We would like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank all those involved in this conspiracy against Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda, including sections of the media who festered it, for increasing our devotion and loyalty towards our beloved 
Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda  M U L T I - F O L D !!!


22 April 2011-The Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka today relaxed the bail conditions against Paramahamsa Nithyananda for 3 months. The bail relaxation will mean that Paramahamsa Nithyananda is now free to travel without any restrictions. He will also no longer need to mark his presence at the local police station once a month.


MONTCLAIR, CA – 26 March 2011-Sri Nithya Bhaktananda Swami,  a senior official from Life Bliss Foundation, addressed the defamation suit that the non-profit organization and its founder, Swami Nithyananda, has brought against Sun TV et al. for broadcasting a false, morphed video purportedly showing Nithyananda in a sex scandal at his ashram in Karnataka.

Shortly after the manipulated video aired in March 2010, Swami Nithyananda was illegally arrested and imprisoned for 53 days in a Karnataka, India jail. Sun TV is India’s largest cable network, and is carried by Dish Network in the United States.

Bhaktananda Swami, a close disciple since 2003, was also falsely arrested along with Swami Nithyananda and spent 53 days in jail. He opened his statements by showing a seven-minute video, which highlighted the purpose and charitable activities of Nithyananda’s global mission, as well as a clip of the morphed video, which Sun TV aired repeatedly and uploaded online through thousands of computers, essentially jamming the Internet.

The video, followers said, showed the resilience of the group’s leader in the face of “religious persecution and unlawful imprisonment,” as he continues to radiate compassion and ahimsa (non-violence), and reach thousands of people around the world through his programs and daily discourses via live video streaming.

Bhaktananda Swami elaborated on the events leading up to the defamation suit. A similar legal action will be taken against Sun TV in India. Sun TV, headquartered in Tamil Nadu has publicly identified itself as being an atheist organization. Bhaktananda Swami said that several groups, including anti-Hindu and anti-religion, were threatened by the rapid growth and astonishing success of Swami Nithyananda’s mission. These forces, including Sun TV, conspired to broadcast the false video with malicious intent to harm Swami Nithyananda’s reputation and his worldwide mission, he said.

In the defamation suit, Swami Nithyananda asserts that the defendants at all times were fully aware that the news broadcast about the sex scandal was false. In addition, the defendants “did not exercise due diligence in verifying the veracity of the contents therein and published the information with an intent to cause harm to the plaintiff.”

Bhaktananda Swami said that Swami Nithyananda’s mission has experienced as a result of the proliferation of the fabricated video on the air and online, traumatizing devotees, and losing public and financial support on a global scale—highlighting major losses suffered by the U.S. organizations. Despite these recent setbacks, they are all committed to fighting with every legal means at their disposal, placing trust in the judicial systems of both India and the U.S.

In closing, Bhaktananda Swami said that despite this ongoing religious persecution, the organization stands behind its faith in Dharma, and will continue to give, share, care and love. He also appealed to the public to come and visit the temples.


Nov30,2010, Los Angeles County,USA-In a dramatic turn of events in the Nithyananda case, one of the prime complainants against Nithyananda has been arrested in the USA on grave charges of child molestation.Read on


16Dec 2010-Next hearing of the case will be on January6,2011

12Dec 2010 - Disciples of Swami Nithyananda challenged his former driver and complainant in the CID investigation, to undergo narcoanalysis to reveal the truth. Read on

1Dec 2010-The Karnataka High Court Justice C.R.Kumaraswamy adjourned hearing of the criminal petition filed by Swami Nityananda praying for quashing of two FIRs lodged against him to 7 Dec 2010.The judge directed the chief judicial magistrate to furnish a copy of the charge sheet to Swami Nithyananda and also Nithyananda's counsel to go through the procedure to get it.
30Nov2010- CHARGESHEET AGAINST NITHYANANDA: JUST ONE MORE ANTIC BY THE CID!! The sole purpose of filing this chargesheet is to avoid a judgment in our quash petition. The reason behind charging the 5 leading individuals of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam is simply to trouble the spiritual organization & nothing more. Read on

19Nov2010-The Supreme Court today directed the high court of Karnataka to proceed with the hearing of the case against Paramahamsa Nithyananda, though a special leave petition (SLP) was under its consideration. A division bench comprising justices Harjith Singh Bedi and CK Prasad gave the go-ahead to the high court after hearing the arguments of the state’s counsel Sanjay Hegde and Nithyananda’s advocate KV Dhananjay.

Dhananjay countered the SLP saying that it was filed by the police to delay the outcome of the case. He also said that it was filed on frivolous grounds.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------  8 Nov 2010-The Karnataka High Court today adjourned till Nov29, the hearing of a criminal petition filed by Swami Nithyananda, praying for quashing of two FIRs filed against him. When the matter came up before Justice Hulwadi G Ramesh, the CID sought more time to argue,while counsel for Paramahamsa Nithyananda submitted that he was READY TO ARGUE THE CASE and urged the court to dispose of the matter, contending that the FIRs were "ILLEGAL".                                               Justice Hulwadi Ramesh then adjourned the case for FINAL HEARING till Nov29. Earlier on Oct 20, Justice Arali Nagaraj, who was hearing the case, posted it for final hearing on Nov8. Subsequently, he recused himself citing "REPEATED ADJOURNMENTS SOUGHT BY THE CID" as the reason. On November 4, Chief Justice JS Khehar allotted the case to Justice Hulwadi Ramesh.

30th Oct, 2010 - A local court today issued summons to Lenin Karuppanan, a former disciple Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Judicial magistrate first class issued the summons on a petition filed by Anjula Jackson, a woman devotee of Nithyananda.He is to be produced before court on January 15, 2011. Anjula stated that if Lenin's statements were considered, it would also show that Lenin had committed various offences under the provisions of the Indian Penal code when making the video, including Indecent Representation of Women Act and Information Technology Act and tresspassing into private property.

21st Oct, 2010 - The judge posted the hearing of the petitions to November 8, giving two weeks time as last chance to the CID for taking further steps in the investigation. Read on

Sept 23, 2010 The court adjourned hearing of the petition to September 29, 2010 after the CID filed an affidavit on the progress in the probe and submitted two sealed covers with a CD and some documents as part of evidence in the case.


Sept. 21, 2010: The CID was at the receiving end of the court’s displeasure on Tuesday when it’s investigation officer was pulled up for filing an incomplete affidavit in the investigation against Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Read on

20 Sept, 2010 - Sir Prof.Dr. S.Nagendran, chairman of Indian Holistic Medical Academy (IHMA), India and the Board of Directors and the Scientific committee of IHMA proudly conferred Sri Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda with Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Memorial International Award of Excellence for the services rendered by him to the humanity in education.



19 Sept, 2010 -Pained and outraged by the continuing and unreasonable victimization of Paramahamsa Nithyananda and his spiritual organization, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam has today issued a legal notice to English daily Deccan Herald for printing one more misleading article about Paramahamsa Nithyananda in its issue dt. 19 Sept 2010.

Karnataka High Court pulls up probe officer: 

BANGALORE: 14 Sep 2010, Karnataka High Court on Monday pulled up the investigating officer of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for not completing the investigation against Nithyananda.Read

First ADVANCED NSP program begins today at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam
Sept 09, 2010,The first ever "Advanced" Nithyananda Spurana Program (NSP) or Life Bliss Program - Level 2 started in Nithynanda Dhyanapeetam ashram today. The hall was packed with people who had already done NSP.
Pictures from the program can be seen 

Case registered against Lenin Karuppan. Magistrate takes cognizance 
28TH AUG, 2010
Devotees and supporters of Nithyananda went up to the Magistrate Court of Ramanagara, Bangalore on 28 Aug 2010, and filed a complaint against Lenin Karuppan, demanding immediate action against him. Read on

Karnataka High Court stays broadcast of concocted tapes AUGUST 29TH, 2010
The devotees of Nithyananda Swamy are pleased to share with the rest that no less than the Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka, in a Public Interest Petition (Writ Petition No.7767 of 2010), has most seriously characterised and judicially labeled the video originated, distributed and disseminated by K.Lenin as 'obscene'. Read on

Swami Nithyananda's devotees want FIR filed against Lenin
(24th Aug 2010)
Devotees of Swami Nithyananda staged a protest outside the Ramanagaram SP's office, urging police to file an FIR against Lenin Kuruppan. On August 9, over 40 devotees lodged individual complaints against Lenin at Bidadi police station, charging that Lenin continued to abuse Nityananda, his organization and ashramites in public and in private. 

Earlier this year, Lenin had gone on local and national TV to declare that over 40 women, including brahmacharinis and sannyasinis of the ashram, as well as wives and daughters of local organizers, had a physical relationship with Swami Nithyananda. Though Bidadi police took the complaint, shockingly, no FIR was filed even after 15 days.

Resounding start to the NSP in Tamil at the Ashram. 18 Aug 2010, Raja Sabha is packed with ecstatic devotees clapping and dancing in bliss. Although registrations were closed 10 days back and another extra NSP Tamil date announced on Oct 21st, Devotees are still pouring in. A video projection system is likely to be set up at another hall.

Swami Nithyananda gets stay order on defamatory Kannada book

A number of people sought to cash in on the opportunity to profit from recent events around Swami Nithyananda. An example of one such opportunistic act is the publication of a book by a Bangalore based publisher “Vivekayuga Prakashana”. The publisher very recently published a book titled “KAMISWAMI-NITHYOSAVADA NITHYANANDARU” in Kannada Language. The publication of the abovementioned book forced lawyers to take recourse through the Indian Judicial System in order to restrain the publisher from further publication of this book, and prevent the tarnishing of Swamiji’s reputation in the eyes of his followers and devotees.

A suit was filed in the Ramanagara District Court for Copyright Infringement. This suit was filed on the grounds that the photograph printed on the cover page of the said book was done so without any authorization or permission by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Trust. The team of lawyers, after establishing the fact that the photograph was the exclusive property of the trust, moved an application before the District Court, Ramanagara under Order XXXIX Rule 1 & 2, thereby seeking an immediate interim ex parte injunction against the publisher. This suit was Original Suit No.1 of 2010, filed before the District Court of Ramanagara.

After an extensive series of arguments, heard over a period of two days, the Hon’ble Principal District and Session’s Judge, of Ramanagara District, today via order dated 11-August-2010, gave relief to Swami Nithyananda. The above mentioned written order, directs that, the publisher “Vivekayuga Prakashana”, is restrained from further publication/ printing/ distribution/ circulation/ selling/ offering to sell in any manner of the 5000 copies of the said book. Furthermore the court has asked the lawyers of Swami Nithyananda, to furnish a copy of notice upon the defendant; where after the copy of the said order will be furnished to Swami Nithyananda.

Encouraged by the relief granted by the Hon’ble Court, the lawyers of Swami Nithyananda will soon be proceeding to file a suit for defamation against the publisher, for the derogatory statements made against Swami Nithyananda in the said book. In the event the author attempts publication of the same book with a changed cover page, then the defamation suit shall ensure that such book is prohibited from sale and distribution, on account of the nature of its contents being defamatory. 

Legal experts feel getting an injunction on the book for its copyrighted photograph was a clever move. “A defamation case on the contents of the book would have taken much longer to verify and get a stay or injunction on its sale and distribution.

Swami Nithyananda  will get his passport back

On Tuesday 10 Aug 2010, A.Manickam, joint secretary and chief passport officer at the ministry of external affairs, New Delhi, set aside the April 29 order passed by the passport officer in Bangalore for impounding the passport. The Karnataka director-general of police had asked the passport officer in Bangalore to immediately impound Nityananda's passport after he was arrested on April 21. The passport officer invoked Section 10(3)(e) of the Passports Act, 1967. On May 28, Nityananda had filed an appeal challenging the order.

LE-LIVING ENLIGHTENMENT process has started for Brahmacharis & Ashramites on 2nd August 2010 - 

On 2nd July 2010, ashramites embarked on an intensive spiritual practice towards Living Enlightenment.

brahmacharis-sanyasis-doing-panchatapas  Through extended hours of heavy yoga, deep meditation, self-introspection, Pancha Tapas (meditation inside fire circles), Upanishad (sitting with the Master), and other scientific spiritual processes, they move on blissfully in their spiritual path. The intense process is to prepare the body to hold the energy of enlightenment and awaken the ability of the body to radiate extraordinary powers.

GURU POORNIMA 2010 - Thousands throng ashram to participate in the celebrations - 

Devotees came in waves through the day, starting from 4am, to participate on this most important day. This year's Guru Poornima was particularly significant, coming after the scandal and the unprecedented biased negative media coverage over the previous 3 months.  This Guru Poornima was visible proof that the scandal had only served to increase the devotion, loyalty and commitment of the millions of devotees of Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda - Read


A criminal complaint was on Monday filed against Karuppa Lenin, who claimed to have shot a sleaze video purportedly featuring self-styled godman Paramahamsa Nithyananda and an actress.Read


Update from the High Court -

23rd July 2010 - Hearing postponed for a month. The government prosecutors want time to investigate Vimalananda & Gopika I believe, as though they did not have time till now. They want to travel to the USA for this. Its outrageous. really. read

16th July 2010-Judge couldnt find time to hear this case. Since only Divisional Court Hearings are held now from Monday - Thursday, the next hearing will be on Friday 23rd July 2010. The Investigating officer has been asked to appear on 23rd with all the reports.

"Freedom" discourse a sensational Hit -
11th July 2010 - Devotees around the world were keenly waiting for Swamiji's first talk in 60 days. There was an outpouring or joy, devotion and bilss when Swamiji walked in, from the full house at Chit Sabha, Bidadi ashram. The video on YouTube is already watched by close to 12,000 people. The full transcript of the discourse is also available at 

First talk will be on “Freedom” 

Venue-Bidadi Ashram, Time:5pm,  Date:Sunday 11th July 2010,  Details...

PREACHING BAR LIFTED - 9th July 2010-The Karnataka High Court today lifted the preaching bar clause on Swamiji's bail. Read

Petition seeking removal of preaching bar by devotees and disciples

K.V. Dhananjay, Advocate, takes up the cause of Devotees read on

Final Hearing of Swamiji's case expected to be on 15th July 2010

In today's hearing at the High Court, the Judge has asked the Government Prosecutor to either produce the victim or have the final hearing on 15th July 2010

Women Devotees want to go back to Swami Nithyananda-

CHENNAI: “We are going back to Swami Nithyananda’s Bidadi Ashram in Bangalore of our own free will to perform spiritual service. Please, do not take cognisance of any false complaint filed by our parents either against us or Parahamsar Nithyanandar or other ashramites…” So goes a written plea of two Kanyakumari sisters to City Police Commissioner T Rajendran, whom they met here on Wednesday. Read

QUASHING OF FIRs adjourned to July1, 2010BANGALORE: Hearing of two criminal petitions filed by Swami Nityananda seeking quashing of the two FIRs registered against him has been adjourned to July 1. read on


23rd June, 2010 - I am so happy that the day has come that there is no complainant so far to make charges against Swamiji regarding anything which is bad.” read on ,  video

Sri M.C.Ashwath MLA, Chennapattana constituency, visits Nithyananda Dyanapeetam on 22 June 2010.  

“In the sacred land of Bidadi in Ramanagara Jilla Paramahamsa Nithyananda has offered many services – Educational, spiritual and cultural – whether it is the necessary books, uniforms and fees for poor children or Anna Dhaan or Medical camps. There is no misconduct of any kind here in the ashram. As Indians I feel that it is our prime duty to encourage and help whichever Swamiji or mutt who serves the poor, downtrodden or backward class people. Read on

MLA of Magadi visits Dhyanapeetam, calls scandal a “mistake”, requests Paramahamsa Nithyananda to resume free meals: June 21, 2010 read on


Honorable High Court of Karnataka has lifted the freeze on our accounts.  READ...

The Madras High Court today stayed all further proceedings against Nithyananda Swami, facing criminal charges including rape, by Puducherry police on a complaint by some advocates practicing in the union territory. (15th June 2010) Read...

Swamiji granted Bail today-11th June 2010

Welcome Back Swamiji

Swamiji's bail order to be passed tomorrow (11June 2010) - The Karnataka High Court today reserved its order for tomorrow on a bail plea by self-styled godman Nithyananda Swami ... Read..

Swamiji's bail plea adjourned to June 10th -  We waited for many life times to be with you, Swamiji, we will wait for 2 more days. We know that every trick in the book is being used to keep you in, but those that do it, do not (yet) realize that where ever you are, you are always there within us. Read news...

Swamiji's case: Karnataka HC adjourns hearing to June 24 -
The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday adjourned to June 24 hearing of a writ petition seeking quashing of two FIRs filed against Nithyananda Swami. Read news

The Madras High Court today stayed all criminal proceedings against Swami Nithyananda pending before a court in Tamil Nadu Read...

Nirahara Prarthana (Fasting Prayer) at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Ashram on 5th & 6th June - 

Ashramites and devotees of Paramahamsa Nithyananda come together on June 5th and 6th for a Nirahara Prarthana (Fasting Prayer) for the release of their beloved guru. Read...

Pay or we will make you look like Nithyananda

 June 02, 2010 Visakhapatnam pontiff told - read this shocking news

Nithyananda has no role in Art of Living Firing 

Jun 02 2010
The Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam has denied any role in the firing at the Art of Living campus on Kanakapura Road. Dhyanapeetam officials stated that Nithyananda is being made a scapegoat for “any incident that happens anywhere in the country”.

Nityananda files plea against impounding of passport
Bangalore, May 31 (PTI) - Self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, arrested on criminal charges including rape, today filed an appeal with the Centre against impounding of his passport here.  Nityananda's counsel Vivekananda Gupta  
alleged that the passport had been impounded "without any application of mind" and the passport officer had also failed to give a personal hearing to Nityananda.... This lawyer sure has the right tone (finally!) ... read on

Swamiji's bail hearing adjourned to June 8, 2010 - In spite of no evidence to substantiate the various allegations, the bail hearing has been adjourned to 8th June 2010 and the hearing on the freezing of bank accounts has been adjourned to 4th June 2010. continue

Nithyananda’s interrogation clips leaked May 15, 2010Police should investigate this matter fully as this could lead to the very perpetrators of this conspiracy... continue

Swami Nithyananda wants freeze on bank accounts lifted May 14, 2010 - Four writ petitions were filed in the High Court on May 13, challenging the seizure of bank accounts of Nithyananda... continue

Voters Rally behind NITHYANANDA May 9, 2010, Bidadi - As polling began on Saturday, a number of villagers arrived at the booths and raised slogans in support of the swami just before voting... continue 

Pondichery Eambalam devotees, you ROCK - According to police sources, the people are still in support of the swami as during investigation none of the devotees (who had paid for the meditation classes and the darshan) admitted that they were cheated (in the name of religion). Instead, when asked about the lack of receipts and the video, most of them said that they had donated the amount  willingly and would still donate and that they were not interested in the swami’s personal matters.


