Sunday, November 21, 2010 

Today is celebration of lights- Karthikeya Deepam! In the vedic tradition, today is the day of light – the conscious light awareness. We celebrate the consciousness and its awareness. One of the expression of consciousness is awareness. Please understand, awareness is one of the expression of consciousness not consciousness itself. Consciousness expresses itself in many ways, one is awareness. 

One of the oldest celebration in vedic tradition is this – Karthikeya Deepam festival. In North India they call it Dev Deepavali. It is a very powerful understanding which is celebrated on this day. 

Morning they light one light in front of the main energy centre in each city. Each city has energy centre in vedic tradition we call it Garbha Mandir or Brahma Randra. Based on that, the vaasthu line is drawn and with that the whole city gets developed. See all over India. All major cities will be developed around a temple. 

In each city, there will be Brahma Sthaana or Garbha Mandir and the city is built around that. Still there is a law in many cities in india - you can’t build any structure taller than the temple tower of that city. Today morning in all Brahma Sthaanas, Garba Mandirs, the main lamp will be lit and from it many lamps will be lit for each deity. Each deity, each house will have a lamp lit for it. From that, all lamps will be lit and merged into a main lamp. Very powerful understanding. One becoming many and again many merging into one. 

Today is Devi’s enlightenment day. Today is also the day Shiva appeared as light beam- the consciousness to Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is the highest intellectual possibility. Vishnu is the highest infra structural possibility. 

Please understand, matter has 2 parts – mind and physique. Mind is also matter. The highest possibility in the mind is Brahma, highest possibility in the physical realm is Vishnu. 

Both of them thought they are the ultimate! Usually this happens. When you reach something extraordinary in any one field you just feel done - you are the highest. So Shiva has to liberate them give them the ultimate enlightenment. 

Shiva has the ultimate dosha – aasu dosha – means easily pleased. He can be easily pleased. That is why he is called Bhola baba means innocent. In a very innocent way he will give away. As usual, in his innocent way, he has to bless and liberate them. 

He appears as a huge light shaft - stambha before Brahma and Vishnu and he says whoever finds any one end of this stambha will be the greatest. Immediately Brahma, the intellect starts going up and Vishnu starts going down. The whole search starts. It goes on & on& on. 

Brahma really feels he will not be able to find. But he is not able to give up. His ego. He is not able to surrender. Vishnu also realizes he will not be able to make it. But one nice thing about the matter, the wealth, is the failure is clearly informed to him. You understand the failure. Vishnu comes back and surrenders and says it is not possible I realize. Consciousness – you are the greatest and the ultimate possibility in the matter, the wealth – Lakshmi cannot give the ultimate enlightenment. Having wealth is great, nothing wrong but that itself is not the purpose of life , that itself is not enlightenment. Having good food, good medical care, good infra structure to stay is great but not ultimate. 

But unfortunately this Brahma goes up, up, up. He sees a flower coming down. He catches the flower and asks where are you from. The flower says Shiva kept me in his ear and I fell from there and fell down. Brahma says anyway you are going down, do me a favour. I will tell Shiva that I bought you from his place. 

This is what disciple to disciple relationship is about. Telling a lie to Master, and another disciple favouring it. The disciple to disciple relationship is one of the worst problem to have. Anyhow the flower said I will do it. So Brahma picked up the flower and he was coming down. On the way Brahma asked I want to know how long you have been travelling from Shiva ear. Flower says-4 Brahma’s life, I have been travelling. Brahma is shocked. Oh god! Then how can I tell to Shiva I bought you from his place. The flower said I don’t know if you tell, I will support you. That I can do. 

So Brahma comes down and says – Mahadeva I reached your ears and brought down this flower. See. Shiva asks the flower and the flower agrees. Shiva opens his 3rd eye. Immediately Brahma is shaken. Brahma knows he can’t hide anymore. 

Shiva says because of your lying unstable structure, nobody will worship you in planet earth and you will not be measuring scale for anything. That is why the mind can never be measuring scale of growth for anything. Even for your enlightenment you mind cannot be the measuring scale. Morning it will say you are enlightened and evening it will deny. Understand the in charge of your mood swings is brahma. 

Even if you are caught with Vishnu-Wealth it is great. Never get caught with Brahma. The mood swings. Just like the tongue, it can say anything to anything. Shiva curses Brahma with no temple. That is why brahma has no temple. And to this flower Shiva says you will not be used and worshipped in my puja anymore. 

Then both come to their senses, cry, beg etc. Shiva says alright wherever my charanamrutha falls, stand there and everyday drink my charanamrutha so that your tongue will become pure. That is why in all places where worship of Shiva happens, Brahma will be drinking his charanmrutha filling his kamandalu and with that charanamrutha only he creates the world. 

