STOP Leading Media Lives


Enlightened masters tell us that we are part of the cosmic essence and this body is a temporary abode for us and our goal in life should be to seek the divinity that is in fact within us. They also tell us that our mind is what stands between us and divinity. Each time we take birth, we occupy our minds with enough mundane things and accumulate enough negative karma and this keeps going on and on for most people till (after possibly million such births) one tires out and somehow acquires the intelligence to surrender (back) to God.

Surrendering the self to the divine being the ultimate goal, is there even a possibility of that happening when even what you can call as your 'self' is an amalgamation of daily digital junk showered on you from every direction almost every moment of your conscious time. 

Whether you want it or not, whether you accept it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, this is what happens to anybody that spends more than a few minutes daily, watching TV, reading newspaper or surfing the net. You really need to think seriously if this is what you want to spend this precious lifetime with. 

Be aware of what is entering your inner space through your eyes and ears and how much of time you are spending unconsciously letting yourself being a conduit for the media to create your SELF-your thoughts, your opinions, your emotions that will actually be influencing the way you function in your day-to-day life is being driven by the media. It serves their interest (and very existence) to make you a product created by the media, for the media and living off the media.

We will take a simple example, with a recent news item, to show how even this relatively minor news item was  actually created by the media and how it was carried forward to occupy atleast half an hour of your time every day (possibly more if you are a serious cricket lover) from May 13th 2010 till May 20th 2010. Thats about one week of at least half an hour of daily news (possibly more,  considering how many times a news item is repeated every hour, 24x7) that was created where none existed.  

The recent news item is - Few Indian cricket players went to have dinner at a restaurant in the West Indies after their match, which they unfortunately lost. Any of you who had watched TV during this period would never have missed this.  How this insignificant event can be fed into your inner space can be seen from some of the below news excerpts from some popular news sites. These are merely excerpts and I am highlighting some of the colorful words that were used to create the impression that they intend to convey to you and hence shape your opinions and in fact, possibly your mood for the rest of the day.

Indian team in pub brawl  - Indian Express - Thu May 13 2010, 15:49 hrs   Team India has been booted out of the T20 World Cup in West Indies and they went pubbing thereafter to drown their sorrows. ... According to reports, six Indian players went to a local pub, Tequila Joe's, on Wednesday night where fans started taunting and abusing them for their failure to reach the semifinal of the Twenty20 World Cup. Pacer Ashish Nehra and Zaheer Khan apparently lost their cool and got into a confrontation with the fans and Yuvraj had to intervene to calm down his teammates, reports claimed. Yuvraj himself, however, denied the reports. "There was no fight, not even an argument," Yuvraj wrote on his Twitter page, asking the media not to "make up stories".

Pub brawl of Indian squad is figment of media's imagination - DNA - May 14, 2010  says Indian team manager Ranjib Biswal Friday, May 14, 2010 15:28 IST,  "No... nothing like that has happened. Its all media's imagination. You know how it is. One channel carries a story and others follow," Biswal told PTI on his return here with team physio Nitin Patel and a few players

There was no pub brawl: Indian manager - The Hindu - May 15, 2010

Speaking to The Hindu after the team returned home on Friday morning, Biswal said: “First of all Tequila Joe's is not a pub, it's a Mexican restaurant that also sells liquor. It's like many other restaurants in the West Indies. The Indian players reached the restaurant around 9.30 p.m. The Sri Lankan and New Zealand cricketers, too, were there.'' Biswal added that some American Indians then started abusing the Indian players. “Ashish Nehra asked them not to abuse the players. The bouncers of the restaurant threw the American Indians out,'' said Biswal.

BCCI plans to act tough on pub brawl - Deccan Herald - May 17, 2010
6 players to get show-cause notices - The Board of Control for Cricket in India will issue show-cause notices on Tuesday to six players, including senior members Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan, for their alleged involvement in a pub brawl in St Lucia after India’s humiliating exit from the World T20 in the West Indies. The Board decided to crack the whip on these players after a hue and cry was raised in the media about the brawl on the night the team crashed out of the tournament following their third straight defeat in the Super Eights.