Positive Practices for Integrated Living  May 26, 2010 — In this video taken from Patanjali Yoga Sutra discourses, Paramahamsa Nithyananda talks about the positive abhyasas (practices) that one should constantly hold on to lead an integrated and happy living. He gives his first enlightenment experiences an example to show the power of positive abhyasas over negative abhyasas. WATCH

Importance of Community in Spiritual Practice May 23, 2010 — In this clipping taken from Patanjali Yoga Sutra discourses, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the importance of sangha or community in an individual's spiritual practice. WATCH

What a beautiful day it was for devotees who came to the ashram this morning (13June, 2010). Swamiji, as blissful as ever, doing Pancha Tapas from 6am to 8am. Pancha Tapas will be done every morning at this time.This is a truly amazing time to visit the ashram. Do not miss this blissful experience. More on Pancha Tapas here 


Swamiji had given few hints, over the last 6 years of the scandal to come. One such hint can be picked up from the discussion he had with his devotee Bakthananda (who is currently with Swamiji in custody). It is even featured in the Tamil book "Manathai Thirae Magirchi Pongattum" We hare featured the relevant page and the translation... continue 



22 April 2011-

Hon’ble Judge gave Lenin a well-deserved rebuke for contempt of court in making derogatory remarks about the judiciary and calling the lawyers unscrupulous in his hate blog.

Lenin is also facing serious charges of interfering with sub-judice matters and providing false and misleading information to the court claiming that Nithyananda had tampered with the witnesses. When the Hon’ble Judge warned Lenin that he is likely to face imprisonment for his offences, a visibly shaken Lenin collapsed to the floor and had to be hauled out of the court.

Justice Pachchapure was hearing the interlocutory application filed by Swami Nithyananda to relax his bail condition.

Nithyananda's counsel, C V Nagesh, brought to the notice of the court that Lenin had written derogatory remarks about the advocates and courts in his blogs.Following this, Justice Pachchapure summoned Lenin, who was present in court, and questioned him about it.Lenin denied the charges. 

Nagesh sought an inquiry to bring out the truth and to initiate contempt proceedings against the guilty.This is when Lenin, who was standing in front of the judge, fainted. He was shivering when he regained conciousness.

The hearing in the case resumed and Justice Pachchapure allowed Nithyananda's petition seeking relaxation of the condition not allowing him to travel out of the country as he wanted to go to Manasasarovar.


Ramanagara,Mar 21,2011
A local court here has issued a notice to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) probing into the FIRs filed against Swami Nithyananda. 

Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ramanagara court, issued the notice to CID on March 19 on an application filed by Nithyananda seeking direction to the CID to furnish the unedited audio and video recordings of the interrogation to which he was subjected while in custody of CID between April 21 to 30, last year.

The court directed the CID to file its objection by March 31.

In the application filed by Nithyananda's counsel K V Dhananjay, the accused (Nithyananda) has reiterated that he never uttered or said anything to the CID in the nature of confession or admission attributed to him by the CID in its "press propaganda".

He (Nithyananda) further submitted that from the very first day CID had tried "to influence and infiltrate public opinion by fabricating and concocting certain statements on its own as if it was his reponse to the CID during interrogation".

By contributing and sponsoring such media reporting against him, the CID has "created a massive and pervasive atmosphere of public disgust, disenchantment and hostility against him which has rendered it practically impossible for him to receive a fair trial unless he is provided with means to disprove the confessions falsely attributed to him", he submitted 


An injunction has been issued by the Karnataka High Court to all national and local media (print and television) on showing visuals of actor Ranjitha while reporting on the infamous Nithyananda sex video controversy. 

Ranjitha had filed a writ petition in the HC on Saturday stating that the national/local print and electronic media have been showing and writing obscene visuals and articles on her. She had prayed that this kind of reporting be stopped immediately. 

The HC has now issued an injunction stating that no visuals of the CD or Ranjitha's alleged association with the controversy can be aired or printed.


HYDERABAD: 1Feb2011-Justice L Narasimha Reddy of the the A P High Court on Monday directed the Regional Film Censor Board not to issue censor certificate till further orders to the Telugu film, 'Ayyaare'. 

The judge gave the orders in response to a petition filed by one Padnu Shailender, who contended that the film was aimed at damaging the reputation of Nitynanda Swamy

The petitioner contended that the storyline and characterisation of a role in that film were nothing but an attempt to show Nityananda in poor light. 

The judge while granting stay on censor clearance, observed that there was a need to examine whether a private individual can be allowed to make a film defaming another individual or his institution.

VIDEO UPLOAD-eNTV news 25JAN2011 - covers 

*Swamiji's Question & Answer session explaining the 3 types of connections one can have with the master,
*the essence of Swamiji's Pranayama discourse given on the same day, *Information on the eN Vidhyalaya program-a ground breaking program for creating enlightenment based education for children, 
*Report on tests conducted on Dec2010 IA participants highlighting the major transformations due to eN effect, *testimonials from the amazing eNSP which concluded recently in North America & 
*a talk on vegetarianism 

29 DECEMBER 2010

Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s 34th Jayanthi (birthday as per Vedic calendar) celebrations on 29th December in his birthplace Tiruvannamalai was nothing short of SENSATIONAL.

Ever since the manipulated video against Swamiji was telecast by a local TV channel, on 2nd March 2010, there were continuous allegations heaped against him, one after the other, for the best part of the last 9 months. These culminated in a fantastic charge sheet put together by the Investigating officer.
Furthermore, the wild allegations were released to the press, almost one every day, and the charge sheet was covered by the media like a TV serial with a new headline against Swamiji appearing every day. Clearly the intention was to defame Swamiji completely by running a media show of these accusations, which will never stand in any court of justice.

Far from putting devotees off, the exact opposite has happened. Each devotee has come through this persecution with renewed faith in their master and steel like resolve, to stand by him.

29th Dec 2010 at Thiruvannamalai was a clear VISIBLE DEMONSTRATION of the strength of the support for Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Around 25,000 people have visited the Thiruvannamalai Ashram, cheering Swamiji’s speech continuously and waiting till midnight for Swamiji’s Darshan. The rag-tag bunch of organized protesters amounting close to 30, ended up waiting at the wrong entrance & their feeble protest against the event in the morning, was completely lost in the jubilant melee.

For the first time, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke openly on many issues related to the recent controversy. While making jocular remarks about the way he has been portrayed in the local media, he also pointed out that the continuous campaign against him and his followers by certain parties amounted to religious persecution of a peaceful spiritual group.
He called upon the Tamil Nadu government to put an end this unwarranted harassment. In this regard, over 1,300 devotees expressed their support with written petitions signed in their own blood, to be presented at the earliest to M. Karunanidhi, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

The event was also covered positively by the majority of the press in Tamilnadu. The incredible success of this year’s Jayanthi event, and especially the huge devotee turnout, has firmly set to rest all speculation that
Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s following has fallen out, over the recent controversy and the smear campaign against him in the media.

In short 29 Dec 2010 was a SWEET CONQUEST for Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda and no doubt indicative of the shape of things to follow.

20 DEC 2010


Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Jayanthi Brahmotsavam

From this year, we are celebrating birthday celebrations based on Vedic calender. There were auspicious signs today.. all divine beings blessed as soon as i touched the flag, there was a slight drizzles - gods showered from the skies. with all auspiciousness we started the celebrations.. This year is going to be great auspicious year.

All masters, when they expand their mission, they have to clear the negativity. So I had to do it. Now the mission is being taken to the next level. The mission is not about the number of temples. IT IS THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE GETTING TRANSFORMED, THE ENERGY EXPLOSION.

This year, there will be not only 100s of times more energy explosions, hundreds of times more temples and ashrams will happen. All the so called bad publicity will become good publicity. People did not listen much to the more than 7000 hours of video discourses I gave. Somebody did a 7 minute video and the whole world watched! We just got the attention of the media. The media are not bad people. We just need to show them. The amount of mental and physical healing is going to be 100s of times more than anything you have seen.

We started accumulating unnecessary fat, we have removed the fat, we have removed the tumor, removed all of them. The unnecessary fat should also know that they can be alive only by connecting to the master!

Cosmos is celebrating our presence. Only those that carry negativity are angry. Cosmos is blissful with us. We will continue to radiate auspiciousness. Its time we STAND UP AND CELEBRATE.


The angas becoming into SANGHA is a process; we removed all the bangas and naturally the remaining angas have become SANGHA, an integrated united organism, a powerful strong independently united organization. It is time we stand together strongly to the power of ENLIGHTENMENT.

We have finished the cleaning process. All the years we were just playing and collecting material. Now is the time we stand and RADIATE ENLIGHTENMENT. This year, there will be a great positive explosion, intense auspicious consciousness.

The message for the year is SHARING ENLIGHTENMENT, not just sharing, making them live.  When you Radiate Enlightenment, others may pick up or may not pick up. When you share, its literally giving. I am UPGRADING AND UPDATING THE MISSION STATEMENT.

You have plenty you will share with the whole world. I will be sharing Enlightenment, spiritual experiences. I'l be sharing through many bodies whom I'l pick up as DIVYA SHAREEREES. So you can share Enlightenment to billions of people.

Now this persecution has given us tremendous courage and strength. Earlier, we were great spiritual energies. Now you are HEROS WHO WON THE WAR. Through this declaration Im announcing, we have WON THE WAR. With this strength, we will do millions of wonderful things.

If its delayed for a few days, it meas there is a bigger plan. The CLIMAX WILL BE WORTH WAITING. YOU WILL SEE THE AUSPICIOUSLY SHOCKING AND SURPRISING CLIMAX

Cosmos is more intelligent than our insecure mind. From today we will start with the wow, not just living, not just radiating but by SHARING ENLIGHTENMENT-EVERY ONE WILL RECEIVE.

Nov11th & 12th 2010
On Nov 11th, the Skanda Sashti Brahmotsav culminated in morning Homas and evening Sura Samhara celebrations.
People thronged the Anandeshwara Temple today to witness the Sura Samharam festival – the climax of the
Skanda Shashti festival. Lord Subrahmanya went in for a war with the asuras Shoorapadma, Gajamukhasura and Simhamukha to
protect the Devas who were tortured  by the asuras and chopped off their heads with the Divine spear aka the Shakivel – the Divine weapon given by Anandeshwari. 
Shoorapadma becomes  a peacock and cock flag and becomes an ornament for Subrahmanya. Swamiji led the procession of the enactment from the temple to the Vaidya Sarovar and saw that the positive energy is established.

Nov 12, Karthikai Deepa Brahmotsava Dwijarohana (flag hoisting) Morning at 5am, Swamiji hoisted the
festival flag marking the start of Karthigai Deepa Brahmotsava. This flag is hosted simultaneously at Thiruvannamalai temple.  The
ongoing Anandeshwara Brahmotsav will culminate with the Karthigai Deepa festival

Mahaparinirvana day - remembrance  and commemoration of the liberation

Today was also the day of remembrance and
commemoration of the liberation

of the soul. It is on this day that Sri Nithya Arunachalananda attained liberation and consciously left his body. Today was also the day when all the
liberated souls of all the devotees and those who attended NSP (Nithyananda Spurana program [also called Life Bliss program - level 2])  is remembered

10 DAYS OF DASARA FESTIVITIES END ON A GRAND NOTE with 52 ashramites getting initiated into higher orders.
17th Oct. 2010-The 2010 Dasara celebrations were truly unique. There was a strong sense of community within the ashram and most ashramites participated in all the programs. Homas and cultural programs were conducted with great spirit and intensity. The final 3 performances ma
de the grand finale. Brahmacharinis sang a traditional stotra in sync. One of our Brahmachari wrote a song expressing his love towards Swamiji and the Brahmacharinis sang reflecting the tempo professionally.

The Brahmacharis had a secret offering to Swamiji on this day. A performance which the whole gathering stood up and saw in awe. Was it the expression of devotion? or the trace of deep love in every single one who put up the performance or simply the deep earning to show Swamiji something that really makes Him express as if He is enticed? The Sri-Rangam Ranganathar style Arayar-Seva touched every single one.

This was followed by the technically educated Brahmacharis trying their shot at SivaPuranam, the melting devotional song on Lord Shiva sung by the saint Manikavasagar.

This Dasara celebrations may be seen as another Landmark event that brought both the ashramites and devotees from around the world, together on a grand scale. The surge in the progress of the mission is evident to one and all. Photos from the final day's activities.


Over 400 devotees of Paramahamsa Nithyananda observed a peaceful protest at Maduravayil in Chennai on 30th July, to express their anguish at the misrepresentation and abuse of their guru and the organization. Read

a resounding success

On the eve of Guru Poornima (25thJuly), an overwhelming 2500 devotees participated in a padayatra (pilgrimage on foot) to Nithyananda ashram in Bidadi. Converging from around the world, including Canada, the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Guadeloupe and more,
the procession braved both sun and rain to make it to the ashram, amidst traditional music and encouragement from the local people. Read

Nithyananda seeks ex-disciple's prosecution 17:7 HRS IST Bangalore, July 1 (PTI) Swami Nithyananda today moved an application before the Karnataka High Court praying for prosecuting his former disciple K Lenin, accusing him of filing a "false" complaint that he had indulged in sleaze activities. Read

Pancha Tapas - Science explained by 

Sri Nithya Bhaktananda, a senior Swami of NIthyananda Dhyanapeetam...read on


Needless controversies and harassment of ashramitesThere have been some remarks in media about the use of kerosene oil during the Pancha Tapas Yoga and unfortunately, some people are using this as a reason to harass the ashramites and stop the ashram’s spiritual activities. Read


Stop Leading Media Lives The danger is absolutely real and in fact conspicuously all pervasive. Like a puppet on a string, almost every decision we make in our daily lives today is controlled by what is portrayed through the media either as news or through plain product advertisements. We are living like comfortable slaves and manipulated into following a media agenda. 

Stop living a media life filled with media lies. Reclaim your inner space from from this media hold ... continue

A New York Times  article on how certain newspapers in India function. Editorial space in newspapers and other media outlets is being sold to companies or politicians without it being labeled as such for readers.  Shocking? Read full article ..... 

Swamiji's reported to have told

"I am not a man..." This has brought out the usual ignorant comments on the net. In order to clarify this, please read Ardhanarishvara - Concept and Significance

Mystic Phenomena-Scientific Data, 

Extracts from the Book - 

documenting the tests done on Paramahamsa Nithyananda's brain by physicians, neuropsychologists and researchers in the USA in 2004, 2005 and 2006 Read ...

Lessons from the Swami Nithyananda Saga - Rajiv Malhotra - 

Swami Nithyananda sex scandal! Insights & Church angle.   

Planning for this attack had started a year ago. He mentioned that a budget of Rs 200 crores was allocated by...Continue

Interview with Supreme Court Advocate, K.V. Dhananjay on TV- During the early days of the scandal, very rarely have prominent public personalities come forward to discuss the scandal and presented a balanced view. 2 such bold personalities are Supreme Court Advocate K.V. Dhananjay and well known TV host Deepak Thimaya. Both of them raise some valid points that society should in general consider very seriously. The TV interview can be watched here 

Malavika Avinas - Testimony and questions for the media - One of the boldest public statements, specially during the early days of the scandal, has come out from popular Kannada actress Malavika Avinas. It is not easy for an actress to come out with such bold views and go against the flow of the general public opinion that was created by the media and in fact even question and condemn the media for its crass negative role in the whole episode. It shows her integrity and strength of mind. Her views from her blog ...


Check out the complete transcripts here



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-183Sutra, 4Chapter, 21Verse

Chittantara drishye buddhi buddheh atiprasangah smriti sankarash cha


Today is the inauguration of Toronto Nithyananda Vedic Temple. You can see with hundreds of Gods, Deities, 63 Naiyanmars, all the Sidhas, the Maha Kumbakishekam is happening, all the blessings of all the Gods will be there.


To watch a Guru Kumbabishekam is a special blessing, you are not only watching Guri Kumbabishekam but also have the auspiciousness of so many Gods. This temple in Toronto will bring all the good things to all the people in Toronto, Tamil people there and even in Lanka. This temple will grow well and all the devotees with it, I am blessing all.


Hindu tradition is a temple based tradition. For everything, birth, marriage, we use temples. We lead temple based lives. So this temple will make our lives complete, will show us the spiritual path. The energizing of the deities is done and I will come soon to Toronto temple. My blessings to all of you.


It is so nice to have a temple in Toronto with all the deities. Very soon I will physically come there, all the divine presence and my presence will be there in a solid experiential way, the energy radiating there will not only bless the Canadian people, but even the Sri Lankan Tamils and the whole world. The prana prathikshta is done and they will radiate independent high energy to the whole world. You will see vibuoothy, kumkum and rudraksh materializing there.


This will grow as a huge Vedic university. My blessings. Soon, very soon I will be there physically.


Who knows your mind


Only nobody, only who has realized nobody knows the mind


Sacred secret-Yesterday’s sutra Patanjali says because mind cannot take cognizance of itself and its source at the same time, it’s not considered to be self-luminous. Then who is taking cognizance? That may be another mind, then who will take cognizance of that mind; that may be another mind, it becomes unending.


Sometimes, based on suspicion you can’t come to a conclusion. It will be a big soup like Karnataka CID!


Small story.


2 boys in a town are extremely mischievous. So the whole town is confident, if there is trouble, these boys will be involved in some capacity. The town is tired of disciplining them. The town had a pastor who was well known for disciplining. The pastor was given this responsibility of disciplining the boys. The younger one was asked by the pastor, ‘where is God, boy didn’t answer, he asked loudly again but didn’t get an answer. Again he shouted, now the boy took a turn and ran and locked himself in the room and told his brother, we are in big trouble, now God is missing, and everybody thinks we did it!


If God is missing, how those two will be responsible, come to Bidadi. We will show you!!


Just because these boys are mischievous, you can’t suspect them when God is missing, just because something else is taking cognizance of your mind, you can’t suspect another mind to take care of your mind.


Who is taking cognizance of your mind, something which is beyond your mind, consciousness? But when I say consciousness, you think you understand, I want you to be very clear, you don’t understand. So an inexpressible self-effulgence is taking care of your mind.


There are 2 ways of understanding, there is one more mind taking cognizance of this mind, this theory only leads you to a fight with the next, next, next, not expressing.  Expression means, a need to express that which is you. If you understand Self-Effulgence, then you will start working on the line of self-effulgence or self-luminous. At first you will be in fighting mode. Fight is having to deal with or need to deal with something which is not you. How many minds are you going to be killing, killing, killing. It will be an endless war.


Fighting with the mind is different and fighting with the bio memory is different. Creating new grooves is different. It’s more like expressing your own intelligence, your own independent intelligence, the element of violence gets added if you are in the mood of constant killing, but in creating new grooves, you are in the mood of creation.


Expressing your innate intelligence, creating new bio memory to experience your innate intelligence, is Sadhana.


When you understand, it’s your bio memory which needs to be tuned; you are ready to burn the whole, to experience the reality, to see the truth. How you understand a situation is very important.


Laziness is the root cause of not taking cognizance that your consciousness is behind the mind and that is responsible for postponing the cognizance.


In South Indian temples, you see this habit of rolling on the temple ground. My own Parama Guru, Isakiya Swami, used to cover 2kms, he did for 1008 days. He said only then he was able to purify the whole biomemory. After that he received a unique power, anybody comes with any problem, he will show with the finger, go around Arunachala for so many days by walking. His guidance was so good; the last phase of his life, for a full one year, Arunachala was wearing the human garland (of people walking around the hill). 


So this is a process of going beyond the laziness.


