Safetouch Nitrile Exam Gloves

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Safetouch Nitrile Exam Gloves, Medium, 100-Count, No.2512
1. I run a home daycare and these gloves work great for diaper changes ect.. I bought a whole case of them after using these boxes. They are strong and do what they are suppose to.
2. A nice alternative to latex gloves. A bit thicker, but you hardly notice the compromise in touch sensitivity and flexibility. Much sturdier too. Your hands will thank you.
The only reason I haven't given it a five is because the gloves could stand to be a little bit longer in the wrist area.
3. After seeing all the "car pros" using these I thought Id give these a shot. Thank god for amazons return service because these were shipped right back. The gloves while being quite thick which is probably good for tears was way too short in the pointer finger. The rest of the glove fits snug as expected but I couldnt live with this because it would hinder me when trying to turn bolts ect. I guess the Chinese that made these have shorter pointer fingers than Americans cause ive never run into this problem before with other brands of nitriles.
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SafeTouch Nitrile Exam Gloves, Non Latex, Powder Free, Small, 100/Box

I am very grateful to other reviewers for indicating that these gloves run small. I want to confirm this recommendation.
I have small hands and normally always wear small gloves. However this time I ordered medium and I was glad I did. I am attaching several photos to show how the glove fits my hand.
The glove is tight in the palm area (you can see the photo shows it stretched and taught). When I make a fist I feel resistance. The finger tips of this medium size glove are bit too long, the second picture shows me holding my hand in the glove against the box so you can see the extra material folding over at the tips. This is not too bad, and will not interfere with the kind of work I plan to use them for.
The glove material is thicker than the gloves I used before, which is good. I did not detect strong ordor either on the gloves or on my hands after I removed them. I was able to put the gloves on and off a few times for the photo, they became a little harder to put on with each use (less slippery). Even though these gloves are powder free there was something on the inside of the glove that made it easier to put on the first time.
Overall, I am pleased with the gloves and so glad there were reviews that helped me pick the right size!


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Dynarex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves, Box/100

I have used a box of these gloves over the past year for general household use - weeding the lawn and garden, various home improvement projects, spray painting, general cleaning, general repair tasks, removing stickers with solvents, cleaning parts with acetone, etc. They are thin to allow good dexterity for more precise tasks and also slightly textured for a good grip. They are quite strong and I have had no problem with the fingers ripping off or the glove body tearing, like I experienced with a previous brand I tried (blue color). These Dynarex gloves will rip/tear if used for too heavy duty of a task or accidently catch and pull on a very sharp pruning saw, for example, but that has been very rare for me. They fit well and are flexible to move with the hand, rather than constricting movement and causing hand fatigue like a previous brand I used. I really like the unobtrusive and classic black color of the gloves, especially when I am out working in the yard and don't want to call attention to my hands with a bright purple or blue glove. I am back to purchase another box since I have run out and was very satisfied with the first one.

Update Jan 2012:
I agree with the other reviews that these gloves have changed and are no longer as good. I purchased some in Nov 2011 and they are far less nice than the ones from a year before. I even checked the boxes when I received them to see what the difference may be. They are now manufactured in a different location (I think the new ones in Malaysia, can't remember the previous one and I have thrown the old box out) but have the same UPC code.

I am updating my review to 3 stars now (previously was 5 stars). The newer gloves seem to be slightly thinner and not as good of texture (smoother than the older ones). But the main difference is in fit (size medium). The new gloves are tighter and pull slightly in the area across the knuckles at the base of my hand. The fingers might also be slightly shorter. In any case, they are not as comfortable and seem to be lower quality. Very disappointing.