Six Indian players axed after Pub Brawl - - May 17, 2010  As if the T20 debacle wasn't enough, six players from the Indian cricket team have been given the boot and have been issued show cause notices for their involvement in a bar fight in St Lucia in the West Indies. The show cause notice has been served to Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, Rohit Sharma, Piyush Chawla and Ravindra Jadeja.

Pub brawl: Players to get BCCI notice - NDTV - May 17, 2010 
The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will issue show cause notices on Tuesday to four Indian cricketers.... The reports were promptly denied by Yuvraj on his Twitter page ... After returning home, Nehra too denied there was a brawl in which the players were involved. "No one said anything to us. There were many fans from all over the world from different teams but nothing happened with us," Nehra had told reporters. "As far as my knowledge goes, no untoward incident happened with us. We went to have our dinner there and were watching the West Indies and Australia match. Rest of the things that I am listening now, I have no knowledge of anything," he had said. (With PTI input)

Players explain their position in pub brawl incident - Times Of India - May 20, 2010 -  Four of the six Indian players, who were asked by the Indian cricket board why action should not be taken against them for their role in the St Lucia pub incident in the West Indies, say they only reacted when the fans got abusive. The four either met a senior Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) official individually or talked to him on phone to protest their innocence. "Going by what they graphically described to me, the incident absolves them of wrongdoing, though it is for the BCCI President Shashank Manohar to take a final call," the official said. 


You see, the Indian Players went to have dinner and a few drunken people might have shouted something to express their disappointment over their recent losses and this lot was most likely asked or made to leave by the security personnel of the restaurant. That was all that was there.     

However, your mind was made to get the impression that the Indian players went to a pub, got drunk and had a brawl. All TV stations, newspapers and websites associated with India carried this news continuously as though it was a incident of national prominence. As a result of this, BCCI even had to issue a show cause notice to some of these players had "met a senior Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) official individually or talked to him on phone to protest their innocence."

For a week, the TV channels had their entertainment and income at everybody's expense and many individuals would have spent their time reacting to this and would have even inadvertently contributed to their coverage and of course, income. 

A typical day is packed with some sensationalist topic.In addition, nowadays, most days have some expose with each channel claiming exclusivity over the same incident. The foremost (and most likely the sole) intention of most channels is to increase their TRP ratings and hence their revenue potential. The next in their agenda will be to convey a certain point of view (that will be beneficial to them). 

Why do we need to be part of this? Why do we need to spend hours daily, watching various people discussing the same news. If you watch just 5 minutes of news every day, you are likely to know all that really need to know. An average person works 8 hrs a day, sleeps some 6 hrs, spends about 3 hrs eating and on personal grooming etc and maybe a couple of hours in traveling in some way or the other. So, assuming that 19hrs are spent in doing unavoidable things, we  only have 5 hours to ourselves, our family and for our other interests. 

This is our personal time and it is this time that we need to use to grow and create a better inner space. If we were to use this time to watch TV or read newspapers or surf the net for more induced activity, not only is our time lost but we are also opening our inner self to be polluted. It is like inviting our enemy to invade us, occupy us and consenting to be enslaved to a life of nothing but chaos, greed and lust.

Children watching TV are forever tempted to buy some product. Teenagers and youth are not only tempted continuously to buy things but are also subjected to various forms of negative imagery that shape their entire character. Before becoming adults, the cell memories would have fully absorbed these conditionings and as adults we are bound to crave for more. Watching TV serials daily can completely damage our emotional well being.The first thing most people do when they enter their homes is to switch on the TV. Some cant do without reading the newspaper fully in the morning. We are bound to think that we are somehow part of every major event reported when in fact we are actually part of none.

The whole life of a person is orchestrated by the media. The media feeds us mostly lies. Even what you see in a business daily or magazine or tv could be a media lie or at best be a product placement

The danger is absolutely real and in fact conspicuously all pervasive. Like a puppet on a string, almost every decision we make in our daily lives is controlled by what is portrayed through the media either as news or through plain product advertisements. We are living like comfortable slaves and manipulated into following a media agenda. 

Stop living a media life filled with media lies. Reclaim your inner space from from this medial hold. Shut that TV and take control of your self. If we were able to set aside these 5 hours of our lives toward meditation and spiritual pursuits, then, nothing more will be required for true qualitative progress and for leading a serene, content life, with an active mind (brought about by eliminating the junk from our mental space).