Laziness can be classified as; physical laziness, to think of certain problems of the outer world and the other laziness towards your thinking of the inner truth. This leads you to not taking cognizance of inner truth.


Do something, get out of laziness.  


You can always working with your own self, very strongly, constantly making yourself alive and drilling and expanding your capacity to understand the outer world and inner world truths and the ability to act. That is the only way the confusion of cognizance can come to an end.Now sit with a strong decision to end your physical, mental, internal laziness. Let you all be out of physical, mental and internal laziness.


The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at http://lifeblissprograms.org/e-downloads

10JULY2011-(Sunday Message)



Let me describe some of the deeper things happening during levitation.


The deeper most reflectors of the consciousness are awakened.


In your body, brain and muscles there are different levels reflectors (mirrors) of consciousness.


It is your lower level mirrors where dust is more and the size of the mirror is different – convex, concave. The reflection will not be highest and true to the original.


You have more pure, stable and deeper layers of reflecting mirrors. Awakening those reflecting mirrors, the original of super consciousness that does not feel your individual identity, the quality of identity that you feel as you; if the mirror is pure and clean, then naturally the quality of you, what you feel, not only will it be deeper or higher, it will be true to the original.


Logic and highest intuition is also part of your brain. When your logic mirror reflects your consciousness you feel logic as your identity. Unfortunately it’s not total.


When you reflect the intuition part, you have tremendous joy. I was in joy, I saw very clearly that all these problems these people created are over. Intuition is the highest coherence.


In the brain you have trillions of cells and reflection happens on these cells. The quality of reflection depends on quality of ‘I’ you carry. Before and after Energy Darshan, you feel good because of the mirror on which you are reflected is now higher. But there is one problem. Of course as with all good things, when the pure higher mirror reflects on your consciousness, it’s the body and mind that needs to retain the coherence.


Mind is nothing but the mirror in which the consciousness reflects. If you change the mirror, the quality of reflection changes. The quality of you that you carry changes about you. U turn in you is Me!


Your enemy is your laziness. Whenever you feel joy/bliss, your highest conscious coherence is shining in you. It is not tolerated by your usual buffalo bio memory. They feel cozy, cold, happy only in the dark corner. The pigs feels okay in the darkness. An elephant wants a river not a dark corner. Have initiation and break all these laziness and cowardness. 

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

182Sutra, 4Chapter, 20Verse

Eka samaye ch obhaya an avadharanam


From padukas and hand, kum kum has appeared at Oman, blessings. Teleporting and materialization is no more news, its become a regular activity, we should do something more! Maybe I will appear physically in a few places and give darshan!


I can translate this in two ways, one at the same time, mind cant perceive itself and the reality, second, because it can’t perceive itself and something else, it is not self-illuminating.


Please understand Swayam Prakasha, the character, the idea of swayam prakasha, the mind and its origin are extensions. If you are self-effulgent, you should be able to perceive your original and extension at a time.  If you can’t perceive your original and extension at the same moment, you can’t be considered as Swayam Prakasha, self-shining.


Your origin, source and your extension, means the expression, both are within your spectrum of consciousness. Very beautifully JK puts it as freedom from known disappearing into knowing. Please understand, till you are liberated from the known, you can’t experience your original and extension, you can’t perceive your origin and extension.


Some of our ashramites are complaining. All my recent satsangs are not for one time watching, you need to watch it at least 3 or 4 times, only then you can grasp. Each section is a theory for PhD


For each sutra, whatever I’m using, you can apply this for any of the principles of Vedic tradition. Today I’m defining what is self-luminous. You can pick up this idea and apply it for anything, you can find out what is life, what is death, enlightenment, suffering, unnecessary suffering, joy, aim or life, sacrifice.  In every aspect you can have understanding of life and clarity. That is the way I’m trying to make all sutras of Patanjali.


Look into your life, an action and actor will never be perceived. This understanding can really deepen your life, many times you will feel in your life, people take double standards, with you they talk something with your enemy they talk something. It’s the quality of the mind.


Mind is the jump between consciousness and thought. It’s the constant jump. Be very clear, you also do the same whenever you get a chance and you are confident you will justify it later! Chance and justification can’t take the responsibility from your being.


By the nature of the mind, it jumps from this to that and that to this and goes on and on.


Many times, your ignorance of trusting the mind, your mind and others minds leads you to suffering, but you blame God. It’s like you drink the poison and you expect your enemy to die. By blaming the God you won’t kill your enemy. Your enemy is your instable mind.  The mind which cant perceive origin and extension at a time. But instead of suspecting the mind which cant perceive the origin and extension at a time, you go on suspecting who can perceive end to end, who is an embodiment of existence.


You go on suspecting your consciousness instead of your mind, you go on suspecting the ultimate truths instead of giving interpretations to those truths.


In this incomplete, incompetent mind, we create so many things, we decide many ideas about our relationships, our lives, our commitments, and our goal. Sometimes I feel the whole planet earth is a huge mad house with one or two wardens who are enlightened, how can it even be monitored. That’s why Enlightened beings seem big. We decided it can’t be controlled, at least let’s have a self-processing system, the system is called marriage, then we introduced marriage to planet earth!


Only way to escape from mind is doubt every conclusion the mind brings to you, before operating on it. Then, the whole problem will be how can I run anything. Again I want you to wake up a little bit, doubt all the decisions, then after the doubt you will be able to act properly.


Now sit with this great principle of uncertainty. When you sit, your mind will create a thought. Start doubting, is this real, is this me, is this the source of me, what is this. Bring doubt into your very existence, which is uncertainty. Let the Kundalini Energy in all of you be intensely awakened to the uncertainty.

The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at http://lifeblissprograms.org/e-downloads



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-181Sutra, 4Chapter, 19Verse
Na tat svabhasam drishyatvat 


The yoga program at Ohio-in the last 5 days, one person lost 10 pounds, other person six pounds and another five pounds. Bhaktananda has himself experienced weight loss and he can teach nicely.


Today’s subject is a beautiful subject: title-I am therefore I think. We can say it the other way also-I think, therefore I am. People who say I think therefore I am go from there to here; People who say I am therefore I think go from here to there!   You should be able to travel in both directions.


Sacred secret: Anything which you can see cannot be self-illuminating.  Self-effulgence by its own presence expresses its glory.  If you can perceive body, then it can’t be self-illuminating, it cannot be radiating its grace by its presence, life is necessary inside. Otherwise it will just be lying in a burial ground.     


The moment you are able to perceive your mind, you need to know it is not self-illuminating. Self-luminous.  Anything which can be perceived cannot be self-luminous, whether it’s a body or mind or emotions or anything.   The perceiver is self-illuminating; by whose presence everything is perceived is self-illuminating; shines in his own glory by his own presence.  


You need to understand the practical utility, value application of this sutra.  “Because you exist, you think,” is the mystical reality.  Important things about practical reality only when you make your thinking towards itself, having self-respect towards itself, it feels the consciousness by whose presence you are alive.  Understand?  


In a practical way from my own experience, see when I spent sometime in the Ramakrishna mission, one of the biggest contributions done to me and my mission for which I am grateful; making my thinking and my body and my system useful to humanity.  Only when I became useful, my thinking started respecting itself.


Only when I achieved extraordinary physical flexibility and health, I respected my body and started going deeper.  Going deeper, I have found the self-illuminating self. Only Ramakrishna mission made my thinking productive for society. 


I had subtle anger towards Raghupathi Yogi for making me do so much with my body. Of course I now I have so much of gratitude. I told my ashramites, what a joy it is to live in this body. I did not miss one day of my routine except for those two days in the hospital. I had no pain but when I lived with Raghupathy Yogi, it was torture. Sometimes, just like that he will tell from sunrise to sunset, do Surya Namaskar. I don’t know if you will believe, but I have done it. From a huge rock, sunrise and sunset can be seen, nearby a small temple. He will take me there and tell me to start Surya Namaskar. I will ask him how many times and he will say What? From sunrise to sunset.


Let your mind be in peak creativity whether taking salary or not. The bio-memory energy flowing in your system should propel creativity.


Only when your body is in peak you will have respect for body and move to mind, only when you have respect for mind you will move to consciousness and know therefore I am, therefore I work.  You wont know the glory of body and mind until your mind reaches its peak.


Be productive and creative to society. 


You will not reach your inner self till your body and mind work at its peak being highly productive. You will not know the glory of ‘I am’ till your body and mind reach its peak. Not being productive in the society where you live is worst sin. Bhramahathyadosha the sin of destroying consciousness. When you don’t realize ‘I am,’ you are doing Brahma hatya dosha, sin of destroying consciousness.  Your mind should be alive and aware, creative, contributing 24 hours. Only when I was contributing I had respect for myself.  


A few years of my life in Ramakrishna mission has shown me until I was contributing I did not have respect for me.  If I did not have respect for me how can I think deeper than my thinking?  Only when you have a creative, productive, contributing mind, you will be able to think beyond mind and think I am consciousness. 

“I am, therefore I think” means that thinking should be the radiation of I am. Your mind should be the radiation of the consciousness. If it is the radiation of consciousness, it will radiate the qualities of consciousness and your body will be express the qualities of consciousness.


Without creating a highly creative, productive mind, any action or any thought you cherish that will lead you to higher consciousness is useless.  Create healthy highly flexible, energetic body, create highly contributing creative mind.   

The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at http://lifeblissprograms.org/e-downloads




Patanjali Yoga Sutras-180Sutra, 4Chapter, 18Verse

Sadajnatah chitta vrttayah tat prabhoh purushasya aparinamitvat


Patanjali is coming to the end of the book of books. He’s putting all you want to carry home, after these discourses. Usually even when I speak at the end of the satsang, I will give the essence of the whole discourse. This is the usual practice, whatever we need to say as a message, last what you need to take home, even if you forget everything else, you can take home the last 10 lines. We have only 16 sutras more.


Small story


A guy goes to the doc and say I have body pain all over, its excruciating, I think all my bones are fractured. Doc said, please put your index finger on the shoulder and he puts and shouts, oh, its too much pain, Doc asks him to put the index finger on the forearm, he puts and shouts, ohhhh, on the chest bone, he does the same. He continues for almost half hour all over the body. The Doc then picks up the index finger and bandages it and says he has a fracture in the index finger! Understand, only your index finger is fractured nothing else.


The relationship between time and consciousness. Time is the broken bone of consciousness. Time is the broken index finger of consciousness. Where ever time touches, there is bound to be pain. Life is not pain, the index finger with which you touch your life is going to be the pain.

Time is nothing but the one engram in which you are caught and unable to come out. Yesterday, we were having a discussion with some of my senior ashramites.


One was saying that 2 were having a problem in the organizational structure. I looked in and said that this guy is suffering with this for the last 700 years, at least twice he lived with me, this is the 3rd time, the same engram, the idea of freedom. Real freedom is when your mind stops interfering with your life.


Broken finger of the consciousness is time. You are consciousness, with the time you touch any part of the body you are going to have pain. Time is nothing but one engram in which you are caught and unable to jump out. Time is not made out of too many engrams; please understand space is made of too many engrams.

Space engrams will not be big problems to cross, laziness will b a problem, but in time related engram, it won’t be too many, it will be one. The idea of freedom. I just looked in because he is a great sadhu by basic praraptha, but this one engram is his fractured finger, that is his time. If I have to give the essence of his last 700 years, I can write his biography in one line, suffering with freedom, the idea of freedom. 


Biggest problems is you cherish that engram as long as the idea of freedom is there. As long as the idea of freedom is there u will never experience freedom.


Two days before, there was a big discussion on my diet with some ashramites and some ashramite doctors, they have given me a strict diet. One Bramacharini said “can’t it be made a little more tasty?” if you want to achieve anything I only accept one understanding, forget about taste, quantity etc. Anything in the plate, close the eyes, and swallow, diet is also a tapas.


The idea of freedom you have is the most dangerous engram which will not allow you to experience freedom.


I will give you the mirror for freedom, not portrait of picture, if you look into the mirror, freedom is always looking into the mirror. So whenever you look into the mirror, you are always looking into the present picture.


The engram with which you are caught, suffering again and again and again is, time, for you. All your time is calculated based on the time you spend with that engram. You jump out of the engram, your time-free, beyond time.


Next the space, suffering with space, another one Bramachari, great Yogi but did not get enlightened, only suffering is thorough laziness, bone is filled with laziness and not bone marrow.


Yogis always suffer with laziness, sadhus always suffer with this idea of freedom.


Yogis will say why should I do, sadhus, what is freedom. Because of thier idea of freedom sadhus don’t achieve freedom, yogis don’t achieve yoga. The relationship between time and consciousness.


Essence of this sutras is


You go through a major inconsistency in your system due to time and space, fortunately the constancy of your system, consciousness, the eternal principle, because its consistent, it recognizes the inconsistence in you.


So Patanjali wants to align your life to the constant principle, not the inconsistent principles of time and space. All you need is bandage for the broken index finger, not the theory of how many places you have pain etc 


Patanjali is having the mood of devotion the only word where the color of devotion is expressed in this whole 196 sutras. Prabhaho means owner, Lord, the constant principle in you is the Lord. So he is very clear. Devote; dedicate all your actions, emotions, feelings, experience and life to the lord. Surrender to the lord.


Sit for a few seconds dedicating all your thoughts emotions to the constant principle in you, inside you there is a principle in you which does not change, let me dedicate to the constant principle, Prabhao as described by Patanjali.

The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at http://lifeblissprograms.org/e-downloads

 Patanjali Yoga Sutras-179Sutra, 4Chapter, 17Verse 
Tad uparaga apekshitvat chittasya vastu jnatajnatam

From this Sutra Vivekanada has not directly translated but the words are appearing on other sutras, so based on that the editorial team has translated and presented. Its not direct translation by Vivekananda but they have done a good job.

What is knowing. Let’s understand. An ordinary man, if he looks at a flower, if he remembers the name he was taught of the flower, he feels he knows it. You see a flower in a garden, you will remember at the young age your teacher taught you that it’s called a rose and associate that name with it. Immediately you think you know the rose. But it’s a very very foolish way, that just recollecting the name and connecting is knowing in a very foolish way.

What is knowing. If you just know the name, an ordinary man feels he knows something. A person who thinks deeper he thinks, if he knows the color, quality, he knows it. Only experts know the quality chemistry physiology all other components responsible for the flower happening, reason for its color, reason for its size. We can say a person who knows all this is an expert. They think they know from top to bottom, why, what is responsible for the color, size. If you know all these details they think they know everything.

But the ultimate knower enlightened being thinks only if he knows the consciousness in which the flower happened, he knows it, till then he does not know. The base root when it’s realized, only then he thinks he knows. First the knowing itself needs to be understood.

Getting on the horse without knowing the whole, so naturally it leads to fracture. So fortunately I got into the body knowing the whole, so it did not lead to suffering and pain! This is one example I’m giving. When you are clear on what you don’t know , you don’t get into a mess.

When you don’t know but you think you know, you get into a big mess.

I tell you, just because you know the names of all the organs and parts of your body from the lessons, or from the primary school teachers, don’t think you know the body. Many times you think, hands finger liver, back bone, head, brain, skull, I know the body. No, You don’t know.

People who think a little bit will feel, if I know the physiology, I know the body. Experts when they think they know the why, what, how, when, they think they know the body. But only when you know the source material on which the body is written, you know the body. Our kids should be taught to venture into anything only after they know it thoroughly.

Only when you know thoroughly on the body and the consciousness on which its written, you know the body.

Knowing itself needs a clear understanding. Don’t get into the universe, entangle yourself with the universe before you know the source material of the universe, don’t think it will take years to get enlightened, when will I get enlightened, it hardly takes a few moments. 

Because the tool for knowing is a unique tool that only human beings have, when the pen to write is with you, you can write anything you want, when the eyes to see are there with you, you can see anything, when the ears to hear are there u can hear anything you want. In Sanskrit, you call it Buddhi, if you have that you can have anything. Only human beings have B (Buddhi), the ability to know.

Unfortunately your knowledge of knowing is so superficial, the moment you know the names, you learnt from primary schools, you think you know. Like if you think you know head, skull, brain, the words you learnt, you think you know about it. And the is you getting into too many problems thinking you know it. Knowing the name does not mean you know something.

By the superficial, I cant even use the word understanding, the superficial averages, are not and cannot be the base for decision making. It’s like if you listen to statistics, 20% Indians get heart attack and die and eighty percent recover. Then you can think, I must be in the eight percent. You don’t understand that the twenty percent lost hundred percent.

Many decisions you make based on averages. Average, is not understanding. It is at the most, it can be a tool to tell that you need to understand more. Average itself cant be knowledge, knowing.

The sacred secret from this sutra is - be very clear, what you know, what you don’t know, even if you know about the things you don’t know, it is a knowledge. Knowing I don’t know is also knowledge. Many times you get into a mess because you don’t know you don’t know.

Knowing the source consciousness with the ultimate knowing.

So all of you sit for a few minutes meditating on knowing. Contemplate on one truth, the intelligence to know is there in you, then you can know what ever u want. If the tool to love is there in you, you can love anybody. Sit in an unclutched way, in a conscious way. Let the Kundalini Energy be awakened.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras
178Sutra, 4Chapter, 16Verse
 Nna chaika chitta tantram chedvastu tad apramanakam tada kim syat

Today is the 4th of July, American independence day, My blessings to America, God bless America and I tell you from my heart, America is a unique country, unique constitution, ready for the great conscious transformation, consciousness upsurge. American constitution is created for breakthrough in human consciousness.

Maybe it was taking little time for the western, materialistic European mental set up to change, but now I am seeing that America is ready for the conscious explosion and consciousness raise.

There will be huge breakthrough in consciousness, in consciousness evolution. America is ready for Enlightenment. I wish America and all our devotees, citizens, or permanent residents, all those any way connected to America, Blessings, God bless America

Today is also Swami Vivekananda’s Maha Samadhi day, the great master who initiated the conscious raise in America, conscious evolution in America, his Maha Samadhi day. Let us all remember the great spiritual wave, spiritual expression, one of the most powerful incarnations that happened in the modern era, who set a trend and brought tremendous respect to the Vedic tradition all over the world, we remember this day to pay our respects to him, let him continue his spiritual guidance to this universe.

Lets enter into todays subject.

Today onwards im starting a new series, MIND, MIND YOUR MIND!


Nna chaika chitta tantram chedvastu tad apramanakam tada kim syat

Today is Swami Vivekananda’s Maha Samadhi day, this is the sutra, he did not translate, he left the body till the last sutra. This is like a coincidence, we were repeating exactly the way he translated, today is his Maha Samadhi, he left the body and now we are carrying on! Strange coincidence.

Let us understand the deeper sacred secrets revealed in this sutra. So the question is, does the world exist beyond the mind. If you want the straight answer, I can say yes and no and more!!

Please catch this step by step then you can re-experience.

Firstly, does the mind cover the whole world? Or does the world exist outside of the mind? Yes, because the world is seen in different ways by different minds, it exists outside the mind.

No. If you dream you are going to Chennai to see Nakeeran get arrested, in the dream you will also see the same fellow, your family will also see him, you will say, he is a criminal, family will say he is an asura, rakshasa (demon).The world exists beyond your mind, but if you wake up from the dream, it does not exist.

