I am a research assistant in  University of Tennessee . I am pursuing my Ph.D in
Theoretical Condensed matter Physics in UT(University of Tennessee) and  
Oak Ridge National Lab under the supervision of Prof. Elbio Dagotto.
    My interests lie in various topics in Condensed Matter Physics. I am currently using DMRG(Density Matrix Renormalization Group Theory) and its variants like t-DRMG etc. to study physics of Low dimensional, Strongly correlated  systems. Mainly, I am working on 1D-multiorbital Hubbard model and Spin frustrated systems.

ct Info:                                                                        Email:
Department of Physics and Astronomy                                                                                kaushalnitin002@gmail.com
401 Nielsen Physics Building,                                                                            nkaushal@utk.edu
1408 Circle Drive,
Knoxville, TN 37996-1200