Swamiji-HINTS of Scandal to come

Manathai Thirae Magirchi Pongatum - Extract from Tamil book

The below extract is an English translation from Swamiji's book 'Manathai Tirae Magichi Pongatum.' The article had come to the attention of our devotee from Chennai - Mr.Manohar, who has also dedicatedly scanned and sent us the relevant pages. We have translated the page 386 & 387 here. The preceding pages and the cover page are also featured below as links

At the Los Angles ashram, one evening, while relaxing and chatting with Nithya Bakthananda, I jokingly asked him - 
'If you come across a lot of rumors related to me, what will you do? '  
He said 'I will ask 'Is it?' and carry on with my next work.'  
I asked him 'Wont you get suspicious or angry?' 
He replied 'Why should i?' 'The rumor is about  your personal life. I will not even bother to research if the rumor is true or false.' 
I asked him 'Why?' 
He replied -'Because my life is mine and your life is yours' 'What ever knowledge and meditation I seek, I get it completely from you.' From my  interactions with you, I have no doubt that you are a 100% genuine person. When the equation between you and me is in proper harmony, why should I bother in my head about what some third person might talk about you.'

I was impressed by the clarity of thought that has occurred in his mind as a result of his intense mediations.  

People who live like Bakthananda will not harbor any guilt in their minds. Those whos minds are filled with emotions like guilt are the ones who will constantly criticize, spread rumors and engage in such negative activities. Those who nurture criticism and engage in spreading rumors will be trapped within new guilts and thus destroy themselves. 

Once, when a reporter asked me 'What is not at all required in a person's life,' 
I replied 'Guilt.'  
Stop suffering by engaging in criticisms and criticizing inside your mind.  If you succeed in this, there will be no chances for guilt to arise inside you.