In the dream, you will have your friends, your family; people’s minds are extensions of your single consciousness. When you wake up, all the bits and pieces will settle inside you only.

Naturally, when you wake up, the world does not exist outside your mind. Just note, the places you went to, persons you saw, are they outside your mind, if they are outside the mind, then when you wake up, where do they go?

World exists outside your mind. Same way you can say world does not exist outside the mind. If you are too self-centered and your personality is in bits and pieces, you can’t see the complete picture, the whole thing.

World does not exist outside your mind as long as you are dreaming, the dream exists outside your mind, when you wake up, the dream settles, merges with your mind, so the world does not exist outside your mind.

When you know, after you wake up the world will not be outside your mind and tasted that experience and, after that, playing with the world is called Leela.

This is the essence of today’s sutra -

World will be outside my mind if I’m self-centered in low frequency.

World will be inside me, inside my mind, if I raise myself to higher frequency.

World will not be outside or inside my mind, it will not be there at all, if you raise it to the highest frequency.

Find out what frequency you are in and meditate

If the world is outside, contemplate, why am I seeing outside, SEE INSIDE.

Today is a milestone of our mission. Anand Yogam-the sanyas training center was started in 2003. Journey of 7 years, on the same day. Hundreds are already trained, and Lakhs are waiting to be trained.

Today I am launching one more important project. The project to do all scientific researches, studies, revealed in yogic and vedic studies. Enlightened Nithyananda Vedic Research Centre (ENVRC).

Ohio University is funding all our research projects for one year. Blessings to Ohio and Ohio University. This will do so much of good to human beings by bringing all the Vedic and Yogic truths, scientifically researched and analyzed and presented to the world.

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(Sunday Discourse)

Today's subject is: “Secrets of Weight Loss and Anti-aging”.

What is weight? Let me describe exactly what is weight. Accumulating more mass in your system than what you feel as you in your consciousness. Please understand, that's all.

Accumulating more mass in your system, feeling... please understand, accumulating more mass in your system than what you feel as you. It is something to do directly to do with your mind, with your psychology.

If I have to make the whole thing simple, if I have to keep this whole weight loss as simple, just only one technique... just the whole day try to breathe using your whole body, that's all, nothing else. When you are walking, sitting, talking, feel your whole body, including your belly. Whole body is inhaling and exhaling, visualize that, that's all.

If your idea about you is heavy - please understand – whenever you carry strong irritation, hatred, anger, these kinds of engrams, whatever you do, you will constantly feel heavy. Because you feel heavy, naturally your body will cooperate with that heaviness and you end up becoming overweight.

One more reason for weight is feeling empty inside. Empty means again, heavy. So constantly, you feel something needs to be dumped inside to keep you filled and full.

Food is God, don't waste it. This is one of the most misunderstood sutras, completely wrongly and misunderstood sutras. Food is God, don't waste it – means don't waste it by putting it inside the stomach!

First thing eating time should become contemplative and meditative. The time you spend to put the food inside is equal unto the time you take to meditate. See, when you meditate you put consciousness inside. Thoughts which awaken consciousness inside.

Same way while you put the food you are putting something which will be the shell of your consciousness, so you need to understand while you are feeding your body you are creating a shell for your consciousness. Bringing awareness to the eating process, that's the real weight loss.

Anti-aging! What is aging? Aging is nothing but collecting engrams from your experiences and the movement of time over your consciousness.

If you stop collecting bits and pieces from the passing of time over your consciousness – see the bits and pieces you collect from your food and keep it in your intestine become fat. That is responsible for weight/overweight. And the bits and pieces you collect mentally from the conscious passing of time and experiences in your life is what is called samskara. That is what is responsible for aging.

The unnecessary bits you collect from your food and keep in you intestine is fat and responsible for weight. The unnecessary thoughts you collect from your life and past and keep in your mind and cherish are called samskaras and are responsible for aging.

EN-kriya is the direct technique for not retaining small small bits from your food, the unnecessary parts from your food like fat and cholesterol. And, not keeping the memories from your life like samskaras. The eN-kriya can dissolve your cholesterol and samskaras both, because it works on prana, which connects body and mind.

If it is only yoga, it works on body, it will reduce the fat. If it is only meditation, it works on mind, it will reduce the engrams. The eN-kriya is a powerful process which is yoga and meditation together. It will boil and burn the fat and engrams. Lets enter into the eN-kriya which will lead you to weight loss and anti-aging – growing younger.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras-177Sutra, 4Chapter, 15Verse
Vastusamye chitta bhedat tayorvibhaktah panthah


Participatory Universe - Universe is not independent of your participation. Please understand, universe happens as you experience because you participate in a particular way. When your participation changes, when the mood of your participation changes, when the attitude of your participation changes, the universe changes. There are two sacred secrets in this sutra.

When your participation changes, the universe changes.

As different minds experience the universe in different ways, it does not have a definite existence. Not having a definite existence, but creating the impact of existence on you, is the reason why the universe is named as Maya, is termed as Maya.

It is the hands with which you touch. It is the eyes with which you see. It is the nose with which you smell. It is the tongue with which you taste, that plays a major role in the universe happening around you. The only job Master does is changing your participation, Gestalt. Changing your approach.

Changing your Gestalt, is what I call initiation. Changing the way you participate is what I call initiation. Changing the way you perceive is what I call initiation. Initiation means, giving you the larger picture of the whole and changing the way you perceive the existence. Sometimes initiation happens by the right words. Sometimes, the initiation happens by the energy transmission. Sometimes initiation happens by inserting certain particular lifestyle in you. Sometimes initiation happen just by look, nothing much, just being seen.

Happening are just happenings. The way you look, the way you perceive, your Gestalt, that is responsible for the universe you experience. Your participation is responsible for the universe you experience.

Life, time shaft, Kalabhairava, is a Master. He constantly teaches you. He goes on aligning you with him. I'm very clear. Please understand, I'm very very clear, the moment my fracture happened, I'm very clear Kalabhairava, life, is aligning this hand, maybe for some auspicious extraordinary powers, and experiences, to have it and express it. I just know, maybe, the hand is going to start materializing, objects. Maybe the hand is going to give a powerful initiation to people. Maybe the hand needs to be aligned in certain way.

Our foolish mind can question: Cant universe/cosmos do all that without this fracture... this kind of wild methods? Can't it do in a mild way, by itself? The only difference between you and me is I don't ask that question, that's all. That is why he is doing it on me. That is why he's free to do on me. Because you will ask all these questions he's not doing it on you, that is all, nothing else.

When your participation changes, the whole happening becomes different for you. The same fracture which could have cost tremendous physical suffering, tremendous mental suffering, tremendous depression and distrust over the God, or Guru, or Life or Cosmos... many people I have seen... a small ant bite or mosquito bite or small blade cut, knife cut is enough. A small blade cut is enough they will start blaming all 33 crore Gods of India and Vedic tradition. “Why did Ganesha not come and protect me? Why did Subramanya not come and protect me? What happened to Kalabhairava with whom I was praying every day? What happened to my Nithyananda Swami every day I'm doing Guru Puja to? What happened to Anandeshwara whom I'm worshiping every day? The amount of distrust they will have on Life...

I'm telling you, the right participation means remembering the whole universe is constantly fulfilling itself through you. Universe is waiting to fulfill itself through you. He's rejoicing when you are fulfilled. He's celebrating your fulfillment. He's not your enemy.

When you even have a slight effort or idea you are his enemy he just keeps quiet. I'm happy. I'm giving so much of freedom to SANI (Saturn) or Cosmos to do what they want to do on my body and mind without questioning them, without suffering. Even if you are showing a suffering face they might think: no, no, no, it's ok, what to do, alright, leave it leave it, it's ok.

Life handles you with tremendous sensitivity. Life handles you with tremendous compassion. Life goes on handling you with an extraordinary inspiration to see you fulfilled. I am not giving you hope actually I am not interested in giving you any positive thinking or hope or anything. I am a man who is very blunt, those who work with me know.

I am not a person who will encourage you with: no, no, no, no, you are good, you should become great, no! I tell them you are worst – dump yourself in that dustbin. Disappear somewhere, it'll be good for you and the universe. I am not the guy who will give you hope. I am the guy who states the truth. I'm telling you, not for any encouragement. I'm telling you the facts. If you want to get encouraged by it, it's your participation. If not, I don’t' have a problem.

Cosmos constantly celebrates through your existence. It is not your enemy. I tell you, just this one Gestalt – change in your participation – is enough. It will lead you to fulfillment. Just this one change. With this one change, three things will happen.

1. You will not accumulate or create unnecessary suffering.
2. You will not accumulate or create unnecessary confusion.
3. You will not accumulate or create unnecessary engrams which can bring suffering or confusion in the future.

The way you participate in the universe changes the way you live, you experience the universe. Life is like a breeze. If you are sitting with it,it will gently flow through you and bring freshness to you. If you are fighting with it, running against it, even the small dust the breeze carries can get into you eyes and make you blind and make you curse the breeze, sun, moon, air, hill, and what not. 

The sacred secret from this sutra is you have the freedom to participate in the universe as you want. Do not participate in the way you are having suffering, pain and unfulfillment. If you are having any of this you are not participating in the right way.

Usually there are 2-3 obstacles,

The trust on initiation: “oh, who knows whether it is true or not?” But if you see my life, my own experience, whether it is true or not the question disappears.Life is waiting to celebrate itself through you. Life is not against you, he is not your enemy. He's just waiting to gush through you, breeze through you, waiting to surge through you, overflow through you.

The second obstacle can be: “what is the urgency – yes it is true – ah, let us work on it later on. What is the urgency?This postponing is one of the serious dangerous things that becomes a silent destroyer in a seeker. In medical terms they call blood pressure a silent killer. You will not even know you have it and suddenly you are dead by it. Same way, this postponing is a silent destroyer of all your seeking, and all auspicious things which you have.

The inspiration with which you took up this spiritual life, or the understanding with which you try to transform your life, or the understanding with which you work towards enlightenment, the WHOLE thing can be destroyed with just this one thing – postponement. “Later on”. What is the hurry?” [chaltahai] Avoid... these two:

ONE: doubt on initiation. TWO: Postponement.

Decide you can insert these great truths only NOW. If you miss the next 10 minutes, to take cognizance of this initiation, to make this initiation as part of your thinking process – see in your thinking process many places would have been corrupted – those corrupted places in you cause suffering and confusion. Pour this initiation as a medicine on those parts of corruption, and realign your thinking properly.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras-176Sutra, 4Chapter, 14Verse

Parinama ikatvat vastu tattvam


Welcome for Inner Awakening, Hi-tech, eN genius participants.


Swami Vivekananda’s translation: Unity in things follows unity of gunas.

Bhagwan Oshos translation: Essence of any object consists of proportion of 3 gunas.


Patanjali is reducing everything to 3 gunas, satva, rajas and tamas. Weather it is a cloth, pillow, this body or those bodies, floor where you are sitting, roof, fans, working TV, teleprinters, everything is a mixture of these 3 gunas, because when you realize everything is a mixture of these 3 gunas, enlightenment will be very clear. Going beyond gunas will be very clear.


Not only will you know how to play with these 3 gunas, but to go beyond the 3 gunas.The truth is, the gunas are not independent, water tight compartments. Like a rainbow, red and purple colors, how one color changes into another, it happens very softly, very subtly, only with the ends you can compare and see the difference. same way, gunas also: satva, rajas and tamas.  Only when you see the ends, there is a stark difference. Otherwise, there is a subtle transition.


Understanding about gunas, how transition happens between gunas, how gunas differ in proportion in every object, these are the things you need to contemplate. Don’t think you will find answers, you will have certain revelations.


Other than the proportion of gunas, nothing else exists in different objects. This will make you understand even time and space is matter.  Ultimately, this is the understanding you are supposed to have.


One of the brahmacharinis raised the subject of old relationships yesterday evening, I will share with you as it will help you understand this sutra.


The question is why spiritual aspirant is expected to cut off old relationships. One of the main reasons is to realise KEVALATVA, that you are UNIQUE. In a bullock cart, there are two bullocks to pull the cart, but enlightenment is the path only one bullock can go.


Feeling Kevalavatva, aloneness. You exist in a unique combination, no one else exists in your spectrum, your frequency. Any hope you carry that someone exists in your frequency will lead to emptiness and hopelessness.  


When this reality hits you, the aloneness, you become Paramahamsa.  Upanishads say, the moment you feel, you came alone, you are alone and you will leave alone. You become a Paramhamsa.


In some religions, declaring divorce is easy, in Hindu tradition, declaring sanyas is easy.  Kevala, whenever you relate with the past continuum, the time pulls you into that space. Once your inner space experiences past, then for next 9 months possibility of enlightenment is postponed.  Again, it takes 9 months.


The first thing that a child should be taught in schools is that he is an orphan, alone. He is responsible for his hand, legs, head, connected to his body. The brahmacharini said this is a cold approach. Life is not hot, it is cold. Neither the father, nor the mother is going to be in his frequency, he is going to be independent of parents’ intelligence. God creates, never recreates.


Unfortunately, this time space continuum keeps you as an extension of their intelligence, including gunas. If you are not independently intelligent, sanyas has not happened in you. I have tremendous respect and gratitude for my gurus, but will tell you honestly, many of these gurus have uniquely flowered in me. Because they ploughed the land, I am grateful to them.


Master can only plough the land, he cannot even put the seed. If he puts the seed, the intelligence grown will be an extension of his intelligence.  


The ability to be a  universal traveler happens when you understand you are kevala. Alone. You are beyond space time continuum. Cherishing constantly relationships of the past pulls you back towards the old space.  


Many eN genius parents are thinking: “oh God! They are going to teach my child, he is an orphan.”  they will become more intelligent by that. And I will teach you that you are an orphan. I will teach them, “don’t depend on your parents, “ and I will teach you not to be dependent on kids!” You may have the most devoted friends, relatives, families around you. I am surely the most loved man, thousands are ready to serve me. But nobody can take pain. Nobody can give me their right hand. Fortunately, I did not have any pain, so it was not a big problem.


Kids should be taught, even in mental frequency, you are unique. Grow with this clarity, you will avoid many sufferings in life, the courage, the confidence that comes to you when you realize  you are kevala, is unimaginable.


Infatuation leads to infection, psychological infection is what I call again and again being caught in space and suffering in time or getting caught in time and suffering in space.


You are made of 3 gunas and constantly, you tend to get caught with past or future. This time space continuum tortures you. Realise you are kevala and be free from torture of the time space continuum.

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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-175Sutra, 4Chapter, 13Verse

Te vyakta sukshmah guna atmanah


LA Ma krishnananda has received kum kum in her hands.

Today we will have rudraksha in a few places. I have expanded the spectrum. At least a few more places will start having rudraksha.


Time and reality


The sutra is very simple. The essence is whether manifest or subtle, the past, present and future are of the nature of gunas.


They are developing a theory called time space twist. I can say time and space are the zeros and ones of consciousness, binary of consciousness.


In consciousness, commander, command, commanded all three happen spontaneously. For eg. In all of you, if you need to move your left hand, first the command appears in the brain, then the command is given to the left hand, then the hand moves.


All 3 exist independently but in pure consciousness, all three happen simultaneously. Unfortunately, because you never experienced the space where things happen simultaneously, you cant imagine that a simultaneous, spontaneous existence is possible.


Yesterday a research doctor was sitting and talking to me about Entanglement. Certain atoms are vibrating in a certain frequency. In some other part of the world, another one atom, if both are made to vibrate in the same frequency, something called Entanglement happens. Information passed to this one is passed to that also. So for information teleportation entanglement is used. In entanglement, the distance between these 2 atoms is lost. It becomes one space. I can say this happens in ether. There is one step further called energy of the ether, in that space, it becomes one time.


Please understand, I am explaining some of the most subtle truths about time and space so that many of the entanglements you are having in your inner space, many of the bondages in your inner space can be broken and you can be liberated. Unless you have the understanding of time, you cant be liberated from your day to day problems and the ultimate problem, the pain of ignorance.


So catch line by line. I’m explaining many theories and I will finally give the conclusion.


First entanglement happening in ether space, like earth is solid, mass, then air, then pure air, prana, ether, then pure ether. Energized ether and ether energy and then consciousness. That consciousness is all pervading from the mass to the energized ether.


Entanglement happens in the level of ether. In entanglement space becomes one but time is there. In ether, two atoms vibrating in the same frequency, teleportation of information happens and I’m teleporting, the very frequency in which my ananda gandha is vibrating, is happening in you.


I am working on entanglement.  In the next level, time level, the teleportation happens, object disappearing and appearing-the movement of Lakshmi, in entanglement movement of saraswathi happens. In consciousness, the movement of durgha happens, direct enlightenment, that’s all.


Understand these 3 entanglements, where knowledge is teleported, in time where the materials are moved and the next level where consciousness catches the consciousness.


Whether it is manifest of subtle, time is nothing but gunas. When the time is manifested, it is understood as past present and future, but in its subtle form it’s understood as stability, action and inertia. You can see inside you, you will experience these 3 gunas. A normal person, if you are feeling stable, your whole being will be thinking about the past. If you are in the mood of action your body will be vibrant. If you are in the mood of inertia, you are worried about future.


Strong conviction exists in every being nothing can be done about future. How many times, you feel that you can do great things in the future but again, in half an hour, due to inertia, you think nothing can be done!


When you are experiencing the subtle most gunas, when you are establishing stability, see what kind of thoughts are happening in you. Change it from past to the future, instead of thinking how you are being cheated, how you are being exploited and blaming it constantly. Your thoughts of the past are nothing but condemning some situation, person or yourself. Instead of blaming the situation, person or self, when you are in a mood of stability, move yourself to the future. See what can be done next. From any tsunami, any man made or natural calamity, you can get out, if you know how to move yourself to the future.


When you are dull, don’t plan about the future. The time you feel inertia, use that time to worry about the past. You will fall asleep and wont waste your time! When you are feeling stability, take yourself to the future.


I have seen the worst man made calamity where ugly, dirty minds gathered together using their media power, money power and conspired on an innocent, simple spiritual group. How worst human beings can go, I have seen the extreme. I saw it very young. I never allowed my stable moments to be worried about the past, to blame some person, situation or myself. All my stable moments were used for the future. You can recover from any calamity when you don’t allow the subtlest gunas associating with the wrong time. Your subtlest gunas should be associated with the right time.


Understand, time is nothing but the manifestation of your gunas. So when the guna is moving from inertia, action and stability, see to it that you are not getting caught with the wrong timing. If your stability gets caught with the past, you are acquiring more and more karma.


If you are inert about the future you wont change it. You will continue to suffer and create more and more karma. Your past mental set up will only be active. If you are stable in the past, your engrams will become more and more alive.


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No Discourse on 29JUNE2011



Discourse Day 2

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-175Sutra, 4Chapter, 13Verse

Te vyakta sukshmah guna atmanah


Few things. There are two theories about time with western philosophers. One group says there is no such thing as time existing separately other than the incidents occurring. Because of incidents, time is assumed. They call it reductionism. If there is no change, there is no time. Time doesn’t exist independently.


The other group says time is like a vessel where incidents happenings and changes are put and filled, but time exists independently.


One group says time doesnt have independent existence other than the instances, other says time is like a pot but it is an independent pot, but it exists. Present day Indians will ask why bother with all this, will it bring money for us.

