December 02, 2010 


Today’s subject for Satsang is Secrets to Super consciousness! There was a great master Maanikyavasagar an enlightened master in Tamil Nadu a great devotee of Shiva. He composed a verse on Shiva. He says if somebody cannot melt for Shiva, he cannot melt for anything! His verses were a heart pouring experience and encounters with Shiva. He sang it in poetry form. People asked him please give the meaning for his poetry. 

He went to the temple showed the deity and said - this is the meaning and went inside and literally disappeared into the deity! This is the meaning. There are some secrets which cannot be revealed. Words are too poor. It just can only be experienced. Maybe the secrets to super consciousness-Secrets of my super consciousness is the way for your super consciousness. Whatever secrets I reveal for my super consciousness, you can use that for your super consciousness. That is why Krishna says to Arjuna knowing about my births, my qualities, my gunaas, let you be liberated! 

I want to tell all the new comers of IA (Inner Awakening program) – you may be wondering this is the place where I will experience as super consciousness. But here they are worshipping me as God. I want you to know that they are not worshipping me just as God but as an embodiment of all Gods & Goddesses. Oh embodiment of all gods & goddesses we are offering ourselves to you. 

Please understand neither I am enjoying, nor am I feeling anything. I am just witnessing. Like a sun. All grahaas (planets) move around him! How many ever grahaas move around him, he is there centered as a witness! By knowing the nature of my super consciousness they experience their super consciousness. That is what is exactly happening. That is why this worship, this offerings. Krishna says very clearly knowing the quality of my inner space, you will be liberated. So knowing the secrets of my super consciousness is not like knowing my glory. NO. you can never know. It is only a method to liberate yourself. Technique to liberate yourself. Unfortunately the secrets to super consciousness cannot be revealed much by the words. Maybe it can be revealed through the presence of the Upanishad. Words are too poor and too small – there is a story the Ganga – Ganges was caught in Shiva’s head. People went to Shiva. He removed just one hair and put it on earth. One hair of Shiva’s fills more than 70% of planet earth’s space. All waters on earth are that only. What will happen if he removes 2nd hair! 

Sometime the secrets are better to kept as secret. Not just because it has to be kept as secret by its very nature it cannot be verbalized, revealed, it cannot be understood. So by its own innate nature it is a secret! Any understanding which gives you the feeling you are something more than body is secret knowledge because it leads you to the super consciousness. Any technique which gives you the experience of cosmos, consciousness more than body, it is a secret technique because it leads you to the super consciousness. Anybody who leads you to the super consciousness experience or out of body experience is a secret being in your life because he leads you to super consciousness! Krishna says in Gita – Raaja vidya, raaja guhyam – greatest knowledge is the greatest secret. It is not kept as secret because it should not be told. It is kept as secret because it cannot be understood. A normal man, new person who comes into this hall now, he cannot understand what is happening in here. A young man sitting somewhere moving his hand and people are rolling on the ground. (releases energy into the room and people are rolling and levitating all around the room) 

They are not hypnotized. Please understand. They are completely aware and they know completely what I am talking. Not a single person is disturbing their guru puja set. All of them can put a thread into a needle. Feeling more than their body and being centered. Same way they can sit like a statue for hours without moving the body. They can allow it to flow with energy or they can completely make it like a statue. It is their conscious will that something extraordinary is happening through the body through the presence. 

Many people ask me especially after attending the energy Darshan – why is it not shown and told to the world. Yesterday somebody asked me – I want to experience God. I held him & kept on pouring and he said enough at one point. I said ok go! All this happens only in fairy tales. You read in the story of Ramakrishna – Vivekananda goes to Ramakrishna – have you seen God? Ramakrishna says not only have I experienced I can also show you. He just touches Vivekananda and he was rolling on the ground for the next 3 days. Ramakrishna was able to give such experience maybe to only 50 people while he was in the body by touching them. You read all these only in stories. People tell me this is green house of consciousness and nursery of humanity why is it not being told to the world. It is not that it cannot be told. It cannot be understood. How will you explain this phenomena. What will you understand? That is why I say medium is a poor word. They are not mediums they are divya sareerees. Every time mediums go through the experience, they become more dull, more submissive. Surrender is not submission. Surrender means expressing your will 100% and dedicating your will to the higher will. Making your will in tune with the higher will. Submission means destroying your will, bending your will. Divya sareerees feel more aware, alive, sharp and intelligent the more they go through the darshans. 

If you feel more alive, fresh in the morning, you have not slept but not tired. You have then had a glimpse of super consciousness. How many of you feel fresh and alive right now? (Many people raise hands in the room) 

See, so many people! You all may know what I am saying now by experience. 

There are many secrets of super consciousness that cannot be spoken but can be revealed! Maybe one strong Upanishad for all of you – Upanishad means just sitting with intense presence. So that you are ready for today’s session. So today and tomorrow evening I will work on awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain. From day after tomorrow morning awakening the different strands of DNA. 

So just sit now. You can sit with open or closed eyes. I am revealing the secrets of super consciousness. Which can be spoken I have spoken in the past 8000 hours. Which cannot be spoken I will reveal it now! 

I bless all the devotees and disciples who are sitting around the world watching this ensatsang message live, even you will experience this revelation – the secrets of super consciousness. Let you all achieve, experience, live, express and radiate the eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank you!