I really should.  Anyway here is the first (possibly more will be made) Dustin's DS Picks.

Bang! almost done

I released a test version a while ago and people seemed to like it.  Things have been coming along pretty well, I even got someone to do the graphics for me.  It should be released in a couple days so you can all look forward to that.


The first release of what I have been working on recently.  Still in it's early stages right now it's just a combination of the three previous games plus one other non released games.  Some bugs have been fixed from the older games and graphics have been improved a bit.


Added another game.  I guess you would describe it as a puzzler although it doesn't involve much thinking and is a bit twitchy.


Just added my second game.  It's titled invasiona and can be had at either the downloads section or the archive section.  Now I just have to think of some other project to start work on.

15-16 puzzle

 My first game, it's just a simple copy of the real life 15-16 puzzle

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