Both are partial truths.


I want you to know the sacred secret. The real truth is, time has independent existence other than the incidents, situations and changes, but other than that both dont have existence. As long as changes and incidences have existence, then time has existence. As long as the changes and incidences dont exist, time does not exist.


If you are an extrovert, incidences exist more than time, if you are an introvert, time exists more than incidences, if you are centered, both dont exist.


West always considers time as a straight line without beginning or end. Time is not one branch or one line, it is multidimensional independent of each other. It is not a line, its a circle. In Vedic Tradition, there is a beautiful diagram, visual representation, a  snake swallowing its own tail. Its continuously swallowing its own tail and extending its own body. Swallowing the tail and the body is growing. The chakra which is swallowing itself, which is rejuvenating itself, refreshing itself. Not one snake, nine snakes swallowing its tails, is the topology of time in the Vedic Tradition.


One of the important components which is responsible for your dissatisfaction in life is time. Not having the right understanding about time will make your life feel tired and bored with everything. The so called time is the outer world, Psychological Time is the gear, Cosmic Time is the enlightenment.


A person who turns the Psychological time towards cosmic time is the master. Do not allow the world time to influence your psychological time.


Time does not exist outside the gunas, gunas , the satwa rajas tamas, three moods of consciousness. Time  doesnt exist other than the 3 different moods of consciousness. If you understand time doesnt exist, the moods of consciousness will not affect you.


Integrity means moving all your parts- body mind consciousness with clarity. Mystry school is a place where integrity is taught to you as a basic lesson. My whole routine is about integrity. All other things I can give you as a gift-teleportation etc. I can touch your brow center and download inside you. Integrity is one thing i can give only the tools, the designing has to be done by you. I cant download in you. Because when the mind doesnt have integrity, it will suspect everything other than your suspecting mind.


When people lock themselves in ignorance, no truth can be delivered to them. Integrity is a lesson only an individual can learn. No body else can teach.


Integrity is a basic thing which will liberate you from time, when you understand time has no base you will experience integrity.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

175Sutra, 4Chapter, 13Verse

Te vyakta sukshmah guna atmanah


I have spoken a lot about Time Shaft, now I am talking about Time Shift.


Its a word used by scientists who are researching on Time. They observe 4 important things as possible. There are 4 parts, ingredients of reality. Modern science describes these 4 as ingredients to time. These are described more clearly by Patanjali several thousands of years back.


Last sutra, Patanjali said, Past present and future are in the present and you are not experiencing them in the present because you are in a different plane.


Now Patanjali goes a step further.  Please understand, based on the experience you have in your innerspace, the experience you are living in the outer world will be felt as past, present or future. It is such a subtle truth.

One basic understanding you need to have is, time is like a layer. You can fast forward, rewind, stop, rewind and correct, fast forward and clear adjust etc. You can clean your tracks, you can play with time.


I’ll try to give examples of theory of time. The eternal has 3 anchors - STABILITY, ACTION and INERTIA.  If your attention is too much to stability, you will quickly get into the past. All your actions and thoughts will be rooted into the past.


Many people want stability-same bed, same bathroom, same office, when you get back, the same everything. For these people, the whole life will be Past oriented. They will be experiencing only past in all their moments.


If you are action oriented, even if you are thinking about the future, it will reality in the present.


If you are inertia based, whether your memory or present action, all will be hanging in the future. There will be a craving for something, as if half your body is missing.


Memory which is past, should not get caught with stability. Then you wont be upgrading your intelligence. You cant think new. You cant think out of the box or do sadhana. Our morning sadhana is nothing but breaking the mind from the memory stability. Your stability should be on intelligence and inertia should be on memory.


Inertia, action and stability are the spanners by which intelligence, body and memory can be tightened or loosened. Memory should join with inertia. Unfortunately memory joins with stability. So you become a frozen personality.  You live in a small circle. In India, 22% of the people dont cross their districts from birth to death. Only 17% of Americans have a passport. They dont travel outside. Living in a small circle and dying. When intelligence associates with stability, engrams loose powers. When memory gets aligned to stability, you run the track laid by your engrams.


Stability and memory, when they get locked, you try to constantly reproduce your memory in the future. So your future will be nothing but a repetition of the past. You will not even want to grasp the truth when Im talking. If you cant grasp the truth when I am talking, how will you grasp it later. You go on postponing, not mending yourself now.


Intelligence always to the future, memory always to the past. When Memory gets to stability and inertia gets into intelligence, memory gets dull, there will be a big mess in the past and the future.


If the intelligence gets into stability, it will lead you to live life as Nithya, eternal.


If the memory gets into Inertia, all the samskaras, the engrams wont function in you.

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(Sunday Discourse)


I want to share some of the revelations I had about pain and then I’ll give you some of my understandings of the cleansing process. In India, we have two great systems of medicine, Ayurveda, from the Ganges civilization and Siddha from the Cauvery civilization.


There is no such thing as unbearable pain. Your personality is like a two colored cloth, Consciousness and Body. I’ll give maroon color for Consciousness and white for the body. Maroon and White are stitched. Thats your body. Pain is nothing but one stitch thread breaking.


The maximum pain you can go through in your body is a stitch breaking. When consciousness and body get stitched, that is the maximum pain. When you connect 2 objects that cant be connected, there will be pain. When in one place if the stitch is broken, how can it cause more pain than all the stitching.


Any pain which can cause pain in the body is one stitch breaking. That can not cause more pain than a million stitches. So there is no such thing as unbearable pain.


In my body, the docs were surprised how quickly the healing was happening. They said that all the stitches can be removed within a week. When they were removing the bandage, I was looking deeply to know what exactly is going on. The one stitch that got broken during the fracture is getting rebuilt. Thats all, but we dont have patience to look in. You forgot that you are nothing but a million stitches. between consciousness and matter. Thats why when one stitch breaks, it matters to you so much.


I want to make fun of people who are in suffering and create suffering. There are millions of stitches all over the body. Then can there be more pain than in assuming and living in the body? Living in the body is the most excruciating pain!


It is not that I am insensitive to what is happening. I am not naming it wrongly.The whole night I am not sleeping, not due to any pain but I am sitting in Samadhi and seeing whats happening. Intense energy is flowing to heal this hand. Naturally that will heal any no. of people. Any other man will name it intense excruciating pain. Come on, its our body, lets be friendly. Friendliness with the body will teach you thousands of things.


I could see very clearly where the fracture is getting healed, the healing is happening. I thought Oh God, thats all, nothing else.


Your body has an intelligence of an automatic anaesthetic quality. It automatically makes all of these parts unaware. It has its inbuilt system of anaesthesia. It is very clear life is compassionate to you and your personal experience.


Meditate on how your whole body is stitched with consciousness.  Thousands of pains and unnecessary suffering you go through can be drastically reduced and cleared. Meditating on all the parts where your body is stitched with consciousness and awakening all the points is Kundalini Awakening.


Meditate on how many parts of your body are stitched with consciousness, internally and externally, layer by layer, contemplate and meditate on that.


eN Kriya is a powerful technique to awaken the Kundalini Energy and make you understand the millions of places where your consciousness is stitched with the body.



(Discourse Day 4)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam


Synopsis of Discourse


Today we will see the sacred secrets on Psychological Time.


Psychological Time is the connecting gear for the two times Chronological Tme and Cosmic Time. If you dont understand Psychological time, you can get caught in Chronological Time and suffer with it. If you can understand Psychological Time, it can lead you to experience the Cosmic Time-Eternal, where the Past, Present and Future exist eternally, simultaneously.


It is the expansion of the awareness spectrum that decides whether you experience Past, Present of Future.

Whether it is the dimension of the mind or body, creation is nothing but the ability to hit regular time and cosmic time without getting hit by both, in your psychological time.


If your Psychological time is strong, clear about pain, pleasure etc, you can hit. I am just sitting and going on digging time. Whole day I am having face to face with Kala Bairava.


If your experiences are shallow, you wont know from where your pain etc come from, no sensitivity. In this insensitive attitude, life will look too long, bored. In this attitude, you feel only wild lust, not sensually pleasing romance based lust, only wild self destroying lust or wild adrenalin releasing in the body, like bungee jumping-they tie themselves and jump 500 ft, or raping someone.


When you live insensitively, superficially, this kind of wild sex or wild fear can happen. If a pot can hold 2 liters milk, it can hold what you pour. If you pour 200,000 liters of milk, it will be destroyed. Same way your muladhara is designed for a nice relaxed feeling connection not to be destroyed.


Human beings do this because they live superficially, being insensitive. When you are insensitive to your surroundings, then your life will be boring, long and you will be after wild things.


If you are sensitive, get into the depth of things.


When you are intense, sincere, looking constantly into the depth of every experience, if you have pain, go to the depth, if you have vengeance, ask why, what am I going to do, what is the source, what is the exact reason, what can I do. Look into the depth of your experience. Then the Psychological time will become intense, you wont feel your years are long. You will feel your years are rolling and rolling.


Paddling into old age and dragging the body is the biggest sin or punishment. Life till the end should be alive and intensely practiced. The number of creative decisions you make, makes your life  crisp and solid, makes time very short and your life very juicy.


If you make 100 creative decisions and see 80 become reality, you dont have death. You will just relax and do the things in another plane. Life should be lived like that till the end, go on making decisions, right decisions and right working. Becoming intense in all your experiences is the way to live in perfect Psychological Time. Perfect Psychological Time happens in you when you are intense in every experience.


If you are in love, be intense, if it doesnt work, drop it, hanging hanging and going after it wont work. Hanging is because of hang over. Make decisions and see your decisions become reality. Make your life into a perfect Psychological Time. This is the best way to age gracefully-lessons for retirement.


I want to make a hospital where people are taught painless delivery and painless death, painless entry and painless death.


Do this samyama, what ever you are feeling, do it intensely, let us see what happens, with that intensity.


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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam


Today we will see some sacred secrets related to Cosmic time. Bhagvan Osho gives the best translation - Past and future exist in the present but they are not experienced in the present because they are in different planes.


The original sin, original delusion, original problem you have is reducing your spectrum of understanding to one plane because of the excess interest in it. Past, Present and Future all three exist in the Present. When all three exist in the present, it should be called Nithya, Eternal.


When you have too much excess interest, unbalanced interest (Im using unbalanced and not inbalanced) in any one, past, present or future, then it is the original sin.


You need to understand when the past imposes itself on the Future, it shares its deadliness with the Future. When the Future imposes itself on the Past, it shares its insecurity on the past.  Insecurity of the past is what I call Guilt. Still one part of you thinks that one part of you can be altered. That part of you cant come to the understanding that the past cant be altered.


Insecurity about the past, deadliness in the future. Most of you dont have a living future because your past has already reproduced itself on the future. Many times, even when you know you are going to destroy yourself, you get into the action and suffer. Because already too much of the past has imposed itself, your future is like a dead record playing. You dont even have the intelligence to write your own future. That is disrespect to life.


Pastdome not dumped on futuredome or futuredome not dumped on pastdome, is Freedom. When you have freedom, Kala Bhairava is life for you. When you are caught by pastdome or futuredome, not only are you dumb, you are also dumped by the very life.


Extra ordinary life starts happening in you. When you understand about time, you will experience nectar in the intestines. If you experience devotion, you will experience nectar below the throat. If you understand the cosmos, you will experience the nectar between the agna and the throat.


Past, present and future, all exist in you at this moment. You are Nithya. Dont get excited to catch the future, thinking about the past. Just relax and see, you will experience all 3 past, present and future. I simply know I am going to be available for my disciples in aksharadam. I know there is no past, present or future, it is eternal.


Now just sit with this one thought. Just be, dont create thoughts of past, present or future, you will see your Kundalini energy is intensely awakened and you will go beyond Kala.


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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam


Let us look little deeply about the three different aspects of time.


The chronological time used by all the countries, all over the world and humans as standards shown by clocks. Understand clocks are not run by time; they are run by springs and electricity. It is clocks which are running the time. Catch the truth. Time is not running the clock.


Liberation from the time is the ultimate and greatest liberation. One thing I want to tell you – learn to be peaceful, to be silent.


Subramanya gave this to Arunagiri, saint from my town. Just be without word. Your old age is going to be hell if you don’t learn to keep quite. If you don’t know how to step out of time, time itself will kill you.


Time is not running the clock. Springs and gears are running it. I wanted to use a word – Immaterial active phenomena for time. You can’t perceive through five senses and you can’t extend any imagination about time into physical reality or physical reality into time. So time is neither physical reality experienced by senses nor the extension of physical reality.

The time is such an important truth, you need to understand. The chronological time you should understand, does not exist. 


PSYCHOLOGICAL TIME - the Psychological time is nothing but your belief about your immaterial active phenomena. Only when your psychological belief on time happens, its a psychologically active phenomenon. When you understand the Cosmic time, it becomes the immaterial phenomena.


The clock inside you moves when inside you, you ask-What next, what next; when you jump from one experience to another. You see one girl and ask-what next! you eat one food and ask what next!  In the what next, what next, the psychological clock moves.  The ability to rest in an unclutched space, stops the psychological clock


COSMIC TIME:The third level is cosmic time. Understand it. It is very import. Bhavan Osho gives the best translation - Past and future exist in the present but they are not experienced in the present because they are in different planes.


Right here, 7 planes exist. Future imposed past, past imposed on Future, Future imposed on Present,  Present imposed on Past, Present imposed on Present, Past imposed on Past, Future imposed on Future.


If you have heavy personality-personality collecting memories from the past, collecting enmity, like undigested particles in your intestines, it gets stuck in your inner state. Inner state enmity should be removed by the proper understanding.

The essence of today’s Satsang – Time does not exist as you understand. All ideas you carry about time and all possible extension made out of your ideas is a lie. If some body ask what is time – say ‘it is lie!’

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras-174Sutra, 4Chapter, 12Verse

Atita anagatam svarupato 'sti adhvabhedad dharmanam


The other day I decided that I am going to write extensively on the Math of the Universe, the Chemistry of the Universe, the Biology of the Universe, the Neurology of the Universe, the History of the Universe, the History of the Universe, the Science of the Universe, the Constitution of the Universe, the Civil Engineering of the Universe etc.


I am going to exactly straight away blabber out the chemistry, physics, physiology, psychology etc of the Universe. I just know the law, how it functions, moves, psychology, physiology of the Universe. I just know and I will present it and let it be on record.


The real purpose of my incarnation is to reveal the mechanism, the greatest secrets by which the universe is authored. I decided that this is going to be a sincere voluminous, series about 1000 pages each. I’ll talk on the exact laws, exact chemistry etc.


An incarnation’s real job is to reveal this great job not just wasting time saying ‘dont fight with each other’ giving life solutions etc. They started using meditation just to cure stomach ache and knee pain.


An Enlightened being is a person who reveals the sacred secrets. Physical health and mental wellness are just byproducts. There are so many amazing cosmic truths you can learn. An Incarnation is a person who reveals the great original science. If the original science is understood, the applied science can be created, millions of machinery can be made. So I’ll give you some of the revelations on the original science of time.


Some of the important revelations I want to make about time are - your past is yet to happen, your future has already happened, you are rejoicing the past by destroying the future. There is no past and future. Time is not a math, its a myth!  I’ll expand on all these words one by one.


There are 3 Times


1) Time based on the watch, clock etc. The sun, moon, planetary movements, internationally accepted calender, the monitoring of day to day happenings, AD and BC, ordinary human uses.


2) Psychological Time - how your mind feels time. Just like outside you have a needle ticking for every second. This decides the movement of the other two needles of the clock. If the seconds needle clicks 60 times, the minute needle moves by one. If that moves 60 times, the hour needle moves. The Psychological Time is independent of the cronological clock. It is always ‘what next’ click ‘what next.’  The restlessness of what next makes you age internally.


If you are able to rest without moving the second needle of your psychological clock, ageing stops. If you understand this, you can be relieved of 100s of problems and pains.


3) Cosmic time - Time of the Universe is different. In the time of the Universe, there is no past present and future. It is a huge canvas. You are just seeing from one end. All three exist at a time. What you see is the present, what you have seen is the past and what you get to see is the future.


Future is nothing but the restlessness sometimes called as excitement, sometimes as exciting, sometimes as insecurity, sometimes as expectation etc. Its called by various names because you attribute all the gunas, to rajas, excitement, curiosity, insecurity etc, when you attribute  all this to time, it is called as future.


Past or future exists based on your quality or restlessness or dumbness, inertness. Based on the quality you attribute, you live in the past or future.  If you are in restful awareness, you live in the present.


Time, in all 3 dimensions if its understood, your life will be extra ordinary.


There is no time. Even when you are not Enlightened, you are not bound by any of the 3 Times. Just sit with this great truth. You are beyond time, no time binds you.


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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-173Sutra, 4Chapter, 11Verse

Hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah


At San Jose, Kum Kum has appeared on the Meeru. At Atlanta, honey, kumkum, sandalwood powder has appeared in both paadukas.


I want to define you clearly the math of the Macrocosm and the math of the Microcosm.  The Spectrum of understanding, means grasping the mind, Planning; the Spectrum of action - working; when the spectrum of planning does not look back to the spectrum of action, the excess heat produced by the spectrum of planning becomes akamya karma, unused.


I told a Bramachari, unclutch before you start talking, before you start eating and before you go to bed. He decided to unclutch the whole day. He didnt practice it for more than 3 days. The spectrum of planning did not take the spectrum of action into consideration. The spectrum of action should be raised to the spectrum of planning. Otherwise its just accumulation of desire, Akamya Karma.


Take the Spectrum of action into consideration. When your spectrum of visualization is functioning, the math of the microcosm is taking the spectrum of action into consideration when the spectrum of visualization is functioning.


After a certain level, when you bring the Spectrum of Visualization and the Spectrum of Action to the same level, what ever you think does not need to be done only by your body. 1000s of people will gather around you to fulfill it. That is the Avataric mission. So many personalities who love to be in my frequency gather and stay around me.


Now I need to express in the math of the macrocosm. Microcosm is the level in which the disciple needs to function, how the karma of you need to be expanded.


The math of the macrocosm. In my level, I should not consider the ability to work, the ability to create should be exploding. In the macrocosm, the spectrum of action simply rushes to the spectrum of Visualization. That is what is Sathya Sankalpha. Sanchitha Karma. This is also Karma. But just like a casual breeze, it happens, doesnt bind in any way. Leelas are recorded as Puranas. Puranas are not a myth. It is the math of the Macrocosm.


The sanchitha which does not bind a person is called Leela. Krishna was doing so many miracles. This does not become the sanchitha of Krishna. He has no will, no sankalpa, only playful Leela. Without sanchitha, when the action spectrum rushes to fulfill its Leela (play).


Just sit with this one idea, how to raise my level of action to the level of planning.

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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-173Sutra, 4Chapter, 11Verse

Hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah


Both the diamonds materializing in Oman have been confirmed to be as originals. Today we will have Pearls and rudraksh!


First you need to look at religion with a straight understanding and intelligence. Unfortunately all the western organized religion was in the hands of autocrats. As a result of this, the distance between religion and mainstream life started. In the East, when we started imitating the west, we started looking at life and religion separately.