And whatever the stability he has is because of this only. So whatever vachanamrutha and charanamrutha you have will not let you fall by Brahma. That is why shaastras fail to liberate you. The last push can never be done with them. Just the shaastras, just the mind can never liberate you. So the vachanamrutha and charanamrutha can liberate you. That’s why brahma stands in all places of worship of Shiva near the gomukha and drinks charanamrutha and vachanamrutha of Shiva. And that flower continuously does peanance and Shiva gives shaapa vimochana – he relaxes his curse on it. He syas on Shiva raathri day you will be used for my worship. 

Today is the day Shiva stood as the light beam. From today till  Shiva Rathri, Brahma & Vishnu kept searching. On Shiva Raathri day, Shiva blesses Vishnu and liberates him, he punishes Brahma and later liberates him also. Today is the celebration of the big bang. 

Another one surprising thing you need to understand. In the vedic calendar they predict the time, day, calendar about the past, future everything. The oldest constellation they are able to predict – the oldest star set up they predict is this day – karteeka deepam. Beyond this they are not able to push. Their calculation method is failing. In a way, the time started from today. The big bang happened today, the concept of time started today. Beyond today, the concept of time does not exist. From now the concept of time started. From today. That is why this is the oldest festival.

I can understand the consciousness when it stood as a light beam and created time, matter everything. That’s what we call it big bang. That is why the vedic rishis are able to predict only till today’s star set up - constellation. 

I was really surprised when I read an article. I thought prediction is just a formula and so it can go on & on with its prediction. I was thinking how can it stop. It is like a formula. I was surprised the formula about time we have in our time system. The last day they are able to predict with the formula is the karteeka deepam – where the poornima thithi and krittika nakshatram both are merging. Only till here they were able to predict. Beyond this day formula fails. So whatever vedic tradition knows as time starts with this day of poornima and krittika juncture. 

Today is also the day Devi became enlightened. In Arunachala this festival is celebrated in very big way. Devi does great penance of panchaagni tapas to achieve enlightenment to become one with Shiva and evening when the sun sets and the moon rises, Shiva appears as the light, pure consciousness and gives the half to Devi and Devi realizes her masculine part and she becomes Arthanareeshwara – means part of Shiva. 

So If you are in male body and realize the feminine part in you, you are enlightened and if you are in the feminine body and realize the male part in you, you are enlightened. If you realize the other part, you are liberated, enlightened. You experience the same thing what Devi experienced. These 10 days of Brahmotsavam, each day Shiva gives enlightenment to one person. The whole festival is about giving enlightenment to different people. 

On the first day he gave enlightenment to Adhikaanandi. He came on the nandi vaahana, nandi’s vehicle for this. 
On the 2nd day, he gave Enlightenment to Indra and other gods – so he comes on Indra vamaana given to him by Indra. 
On the 3rd day, he gave enlightenment to Patanjali and he comes on the naaga vaahana. On the 4th day he gave enlightenment to Kamadhenu, kalpavriksha – vasishta the rishi offers them to Shiva. Then the sapta rishis get enlightened and vashishta offers the Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha and they get enlightened. So he comes on kamadhenu on this day. 
On the 5th day he gave enlightenment to all the Shiva acharyas who touch him. 
On the 6th day he gave enlightenment to Gandharva loka and Yaksha loka. He goes on silver chariot and top 2 lokas – the gandharva loka and yaksha lokka are moon based silver color. Devak loka is sun based so it is gold color. 
On the 7th day he comes on a wooden chariot and liberates the whole bhoo loka – which is planet earth. Wood belongs to human world. 
On the 8th day he comes as Bhikshaatana and liberates all rishis. 
On the 9th day he will come in the Raavana vaahana. He liberates all the demons-Raavana through shiva bhakti, even to them he gives enlightenment. Raavana was initiated into ananda gandha by mahadeva and the fool had got satori but did not work for enlightenment. So Rama had to kill him. He had to hit on the ananda gandha and kill him. Rama because he killed Ravana who is a Shiva bhakta, did puja to Shiva in Rameshwara and Shiva liberated both Rama & Ravana. 
On the 10th day – Devi becomes part of Shiva and becomes Arthanareeshwara. Devi respresents the whole cosmos and he libeares the whole cosmos. 

It is a very powerful truth. Whatever was created all of it goes back and merges into the ultimate Shiva. 

All lamps lighted is prakruthi – Devi. Evening all lamps merging with the main lamp is Purusha – Shiva. The Prakruthi merges into Pruusha on this day. 

Let you all become Prakruthi merging into Purusha Shiva.