There is a oneliner that says Maths is a religion, not a science. All equations are like miracles. Its true, you take 2 numbers, put an equation and the 3rd number appears. How can you believe? In real life, it has an utility value. When you understand 2+2=4, many things become easy with that belief and you can understand many more laws, logic. Your life becomes much more easy based on this. Thats the same thing we tell in religion but you dont believe. Based on the utility value, you can believe.


Religious understandings are there to make life more live-able.  The constitution of the cosmos comes from compassion. It is for life, not against life. So the law of life needs to be looked at, the way you look at Maths. Based on the utility value, you need to believe it. Mathematicians have made many theories and presentations. Same way inner scientists make many theories and presentations and make yoga sutras.


An incarnation is a person who comes to the the planet and shows in his very life. If some one else’s hand is fractured and you say its good karma, its very easy to say. Incarnations land to reveal all the great truths and the glamourous way they do it, it creates intense jealousy in certain others and they try to torture but fail. They only torture themselves.


The essence of today’s sutra is


Karma Theory is the math of the cosmos.

The highest updated sophisticated evolved living math is the master’s life. All great education cant happen through text books. You need to get the current science journal. Incarnations are the current spiritual journal. Master’s journal is the math of life, to create more understanding to people. He is the math of the macrocosm and he is the cosmetic of the cosmos.  The math of the macrocosm, when it is expressed, catch it. It raises your awareness. It raises your consciousness.


Sitting and unclutching in the presence of the master will just upgrade your software. Its like catching up, a new version. Sit and unclutch, you will catch the math of the macrocosm. When you catch the math of the macrocosm, you become the cosmetic of the cosmos.


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(Sunday Message)


The science of Teleportation - All objects are energy particles. It can be dismantled and assembled again by the same energy as the whole base remains as energy.


So what is the benefit to humanity. When some one receives teleported material in the hand or sits in the place where it happens, the whole place vibrates with the energy.


If A is the teleporter, B is the object being teleported, C is the person receiving the object, then B & C vibrate in the same place as A. Only then B disappears & appears in C. The whole body vibrates in the higher frequency, thats the big thing. The object being teleported is not important.


The object being teleported itself does not matter but the vibration of the Teleportation is something extra ordinary. Dismantling and assembling can happen only in Hiranya Garbha, the cosmic womb. So when I do teleportation, this whole area becomes the Hiranya Garbha, the intense presence of the Universal Mother, the Divine Feminine Consciousness, your mind and body also goes through an amazing transformation by sitting in the mother’s womb.


You dont have to put much effort, just start living. If somebody’s presence is melting diamonds, cant he melt the mud in your brain. What ever he utters is in your interest, only your mind is the impediment. What ever I am saying, your independent, intelligent, self-effulgent self will experience that.


All the positive things of the experience will start expressing in your life. All you need to do is to make a decision to vote for what I am saying. You will realize suddenly that this is your very muscle memory, you are fighting foolishly with it.


If you just sit in the presence of the master’s face, your brain will pick up several extra ordinary capabilities. To make them available to you, I have designed this Hi-Tech course. They will spend one month here and every morning, they will sit with me, their non-mechanical parts will be awakened, for worldly and social success.


The Teleportation or Materialization is directly useful because of the highest frequency in which the happenings are happening, in which you are there. The energy field where all this happens,if you are sitting there, even if the material is not teleported to you, the information teleportation happens. You may not receive the kum kum etc but you you will receive the information i am sending.


Your body is like a computer, just the software, see how I programmed my own body, without pain. I heat up your body and utter the words and the program happens when the heat is felt. At Oman, already Rudraksh has materialized. You may not have received it, but the information.  Sometimes, when I talk to people, I see that they dont even want to live. Its like selling the eyes to buy a painting or selling your legs to learn dancing. Its foolishness.


Live life. There are 101 great truths which I dont express verbally which get into your system. The Teleportation of Information happens, that is the benefit of Materialization and Teleportation for humanity.




Patanjali Yoga Sutras-173Sutra, 4Chapter, 11Verse

Hetu phala ashraya alambanaih sangrihitatvat esham abhave tad abhavah


Can Enlightenment dissolve all karmas? Yes, it dissolves all karmas. With a complicated fractured hand, sitting on the throne, I am telling you! You may ask, then what are you going through here?


Understand, Fan rotating by electricity is different from a leaf flying in the breeze. When a fan rotates by electricity, it goes through wear and tear. It has action, reaction etc. When the leaf flies, it looks like its moving, but the leaf has no karma.


There are only three kinds of people in the world

1) Those who dont experience the truth caught in Karma always, like some of our ex disciples. When they are caught in some suffering, they will think that they have the karma of abusing the master. At other times, they may think that it may not be the case.

2) Those who dont believe in Karma at all. Atheists.

3) Those who are experientially beyond the suffering of Karma


The first group sometimes believes in Karma but are caught in a cycle.

The second group doesnt believe in Karma but are still caught in the cycle and the suffering brought about by Karma.

The third group is beyond Karma or the suffering caused by Karma.

Enlightenment completely solves all Karma.


Being bound together as cause and effect, the effect disappears with the disappearance of causes.


Just yesterday, I was telling this to the Brahmacharis who were serving me. We were watching the surgery on my hand and the rough way they were moving the bone. I told them Shariram Rogamayam-The body is suffering. When we had the chance to get this body once, before it gets destroyed, get Enlightened. The cause that caused this body, let the cause disappear, the effect will disappear.


We know that the Human body you have has some cause, very clearly, consciously, unclutch from it. The cause should be unclutched. Unless you unclutch from the cause, the effect continues. Sometimes even if you take up a great cause, the ripple effect may be felt by others as a bad cause.


From my own experience, when I was given the anaesthesia, (which has the truth serum chemical in it), all the truth people cant logically think and build as words, come out. So, when my disciples stood and asked, how are you? I started saying I have no pain. I was not consciously aware (of what I was talking). Then, I said, Meenakshi’s body also, same place, same reason, I had the same fracture. Then I said, 3 times I came in the human body.


When you take up Meenakshi’s bio memory and take up the body and the intense energy, even the incidents repeat.  Now Im sure that tremendous Meenakshi’s energy will express through this body.


I myself did not have a cause to create this body. The Jagath Janani, mother of the cosmos, Meenakshi melted and created this body. What ever happens will be auspicious but for the people around, it may look like Karma.


Patanjali talks about the reason, the cause. Till the cause exists, the effect will be there. Till you unclutch from all the causes of your body’s creation, it will be there. I feel this Meenakshi’s bio memory will be such an inevitable major expression of my life from now, auspicious expression of my life from now, this has put up with this small fracture, you put up with the delivery pain for the sake of the baby. The delivery of Meenakshi’s biomemory is happening now.


Really I tell you, promise on Meenakshi itself, I did not know Meenakshi had a fracture for the same reason, till the surgery itself. Only when others told me, I knew. it was not there in my knowledge spectrum. Truth comes out by itself at the proper time.


Very intensely Meenakshi’s spectrum is going to express everywhere. Let Meenakshi’s presence intensely radiate and give kumkum to all the satsang centers. If what I said is true, Meenakshi having a fracture, let Meenakshi’s presence express itself and kumkum appear. I can see the whole picture. So everything looks auspicious to me.


The essence, the sacred secrets in today sutra are

Unless cause is dismantled, effect can not be dismantled.


There are three kinds of people

1) Those who believe in cause & effect in an on, off, way.

2) Those who dont believe in cause & effect

3) Those who are above cause & effect.

These are like 3 spectrums, 3 levels of people. Sometimes, people experience different levels.


Human body is suffering. When you have the human body, dont miss the chance to be unclutched from it. Find out the cause for the Human body and unclutch from it.




The lessons to be learnt from this whole thing. The lessons I lived and the lessons all can pick up.


The questions I am asked are - Why did Swamiji get into the horse? What is the need?!


Life is not supposed to be like you wake up in the same bed every day, walk into the same room and do the same things. So I also though why not pick up horse riding. It was going well, morning and evening. On that day, the horse got excited because of the music and the cheering.


The moment I fell, the first thing I told is I am OK, dont worry. Then, I told them there is a fracture and lets do what ever is necessary. At 7am I fell down and at 2:30pm they did the surgery. Its a compound fracture. I did not have any pain (there were no pain killers or anything taken till the surgery).


The fracture did not cause any problem in my body. It is these medicines, antibiotics and anesthesia that has caused the problem. (Now Swamiji has little cold).


The whole thing is video recorded. Doctors say it must be excruciating pain, with the bone coming out of the skin, the two bones are fractured and there are 2 or 3 pieces.


Why no pain?  I didnt look back. What ever happening is a  time shaft. Time shaft should not be looked back, no post-mortem. Either look at the time with complete acceptance or gratitude. I looked at Kala Bhairava (Time) only with gratitude.


Kala Bairava is Guru. Life is a Guru. Dont look at life with a ‘why.’ A ‘why’ towards life always brings suffering. ‘Why,’ ‘if,’ and ‘wife!!,’ all 3 bring suffering! ‘Why’ doesnt give answers. It gives only more and more suffering. So look at life with either complete acceptance or gratitude.


I requested the doctors to do the surgery without anaesthesia so that I can see what is happening but they were scared. One of the medicines given for the anesthesia during the surgery is like a truth serum. So I was talking that in Meenakshi’s body also I had the same fracture in the same place (on the hand) during the same horse riding! We have to dig up Meenakshi purana and check. Sometimes when incarnations go through these things, they dont record.


Doctors who did the surgery said that even in anesthesia, people moan and groan because they have to pull the hand to set it. After one year, I have to do one more surgery, to remove the plates, bolts and screw. There are 2 plates with 8 screws. But I will teleport the plates, bolts and screws!


When they drilled, the only thing I was telling is Namashivaya. Doctors have said that they have never seen a patient who had no moaning or groaning through the whole thing. Maybe tomorrow we will upload the whole thing.


Lessons from this - Its a great experience for me, so I will give you the Prasad!


Never go through life, Kala Bhairava, Guru (when life is intensely teaching you, its a Guru) with a ‘why,’ always go with total acceptance or gratitude. Learn this one lesson.


Yesterday, they removed one piece of bone from my body, that piece also I will teleport!


Sri Priyan, today I am teleporting a diamond for you. Wear it in a ring. Its a birthday gift!


No ‘WHY’ to life, only acceptance or deep gratitude.

No discourse on 14th, 15th and 16th June 2011



(Discourse Day 4)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat


Today is Venkateshwara's Narasimha avatar, the form of a lion to destroy all the demons.


I saw the video of Nithya Devi receiving rudraksha, very casually, its become a casual thing!


Today we will work on some more teleportation and materialization. For Ma Niranthara, kum kum is appearing from the ears.


172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatva


I’ll try to give the understanding of karma in the different spectrums of your consciousness. In different spectrums karma means different things.


Gemstone has now appeared in Oman in the open palms. Its a diamond. Now the diamonds which were not there in Arunachala's forehead (at the temple in Thiruvannamalai) will be there, 14 diamonds were missing, all 14 will be fixed. Diamond travelling is one of the biggest things.


How in different spectrums different levels of understanding of karma exists and how in different levels it affects you. Let me give my own example.


Coincidentally today is the one year after I was released. 1st anniversary of the illegal imprisonment.  Today morning, when I went to the temple I looked back, there is no suffering or wound or hurt in me. Because I exist in a different spectrum, there is no suffering but the fellows who created the conspiracy, who had so much of anger violence, strong 2G suffering is going on!


They are carrying the anger, violence, conspiring mentality,they will be suffering for it because the action based on violence can happen only in low spectrum and is natural in that spectrum, the tremendous suffering kick back comes back with kick back money.


When your spectrum goes higher, when your conscious spectrum goes higher and higher, your actions and reactions become more and more sensitive, evolved spiritual consciousness. It does not kick you back, it does not bring you suffering.


When your spectrum is low, your actions also will be based on violence, your reactions will be suffering. When your spectrum is high, your actions will be based on highly evolved consciousness, your reactions will not be suffering. Because I did not have the violence, i did not have the suffering also.


I tell you if you are in the lower spectrum, even you cant fight with your own violence, so the only way to live is to raise your spectrum. From the low spectrum, if you are having violence, suffering, dont take any action, dont move your body with it. Whenever you move, your body with any mood, that mood becomes biomemory. If any memory moves your body, it becomes your biomemory. You strengthen it.


In 1G spectrum, all movements are made of simple ignorance, you dont even know why you move, that’s the 1st level consciousness, coolies rowdies who go and kill people for money. Why they are doing, even they dont have an idea. They will be in prison, they wont even enjoy the money.


2G spectrum-working out of anger, just no reason, even if I loose something I dont care, he should not have it. Just violence based mental setup. Even if there is no gain, I’ll see to it that he is destroyed, that is the 2G mentality.


3G works based on fear, just to protect me, I should do all this.

4G is based on greed, for my expansion i will do all this.

5G what is based on intuition, based on what is good for me and all around me

6G working for the Prarabhta, for which the body was taken, I brought them down to exhaust them

7g Actions without engrams, actions of an enlightened being which neither binds him or touches him, from the pure space.


Now look into yourself, every day how your actions are. Mark every action, from which spectrum many of your actions, reactions happen.


Unless you take accounts, you dont know whether you are running in loss or profit. Unless you take spiritual accounts, you wont know whether you are growing or not.

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(Discourse Day 3)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat


Malaysia honey is continously flowing from my moorthy, Venkateshwara is in mohini form, he took this form to give the nectar to the Devas by distracting the Asuras.

At Oman, kumkum and honey are appearing in nithyadevi's hands. Already Krishnananda has started getting viboothi


Just like a country functions with certain laws, cosmos functions with certain laws, not knowing the law of the country cant be an excuse for not following the laws. You are expected to know the laws and abide by it. Same way, not knowing the law of the cosmos can’t be an excuse. Every human being in the planet earth is expected to know the cosmic laws and align your life with it.


If you know the law of the land and align your life to it, the country's infrastructure will support you. If you are not aligned, then unexpected calamities can arise.


You are  the ambition of the cosmos, your fulfilment is a joint venture between the universe and you.


The whole cosmos is waiting to fulfill itself through you. Your ambition is the ambition of the cosmos. The biggest problem is when you dont know the laws of the cosmos, the universe tries to align itself with you, its a signal sent by the universe to align yourself with it.


The law of the cosmos is what we call law of karma. The word karma should be understood from its multi dimensions, as a noun, verb, mystical system as a functioning method. In every dimension if karma is understood, life becomes much more alive, positive, experiential and centered.


Karma is not just the simple theory which you learn from the household-if you do good, good will happen etc. That is only an introduction. Unfortunately, we stopped with the introduction, we dont explore the deeper enlightening aspects of karma.


I want to describe exactly the idea of karma. Karma is the law with which cosmos functions.Cosmos is not a sadist, it does not expect you just to learn, it has already programmed you according to the law of the universe, all you need to know is understand and realign.


One of the important secrets of the Law of Karma is, being stable with the capacity, the ability and inability of your personality. When you know what you can do and cant do, the very spectrum of your consciousness raises to a different frequency. It is very difficult to show others something more than what you are.


If you have 10 capacities and you start to promote 25 capacities, after a while, you yourself wont know which are the 10 you have and the 15 you added. Personality confusion, by and by you forget what your original capabilities and what you added.


Be clear with what you can do and cant do, you will raise yourself. Align all your words, actions, planing with that, thats the basic understanding of Karma.


The 2nd sacred secret you need to know of karma is - the actions you perform does not come back to your life as a quantity but by a quality of the actions you picked up. eg. somebody is continuously stealing, as per cosmic law, the punishment will be based on the habit of stealing that gets built in your system. When the habit gets built, the unconscious mental setup you acquire, brings you deeper and deeper problems.


A man who catches the law of the universe, who attunes himself with the Law of the Universe, who connects himself with the Law of the Universe, the universe opens all its mysteries to you.


I just understood the law of the universe and the universe opens up all its secrets.

Take this one great sutra and do samyama.


Will yourself that you will be in tune with the cosmos,  let me be connected by this whole universe, let the universe experience itself through me, in all dimensions let the fulfillment of the universe be experienced in me and let me experience fulfillment in the universe. Just create a strong will to connect to the universal law. Let this understanding of the sacred secret happen in all of you.


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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat


4th day of venkateshwara brahmotsava

Yesterday rudraksh got materialized in anandadeshwari's hand. Senathipathi's puja room in seatle, rudraksha without hole materialized. unprocessed rudraksh, its from the new batch i had sent. At Malaysia viboothi is is getting materialized in Ma Niranthara's hand. Raw camphor is appearing on Venkateshwara's forehead at Oman


Within these brahmotsava days, my locket is going to be teleported. It is just there in my room, no body knows the shape also, that is going to be teleported. Yesterday Ma Krishnanada received kumkum in her hand.




First thing you need to understand, existing and desire to exist are one and the same. Desire and existing are one and the same. You may think, I have a desire to have a billion, why is it not existing, please understand, any desire which is from your existence becomes existence.


One by one understand, I’ll take you step by step. First, you exist from the source of life. Desire to exist is from the same source and desire to expand is also from the same source, any authentic honest desire to expand becomes existence just like you exist. then how come many of our desires dont get fulfilled.


Your existence is in 7g spectrum, you are in 2 g spectrum. You are ready to bargain, your own existence is playing with you when your existence and your desire to exist and your desire to expand vibrates in the same freq, your desire to expand becomes existence.


Thousands of questions related to why my desires are not fulfilled. All these will be cleared. I’m giving the vedic life view of desire. Desire is the major conflict for all. Not understanding desire. You need to understand desire and divert your energy to that desire.


First, are desires wrong? No, the desires of your own spectrum are not wrong. For eg. You exist in some space, but your desires are in lower spectrum, even then I’m not saying that the lower level spectrum is wrong, because at some point if you need to choose between your existence and your desire, if your desires are at lower spectrum, you will compromise with it.


Anything that is not fulfilled will create a conflict in you. I am entering into the physics of desire.


A Harvard scientist came here. She was telling me. As of now, the science has reached only the level of teleporting information. Certain atoms are loaded with some information, its made to vibrate at a special frequency, abc are connected and b disappears and appears in c.


She said-What you are doing is completely beyond science which has nothing near this even for imagining.


She made an important statement. When the dna gets teleported, after dismantling and assembling, not only all the desires and information are teleported, when the dismantling and assembly happens, the information is getting arranged very intelligently. When you die and take birth, you become more intelligent as you are now updated. Same way, if your desires are not fulfilled, your mind breaks, its equivalent to one death and rebirth.


eg. You had a desire to marry some one, unfortunately the person got married to some one and is not available to you. You have to marry some one, when the desire breaks unfulfilled, its equivalent to one death, you create a new life. All the intelligence you received by cherishing that desire and not getting fulfilled, is part of your desire. Only thing, if you are not willing to hide it in the secret deep consciousness, then that intelligence is not available to you. But if you are ready to face it with awareness, then that intelligence becomes a basic cognisance for you in your day to day decision making process.


Anything that has become as a basic cognisance process will not stay in you as a dead weight, which is responsible for depression, mental cancers, which can destroy your very balance to exist.


The sources of our mental cancer is the unfaced authentic experiences of life. I am opening up a new spectrum, so many ends are untied. You need to sit and contemplate, then it will lead you to complete enlightenment.


What ever ideas I’m revealing, see this discourse once more and have vadha prathiba once more. Then you will realize many untied corners will become clear.


Information disappearing and appearing is death and birth. Same way a product disappearing in my breathing space is a death and birth.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras- 172Sutra, 4Chapter, 10Verse

tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat


Today is the 3rd day of Venkateshwara Brahmotsava celebrating the presence of Venkateshwara, Vishnu, the God of Wealth and Maintenance.


Yesterday we did the materialization in open hands. Rudrakshas in Malaysia and Oman. Now in Oman, Kumkum and honey are happening continuously. Viboothy has started appearing in Malaysia


tasam anaditvam chashisho nityatvat

Existing being eternal, the expression to expand is also eternal.


The sacred secret is - the desire to exist is not something separate from existing.  Sat chit ananada - existing is sat, knowing that you exist is chit, celebrating your existing is ananda.


Existing, Sat is eternal. Because it is eternal, the desire to expand is also eternal. The desire to expand is not a crime. The desire to expand by abusing or destroying others is a crime.


Expansion is not crime. Desire to exist is not a crime. Desire to expand is not a crime, as desire is eternal because existence is eternal.


This sutra solves one of the important problems of physics, the continuous expansion of the universe.Existence means expansion. Anything that exists expands. Anything expands exists. So if you have the desire to exist and the desire to expand, it is not a crime.


That is why Venkateshwara is the God of wealth. The desire to have wealth is not a crime. If it is a crime, then why Venkateshwara will be the embodiment of Wealth?  Devil would have been the embodiment of wealth! No.   In Vedic tradition, Venkateshwara is the embodiment of wealth. Desire to create, desire to expand is not crime. Desire to grab is crime.


Understand these few sacred secrets. First, By nature, you are eternal, your existence is eternal, your desires are eternal. In what ever direction you want to expand, you are going to be expanding. So, all you need to do is not destroy your desires, channel the desires in the direction you want by not grabbing from others or by abusing others.


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I am sitting on Patanjali’s sesha vahana (the snake hood throne) but since our servers are not fully up yet, I am not able to talk on Patanjali Yoga Sutras.

Yesterday we did a research on the effects of Kundalini Awakening. We first hooked one of our Brahmacharinis Ma Nithya Supriyananda to a remote controlled EEG machine. The doctor who did this study Dr. Kanak Panday has 26 years of experience as a behavioral psychological consultant with various reputed industrial and business concerns. She is trained and certified on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) from the Hongkong Institute of EMDR. She is trained and certified in Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and QEEG (Quantitative EEG) from USA. She is:
- an international affiliate of American Psychological Association (APA)
- member and a certified trainer of LMI international
- member of Indian Psychological Association
- member of Psycho-Linguistic Association of India
- member of International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR)
- founder member of Indian Chapter of ISNR

The first thing she said is - I have never seen anything like this in my 26 years of experience in this field.

The 1st study was taken normally when her brain was working and when the Kundalini was awakened. At the exact moment, the awakened state is deeply expressed. The deep sleep state is also deeply expressed. The measurements go below 1, 0.4 etc. That means no outer world process is happening in her.

In the wakeful state, something extra ordinary was discovered. The energy level measured is not 1000% but 1000 times more.

She was shocked seeing this. She said I am happy I met you now because soon you are going to be too popular. I said I’m too popular now also but for the wrong reasons!

We also saw how the instruction is processed by the brain. 1st, my instruction is processed in the brain. The brain is being convinced and then the expression starts happening. Very clearly this is expressed in the study.

We tested this on a new staff also. When I stood near him, the same level of energy happened. To check this, the doctor stood next to him but nothing happened! The coming IA, we will do a lot more researches.

Patanjali mentions at least 3 to 4 points for enlightenment. Now for the first time, we have recorded them as medical evidence. This proves 2 things for Ma Nithya Supriyananda. She just needs the final touch, the key to go into Samadhi on her own without my presence. We can give her a Certificate of Enlightenment. We can prove all the descriptions of Enlightenment by Patanjali scientifically.

In the brain is something is recorded, it should have happened 1 year before in the mind because it takes 1 year to reach from the mind to the brain grooves. You dont need to accept anything by faith anymore.

The doctor said that even if you can do this for 10 people, its a great service to humanity, you are curing psychosomatic diseases without any intervention. She will write a detailed article soon.

07 JUNE 2011




Today we inaugurate the Venkateshwara Brahmotsava. We will celebrate Venkateshwara Brahmotsava for 15 days. All will experience the intense presence of Venkateshwara and all the auspiciousness things of Venkateshwara.


Padukas and Deities will receive thulasi beads and raw camphor powder.  Today I’ll say a few words on Venkateshwara.


Venkateshwara is one of the most powerful modern day incarnations, Kaliyuga incarnation.  Vishnu came down to Seshadhri and Boodevi took birth as Badmavathi and stayed for 200 years and created a beautiful kingdom blessing the people with wealth and health and finally decided to stand in Thirumalla.  The moorthy at Thirumalla is his very body turned into stone, thats why its a life size moorthy, the incarnation to receive the devotees worship, showering wealth, health and all the spiritual blessings.


Now I invoke his presence here and in all the satsang centers. All of us will receive raw camphor, from tomorrow the teleportation will be wealth, not exactly teleportation, wealth will be his prasadha.


Just sit for a few minutes and remember the presence of Venkateshwara. Now you will receive his prasadha.  Let his auspicious presence be felt in all our centers.




At Pancha Tapas today, I had a strong revelation. Suddenly I was feeling, I am sitting inside the fire, what am I doing it for. Then I started scanning-maybe for the world, then what is the meaning of the world, this whole flow of life in me, do you love a language, am I loving the Vedic Tradition and people?


Then, I looked, in, in, in.. what is it that is making me run. I saw that my love is with human beings. I just want to upgrade the consciousness of Human Beings.


I want all our disciples to know this -


Upgrading the consciousness level of Human beings; everything else is for that purpose, the Vedic tradition, temples, Pujas, Homas, Organization etc


In the end, if I ask the answer to myself, the answer to - what do I mean by my love-I realized its the upgrading the consciousness.


Then I saw, what if they dont any Enlightenment? will my love be suffocating them? I saw that every human being wants Enlightenment. But their engrams are such that they may realize it very late.


It was a joy to know that I dont have a conditioning, even the joy for the Vedic Tradition is for upgrading the consciousness, as a suitable lifestyle, through this if I teach, more people will be interested.


It was also such a joy to know the automatic aligning system. I thought I might be a little biased with other religions. I found that I was not, its a simple love for upgrading. I just felt that the Vedic system is the best to get there. No system is 100% fool proof but the Vedic Tradition has the maximum fool proof system.


Just meditate on this one truth. I love the whole universe, without any distinctions between countries, states, languages, communities, religions and all other narrow minded divisions. Meditate and I will radiate exactly what was happening to me during Pancha Tapas.


This love is an extra ordinary energy. It can make miracles and extra ordinary experiences to happen in you.


SCIENCE OF eN KRIYA (4-7th step)

Sunday discourse


Last Sunday I expanded first three steps. 4th step you need little more understanding.


Kriya is an action which leads you beyond action. Not laziness. Usually in all human beings, because you are trained so strongly towards the outer world, you are constantly diverted towards the outer world. It is unfortunate all your energy is wasted. By nature your energy is circular. But society makes it linear, going out, never comes back.


I wanted all of you to know that your senses are not outwardly. Society teaches you only that dimension. It never teaches to go inwards. 80%your eyes is wasted. Whenever not required shut your eyes. While your driver is driving, close your eyes.


Whenever not required, shut your mouth. Toughest system for Yoga is cessation of words. Infuse silence. Unfortunately we never understand that constantly our bio memory and muscle memory gets exhausted by misuse, abuse and extra usage of senses. When you dont need, keep your mouth shut, eyes shut. That itself will save so much energy.


I want all of our disciples to know that 4th step of eN Kriya is about not wasting energy. Most of us are wasting our energy. Nothing in the outer world, nothing in the inner world. Disrespecting and wasting life. Don’t do it.


Let all your action create either outward or inward wealth. Let it be conscious. The energy will simply create your system. All your action and reaction should be a concentrated effort of either outer or inner world wealth. Let there be no abusal or wastage of life.



I have seen many lazy fellows roaming in the Himalayas in the name of being a Sadhu. I want all our disciples to know - all your energy should be constantly functioning for either inner world wealth or outer world wealth. Inner world- compassion love, beautiful world. Outward wealth –created wealth. Not swindled wealth. Constantly create and experience wealth. If you are engaged in these two, then you are a Karma Yoga.


In 4th step I am making the energy as circular. Energy should not be going out constantly it should be redirected inward. That is the reason I am asking to get into Shambavi mudra. Thumb on the ear, index and middle fingers on eyes. Hold your breath till you really cant hold on anymore and then stop. Just open the nostrils  and allow the body to balance itself and repeat. Press your fingers and palm with intense intentions and hit your root chakra (Mooladhar chakra) where your kundalini is sleeping so that it awakens a cycle of energy happening in you. There should not be any leakage in you. Divert the whole energy inside. When you feel that you cant hold the breath anymore, then stop, allow the breathing to balance itself by opening the nostril. This process can lead to the awakening of the non-mechanical parts of the brain. This should be done at least 21 times.


5th Part - Humming - is to digest all the energy that is awakened in you. It should get converted and become part of your biomemory and muscle memory.


6th part - Face towards the Bidadi Banyan tree, kneel down with your hands and palms up, absorb the energy and when the energy is filled in you, kneel down with your palm on the earth and surrender or release the energy to mother earth.


What is the significance of facing the Bidadi banyan tree. The Bidadi banyan tree is used as an energy satellite to send intense enrgy to all of you and to receive all your prayers. Even the teleporting materials you are receiving, they first become energy, then reach the Bidadi banyan tree, then comes to my Ananda Gandha and then reaches the disciples or deity.


We have already ordered the equipments to scan and show this scientifically, the object moving through my Ananda Gandha and entering the disciples Ananda Gandha and getting materialized.


The Divine Energy uses the Bidadi Banyan tree as an Energy center. It is a Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling divine tree). If it is a   Kalpavriksha, then in at least 10 places around the world, the banyan tree seed will appear.  It is a powerful energy center. It is a substitute for a living master. What ever can happen to you in the presence of the Living master, it can happen in the presence of the Bidadi Banyan Tree. That is why I am asking you to face towards it.


When the energy is filled in you, release it and surrender it to the earth. when you surrender to the earth, all your impurity will be cleaned. Till then, go on renouncing. It will just fill you.


Dont become egoistic by the powers that are awakened in you. Again and again surrender to the master,



Understand when the energy is diverted and reconnected, it will go on being rebuilt, the intensity gets built. Leave all the glory to the Divine/Cosmos. Take my example I don’t get egoistic. I just say it is okay, it is happening. More and more energy expressions will start happening to you if you surrender. You will become pure ecstasy and joy. Be un-clutched.


If it comes once and stops, that means you have become clutched. Just surrender to the energy.

It is the surrender that makes Shakthi into Buddhi. That is why the 6th step surrendering.


7th Step: Sit in Master’s presence & connecting to the Master.

Intense Kundalini awakening happens. Soon, who ever does eN-Kirya it will happen to them. It will directly show you the power of connecting with the Master.


Lets start the eN Kriya.



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-171Sutra, 4Chapter, 9Verse

Jati desha kala vyavahitanam apy antaryam smriti sanskarayoh ekarupatvat


Oman, Honey has materialized on Nithya Devi.Ma Niranthara from Malaysia, lots of viboothi is appearing on her head. At our Davangare center lots of Viboothi, Kumkum in photos and 2 rudrakshas materialized yesterday. When I went there recently I blessed him.


Patanjali gives another big breakthrough with this sutra. Let me give you the basic understanding. The memory and the experience you go through in the actual action, like if you eat a certain sweet or you sit and visualize eating it, both create the same effect in your system. This truth doesnt need to be believed as a religious but as a scientific fact.


Both actions and memory create the same reaction in a person. Many deep thorough studies prove that the action and the impressions of the action create the same effect in your system.Many times we consider the memory or fantasy as a simple thing. It is not.


The 2nd simple plain understanding - whether you are in this body your body is going to change or be in a different place and time, the cause and effect, action and impression, this condition is going to be there till you break it. The habit of responding to a certain situation in a certain way remains with you. Samskaras come with you.


3rd very important understanding - change of species. When you were in the fish body, you fought with your partner and divorced, next you became a pig and carried on in the same way and even in the human body, only you need to go to court now! Time is not going to heal.


Time can make you forget, not heal. Anything forgotten is like a sleeping volcano. A sleeping volcano is more dangerous than a live volcano. Same way, a forgotten but not healed engram is dangerous. Time can make you forget, you wont suffer in guilt but that doesnt mean you are healed.


You can never be free of any problem changing any of these three-time, space or species. All three wont help you. Patanjali is very clear about it. Jati - genus, species; Desha - locus, space;  Kala - Time.  Do not try to experience freedom even from simple situations by changing the place, time, situation or your body because all these 4 wont stop the connection between the action and your memory.


The only way is unclutching with tremendous perseverance. Otherwise, it will get back to you in much bigger state. All solutions happen with unclutching with perseverance.


The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at 




Patanjali Yoga Sutras-170Sutra, 4Chapter, 8Verse

Tatah tad vipaka anugnanam eva abhivyaktih vasananam

It is very important to know that the body you create plays a major role in the life structure you are going to have. That is why again and again our tradition says that the parents should have higher consciousness before the child is born because the biomemory is going to play a major role. The mother should be happy when she is pregnant.


A person with arthritis should continuously experience the pain till he mentally decides to alter it. The person with wheezing trouble has to suffer to suffocate in the body till he decides to break free from the disease. If you have inherited arthritis or asthma, diabetes, the common diseases people inherit, we dont inherit just the physical disorder, we inherit the mental set up.


Anyone who has inherited, for 3 months intensely work with the body, only body related, visualize you are the Brahman of your own body, you will just clear away your bio memory.


Karma has a possibility, Praraptha has a possibility, Transformation has a possibility. We need to understand it as a possibility. Then you will be inspired to create the right possibility.


Do not work on the mind for transformation. First work on the body. 1st condition is infuse silence, take care of the body intensely, wash twice, do pranayama, when you do yoga, your sleep will also be reduced and your food intake will also be balanced.


Anugnanam means if your body has received the bio memory, the possibility of hypocrisy from your parents, you will be constantly suffering from it.


Working with mind will not help it. Its like writing in water. work on the body, do heavy yoga, eat large quantity of vegetarian food, sleep when you feel like, infuse silence into you. Dont give life to the mental set up at all. Only then physiological mutation happens.


More than working on Karma, work on the possibility of Karma. When the water is coming out of the dam, if you beat the water, it will not work. Work on the gateway instead. If you want transformation, then work on the body instead. Mind is like water flowing. No change will happen if you work on the mind. Working on mind will be a waste of time. Work on the body.You will come out of the bio memory.


Take this as a three months Samyama. You will come out of any diseases 100%, you will erase the bio memory.The key point is - be with the body, infuse silence into the body, you will see the extra ordinary happenings, extra ordinary thoughts and extra ordinary possibilities.


Invite the masters presence in your body, not into your mind. Let everything be done physically. If you are dedicated, then live it. When the body lives, it is some thing extra ordinary.



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-170Sutra, 4Chapter, 8Verse

Tatah tad vipaka anugnanam eva abhivyaktih vasananam


Miracle News!

Viboothy has appeared in the hands of Ekata (Reyhan Bucket) from Istanbul, Turkey, Sarvasmarana at LA, USA, Nithya Devi, Oman.  Rudraksh has appeared at Oman. I will be teleporting the Banyan tree seed also. The rudraksh crown I’m wearing today is the representation of the Kundalini snake.




Your life is not predetermined or frozen as you feel. It is a freedom. Only because its a freedom, you have the possibility for Enlightenment. Possibility for extraordinary powers exist because its a freedom. Possibility for continuity, expansion and transformation exists because its a freedom.


Conspiracy is directly related to Karma - not being straight to the people who live around you, your community or your own mind. If you conspire against the house, people around you, the habit of conspiring gets into your system.  The conspiracy against the community or the known individuals become a poison. You start conspiring against your own mind. Once in a while, the negative ideas you support work against you.


Sakuni is a character of Mahabaratha who sits in the Gaurava camp and destroys the camp. In the process of conspiracy, he conspires against his own body and mind.


I want you to understand the three levels of Karma


1) Karma which happens around you while you fulfill the engrams you created. Usually it will lead to Enlightenment.


2) Karma you create when you are straight with what you created - wealth, relationships, an intense honest commitment and feeling connection with society or community, Prakruthi. It brings more wealth, respect and more insfrastructure to you.


3) Karma created by conspiracy. The reflection in you is the reflection in everybody. when you try to punish the source, you destroy your own source. Any idea for conspiracy, can make you a schizophrenic.


The sacred secret from this sutra - the future is a continuous open possibility. It is not predestined. It is not the quantity of the water, it is the shape of the gateway of the dam. If you can change the shape of the gateway, you can change your future. You can design and develop your future.


You can find your future when you are able to consciously design what you want and continuously encourage that action.


When you support meditation, you get more and more interest in that action. If you support meditation, you get more and more interest in that action. If you support drinking, more interest in that happens.


Start supporting the path that leads you to the space beyond action. If you feel meditation or unclutching leads you to it, support that. Let that unclutching become your lifestyle. When you support that more and more, you will be filling yourself more and more.


The complete discourse can be downloaded soon at 




Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 170Sutra, 4Chapter, 8Verse

Tatah tad vipaka anugnanam eva abhivyaktih vasananam


Morning Miracle News!

Pilot experiment of rudraksha materialization is successful. A big size rudraksha got teleported and materialized in Malaysia on top of the Meeru. Its impossible to even keep it on top of the Meeru physically. It was later kept at the bottom row. This is the biggest object we teleported so far. Seattle, Venkateshwara statue, viboothy has started happening. Kumkum has appeared in Ma Niranthara’s hand. Today more rudrakshas will materialize in Oman, Malaysia, Phoenix and LA. I week will be for rudrakshas.




I will give the technical knowledge on Karma, a clear technical description of what Karma is, in a different spectrum. When I used the word spectrum, its in different levels and planes.


1st Level-The first level karma was acquired the moment you feel you are an individual independent identity. The concept you believe, the word you think,is the beginning of the existence of the individual identity.


If you go on saying and verbalizing to the world that you dont have individual identity, you will be led automatically to the next spectrum. Trying to live without ‘I’. I can see very clearly our kids who were instantly living without ’I’ have started experiencing unclutching. The level of spectrum these kids will be experiencing is the same as what people experience when they go into Ananda Samadhi. I feel I have to take one more birth and come and study in my own Gurukul (school). A 6 year old child is so distanced from his body and mind which happens after a lot of tapas.


The words you utter outside and inside play a major role in what you are. If you go on repeating I dont have identity, i dont feel tired etc and dont feel that inside you, then you are wrong.  


What ever ripple effect of action created in you, sediments of the action, the way it happened in you, the impression of the happening in you, all put together is sanjitha karma.


What ever Karma you decided to bring, to express in your life is called praraptha karma and what ever you acquire after coming here is akamya karma.


Praraptha Karma is not a quantity. Imagine a big dam where water is stored. The water stored is sanchitha karma.  Praraptha karma is not what ever water is released for irrigation. Patanjali says that the water released is not Praraptha; the shape of the gateway where the water is released is Praraptha.


Karmas get active only in favourable conditions. All the water in the storage sanchitha is available to you. What expresses in the body is based on the conditions you create for yourself. If you do good actions, the great merit you get is to do more good things.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras - 169Sutra, 4Chapter, 7Verse

Karma ashukla akrishnam yoginah trividham itaresham


In Toronto, the deities for the new temples viboothy has started materializing. In Oman, honey is flowing even through the eyes of Nithya Devi.


I am wearing a Rudraksh crown today. In Shankara tradition the rudraksh crown is worn. Originally the rudraksh crown was worn by the master to radiate energy. Disciples wear the rudraksh around the head to receive energy. Masters wear it to transmit energy.


You need to look in a little more clearly on Karma. I’ll give you the essence of Karma theory.


When you feel that you are not bound by actions, either pure or impure, then naturally the karma does not make you experience. When you think that the karma makes you impure or pure, you are bound by the action and it doesnt let you experience your innerspace.


When you feel you are bound by your action or inaction, either you feel like liking or not liking an action, then you start projecting the same thing in your environment. You corrupt your environment.


Dont live with the people who are not enlightened. Knowingly or unknowingly, they go on teaching you. Even if you fight with negative people, they would have already trained you.


I was studying the research done by prominent  neuro scientists. By nature, your brain is hardwired for compassion, peace and bliss. So even if you learnt to fight with negativity, they have already trained you to do it.


What ever they feel as themselves, they will go on radiating it around you. Same way for an enlightened being, all the actions he does gets imbibed into you. So thousands of disciples start believing unconsciously that they are beyond ordinary human beings.


In the University of Wisconsin, researchers have found that when mothers looked at their baby’s pictures, there is an invisible action in their brain. You are not hardwired for a brutal lifestyle. Only when society makes you believe things from a young age, you get changed.


A child when it gets a biscuit immediately wants to run and share it with its friends but the mother forbid and tells him to eat inside and then go out. Its really difficult for an ordinary person to bring up their child in a new way. I feel we should have a large Gurukul or eN Vidhyalaya.


I’ll do a complete economically free school in Bidadi so that the kids are away from their unconscious ignorant parents. What ever they believe, they portray the same in the child and their children grow up to become their enemies. They spend their time energy and money in bringing up an enemy. The mental set up is passed on to all.



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-169Sutra, 4Chapter, 7Verse

Karma ashukla akrishnam yoginah trividham itaresham


At Ohio, Ma Shivananda’s hands viboothi, Ma Sudevi’s hand turmeric and North Vancover viboothy from padukas arecoming right now.


Karma can also be defined as the accumulated results of actions. A yogi does not have accumulated results of actions as the instruments with which the accumulated results are experienced, like the mind, is not there. He resides in a space where the accumulated results dont touch him.


Layers of Karma are there with Yogis. Whether its good or bad, this is the logic around which it functions with the master. When I heal some one, I get both good and bad karmas. I dont have either for myself. Then who gets it? All the people who served me will keep getting the good karma and all those who abused me will get the bad karma!


The logic with which the accumulated karma works is different for the master. Even if you suspect some one is enlightened, dont think bad of the person. 

All the people who stood by me, more and more people are going to experience the Karma. The logic of karma with an ordinary man, if its understood, hundreds of decisions you make can be made properly.




(Sunday Discourse)


Every day the number of people receiving viboothi and kumkum is exponentially increasing. At least 5 people are receiving regularly.


OPTIMUM HEALTH-First thing required for optimum health is Oxygen. Your body is made of billions of cells. Each one of them requires a steady flow of Oxygen.


Oxygen is so important that even a few seconds of disturbance in Oxygen supply to cells can cause diseases. If its a few minutes disturbance, it can cause death itself.


Let me give a clear vision of Optimal Health-body not only functions perfectly, the possibility of disease happening should not be there.


Every cell needs a steady flow of oxygen. Unfortunately most of us even when we are breathing, dont take the steady flow of oxygen in completely. Oxygen supply to each cell is such an important necessity. Not only dont we supply enough of Oxygen to trillions of cells of the body, we go on disturbing it.


Every time you visualize certain negativity in yourself, one part of you wont get Oxygen. The moment you create negativity, immediately the system responds to it and the Oxygen supplied to many parts of your body get drastically reduced.


In Vedic tradition, you go one step beyond Oxygen. Prana is the food for the mitochondria of your cell. Oxygen is necessary for the cell but the subtle part is required for the mitochondria cell energy and automatically you experience high energy and anti-ageing.


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Patanjali Yoga Sutras 

169Sutra, 4Chapter, 7Verse

Karma ashukla akrishnam yoginah trividham itaresham


I am explaining Karma is different ways, maybe that understanding will be useful to understand more deeper things. When a system is created in a village, the whole village automatically works, breathes and lives in the system. In a town, if a system is created, the whole town breathes, works and lives in that system. Similarly in a country, if a system is created in a country, the whole town breathes, works and lives in that system. Especially, as time passes, the whole community imbibes it.


When the cosmos was created, the system which evolved, breathed, intoned, experienced and was expressed by the cosmos is what we call Karma. The system the cosmos lives, the system the whole believes, the system the whole evolves is karma.Karma ashukla akrishnam.


Always the head of the system will be liberated from the system, to manipulate, move at will. If the head cant have a free will, it will be a dead system. If the head of the country does not have free will to upgrade and evolve the system, it will be a dead system.


The positive point here is the freedom and the negative point is that the system can be manipulated by the head.


In the cosmic system, the center of the cosmos, the person, yogi, has the freedom to play with and go beyond karma but the important thing is neither is he affected by it nor the cosmos gets affected.


This point is where the atheists and theists differ. The atheists claim that it is an automated process but yogis say there is an independent intelligence. Te free will power a yogi has over the cosmic law neither has shukla or krishna.  Neither creates good or bad over cosmic law, the independent intelligence which the yogi can manipulate.


The other day I translated Karma as a ripple effect. This is on an individual scale. Now I am giving a broader scale.


God is not the president of all the countries put together. Unfortunately, religions created by politics imagined that God sits like that and rules. unofrtunately when you project God as a political leader in a different level, you tend to feel that he is an extension of the political syste. you tend to think that he also creates hell and heaven. No.


In cosmic law, only a yogi who experiences cosmic consciousness can manipulate, play with the cosmic law but the way he plays, neither does he become impure nor does the world become impure. Ashukla, not only to the yogi, even to the society or cosmos, he doesnt cause purity or impurity.  He is untouched.


Is Karma exothermic or endothermic - black absorbs all heat, white reflects. Black is exothermic, white is endothermic. Shukla and Krishna. Karma should either be throwing away too many ripples or pulling, absorbing the ripples that are happening.


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(Discourse Day 2)

Patanjali Yoga Sutras-169Sutra, 4Chapter, 7Verse

Karma ashukla akrishnam yoginah trividham itaresham


At Oman, Nithyadevi’s hands viboothi is appearing in the fingers and honey in the palms.


I’ll express one of the straight intuitions I had, how my intuitions explain the sutra in a deeper way.


All actions happen on a center, from a center, rooted at a center, based on a center which is beyond action. If you feel all actions are one one shaft, all of them connect and are rooted at the center where there is no action, which is beyond action. When you enter into a karma, if you identify yourself with the akarmi (non do’er ), beyond the action, beyond the action space, that karma makes you neither pure nor impure.


Imagine a bicycle wheel. The periphery of the wheel is the karma. Each spoke is an action. The center is vikarma beyond action. If you identify yourself with the outermost periphery, there will be constant action in you which is either making you sad or joyful. 

If you are moving towards the spokes to the center, those karmas can be called as pure, purifying actions. 

If you are identifying yourself with the movement of going out from the center to the periphery, it can be considered as bad karma. 

If you are identifying yourself with the space where there is no action, If you identify yourself with the center, you will be beyond karma. Your actions dont make you pure or impure.


You are now sitting and listening to my words, so much action is happening in your system, in your skin, in your heart,in your stomach, liver etc. Because you dont identify yourself with it consciously, you are neither pure nor impure because of it. In the whole cosmos, so much is happening, only what you identify yourself with makes you pure or impure.


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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

169Sutra, 4Chapter, 7Verse

Karma ashukla akrishnam yoginah trividham itaresham


Understanding this one sutra can liberate you from all Karmas.


Ma Niranthara’s hands in Malaysia, continuously Viboothi is coming. In 7 places, 3 palms and 4 paadukas vibootthi has been coming daily. Miracles loose their mystery when it happens daily! Sit feeling connected to the master deeply and viboothi comes.


As you may be aware, the San Jose research reports are coming. Scientists are saying that there was never this kind of Restful Awareness recorded in a human being, brain, in history, the Theeta state.


They are going to get remote QEG equipments on the people here tomorrow to check as the wired ones are having difficulty due to the jumping.


By understanding this one sutra, 1000s of karmas can just disappear. It can give you the perfect life solution for every day to day situation.


KARMA-I dont want to translate Karma as work (as is done my many masters). Karma is the ripple effect of actions. When you do certain actions, if it fulfills you, completes you, in your action and in your presence which was involved with the action, then that action does not leave anything in your conscious action. It liberates you, frees you.


If not, it leaves a hangover behind in your conscious ocean.  


At Malaysia, Oman and the Taramangalam Murthy, they are receiving viboothi now.


The word karma needs to be understood as the ripple effects of action. If any karma leaves a complete fulfilled feeling in you, that kind of Ripple Effect is called white or good action, Shukla.

If some Karmic action leaves an unfulfilled dissatisfied hangover, its called black action, Krishna. You need to understand this basic truth.


Karma which doesnt leave any unfulfilled feeling, is called White, complete actions. Karma which leaves a hangover in our consciousness is called black, roughly bad karmas.


Karma can be exothermic, gives off  or endothermic-absorbs. If a Karma absorbs all unfulfilled feelings, it is called endothermic. If it gives dissatisfaction, its exothermic. Shukla and Krishna. black absorbs all heat and white gives away all heat. Here, white-exothermic, fulfilled consciousness. Black absorbs, giving only the unfulfilled feeling. I was trying to understand why Patanjali uses black or white, he could instead have said good or bad. White does not leave unfulfilled feelings, white gives off, reflects all colours. black absorbs all colors.


Whether an action in you absorbs all the dissatisfied feelings or absorbs all fulfilled feelings. Patanjali says a Yogi is a being in whom no action is white or black, an action neither gives fulfillment or unfulfillment.


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From here on, Patanjali very beautifully describes the major truths like Dharma, Sathya, he gives the essence and the jist and much more. He is like concluding the book. Usually when concluding a book, the essence will be given.

First time I will be travelling to North Karnataka. So after 2 days when I’m back, I will start this sutra series. Each sutra I will speak for about a week.

Hinduism is a lifestyle, not a religion. Its the way we breathe, think, way we talk, way we relate to the world etc. All religions start with dos and donts, how many times you can marry, how many times you can eat. Some have texts mentioning even the way you talk, those religions are on a signature campaign, they are not bothered about fulfilling you. They don’t think beyond signature campaign, some don’t go beyond the dos and donts.

But religion is an exploration of the inner science. Religions which stop with dos and donts became popular because politicians can easily use it, because politicians controlling others is nothing but dos and donts.

Religion is used by many politicians to control and manipulate the masses. Religions should not mix with politics and religious leaders should not be secular. Politicians should be secular.
The secular religious leaders and politicians who use religion are dangerous. Politicians use religion to manipulate the masses. The vedic traditions goes beyond dos and donts, exploring the mystic and conscious realms which are beyond the dos and donts and beyond what western world calls as mystery.

Beyond all this, there is something that never gets touched by your actions and inaction, which runs as a core, cosmic understanding. The country law only drains you, controls you, manipulates you but the cosmic understanding, the more you understand, the more you are empowered and liberated.

The Hindu Vedic Tradition is the only tradition which goes beyond the dos and donts which manipulate the masses. That is why the karma theory, which still remains as a mystery, works.

Kambar the Tamil poet who translated Ramayana is a great psychologist,  in his Ramayana, he writes, when Ravana stood before Rama, defeated and weaponless, Rama told him to go back and get his weapons. In Hindu Tradition, when some one is without a weapon, we don’t attack him, not like these atheists. Ravana went back to Lanka but he was not thinking about the defeat against Rama. He was thinking of facing Sita after having been defeated by Rama.

Hinduism is based on cosmic law, that’s why Im saying no body can destroy it, it’s a lifestyle.

That is why even these so called atheists only talk about atheism in public, but not in their personal life. It is all just ideas used to manipulate people. Atheism is also a religion used by many politicians in India to control masses. In atheism, its much worse because you don’t need to be moral, you don’t need to live a life without grabbing from others. Just do anything you want and be in power, that’s all. Swindle, grab, loot, do what ever you want, you don’t need to be sensitive to humanity or to life.

Hinduism steps beyond dos and donts, it enters in the realm of higher consciousness, that’s why it’s a non saleable religion, if its about dos and donts, you can make a pride about it, marry only once, marry 4 times, you can promote it, but the vedic tradition is beyond these dos and donts, it insists on experiencing the ultimate.

But unfortunately the western understanding in the ultimate is the other world. No it is this world. They abuse eastern religions as otherworldly. It is not otherworldly. The truth and understanding of the inner space and consciousness is not otherworld.

One person in Hindu paper has written that there is no proof for rebirth. Millions of researches are carried out in this and a few fools are talking about  no rebirth, they need to update their brain and catch up with what is happening around.

This fellow writes there is no proof and all research on rebirth proves there is no evidence. What do they mean by evidence I don’t understand.  I have given proof from my own life that the banyan tree planted at Bidadi and the one at Tiruvanamalai are from the same root which I have planted myself in my previous birth. These two banyan trees have been found to be of the same root.

I will prove all the super consciousness experiences of our Vedic gurus and tradition. Hinduism is not just a religion, it’s a group of spiritual traditions which is beyond ordinary dos and donts. Its an end to end chain, it helps you to begin where you are, the most user friendly religions on Planet Earth, self sufficient independent spiritual traditions.

Saivism starts where you are standing and helps you and leads you to the ultimate. Spiritual junkies like UG Krishnamurthy, who don’t have any understanding of their own life, who lived and died in depression go on abusing our deities and bajans. He made a mock bajan about people asking money from God. We are not against you asking money from god, but do it sincerely. He does not understand that he does not have to serve all categories of mind, but Hinduism has to cater to all kinds of minds, from where ever they stand to the ultimate experience. The Hindu Tradition is self sufficient, user friendly, independent guide from where you stand to where you can be.

Secularism is the invention of the people who cant fit into the cookie cutter tradition. We had so many choices. Its like in a village all will have same size dress, it was not fitting, so they decided to be naked, that group is secular. But in the Hindu Tradition we had tailors, they stich to your wants and styles. They are the Acharyas. Even the ancient atheists had a tradition. They had methods to evaluate things unlike the new. No religion has the right to destroy, defame other religions leaders, but these atheists are destroying other religious with media power and rowdy power.

They nicely hide in the name of Hinduism in which they are born, they attack our tradition, its time we give a clear understanding about Hinduism as a lifestyle. Hinduism is beyond religions not just dos and donts.

All Dos and Donts religions can be sold easily.
Atheism is one more religion which does not have anything other than dos and donts.

Because it is such a  subtle ultimate truth, sublime reality, not otherworldly, this worldly deeper than their ordinary superficial understanding, sometime people have larger understanding that you have, because they have larger understanding, you cant say they are other worldly, they are straight.



(Sunday discourse)


For the first time,we are doing a remote scientific research. In San Jose, USA, four of our devotees are going to sit and I’m going to awaken their kundalini from here. Their QEG is being studied and monitored there.  Their non mechanical parts will be awakened. When we are just sitting, many of our brain’s parts will not be active, when the non mechanical parts are awakened, the brain will be in the highest possible coherence. Brain will show that their whole system is in its peak, highest possible expression and all organs are functioning in the highest possible performance.


The third eye, the frontal lobe will be alive and active, the parts related to fantasy and whimsies will be in complete rest and the part of the brain which makes you understand your boundary, will be completely expanded. They will be in boundary less state, state of filling the whole when they are experiencing kundalini awakening.


After this, we will continue more and more scientific researches. My blessings to Dr.John, we will prove to the world that the science of kundalini awakening is not only beneficial to health but it also opens the door for the new man, new consciousness to happen.


The San Jose exp is happening successfully. In the Malaysia center viboothi materialized in Ma Niranthara’s hand. Malaysia Serambam center viboothy is getting materialized. 

The science and the benefits of this science, it has direct physical and mental benefits. They go on disrespecting and abusing these sciences. Unfortunately Sathy Saibaba was a very humble person. He never took non these rowdies. He has left that job to me.



By the nature of the muscle memory, women are hardwired for the major three qualities which can lead them to enlightenment quickly which is - receptivity, passivity and the ability for experiencing the feeling connection beyond logic.


These three are the part of the bio memory of the female body, bio memory of women. Receptivity, the ability to receive, the bio-memory of the woman’s body is not aggressive, it is based on receptivity, Receiving. It is not based on violence, its based on passivity. That is why sanyas or bramacharya is a lot more easy for the beings in a woman’s body, and not the masculine body. Even if you are in a masculine body, you go beyond the masculine feminine identity.


An Enlightened being is neither male, female, transgender, child, he is beyond all this, something unique happens in your body during Enlightenment.


Already I have made a lot of researches on my body, I will bring it out at the right time. How an Enlightened body is beyond male and female, because during Enlightenment, the physiological mutation happens.


In the masculine body, feminine consciousness gets awakened, the physiological mutation happens. I am continuing to study this and will present to the world at the right time.


By nature feminine bio memory is for receptivity, passivity and feeling connection beyond logic. For Enlightenment to be transmitted to you, you need to feel connected beyond logic, but masculine bio memory is in constant insecurity, men say they have to go out face the world, do business, guard us, create infra-structure but what to do, maybe God has sent one gender to enjoy enlightenment. Enlightenment is eternal infrastructure is ephemeral!


I tell you women can also create infrastructure and man can also radiate Enlightenment. But men are yet to prove they can express Enlightenment. Even in our sangha women express it more.


Men also carry that quality when they were kids but the interest they have to get conditioned by society reduces them to the ordinary insecure life, confined to logic sometimes illogical rowdy logic!


Women by nature have the extra ordinary capability to get connected beyond logic, men should evolve in that direction, men should create those higher qualities to achieve and express enlightenment.


Receptivity, passivity, feeling connection beyond logic, are the basic requirements for you to be enlightened, complete fulfillment.


When you are receptive, passive, just simple nature can give you Enlightenment. A river can talk to you, a hill can initiate you. Ocean can fill you. See Ramana Maharish became intensely feminine, that’s how Arunachala initiated him, he just radiates that feminine consciousness. Almost all the masters who experienced the highest consciousness, radiated extra ordinary feminine qualities.


En Kriya is a powerful technique to awaken your kundalini and make you experience receptivity, passivity and to make feel connected beyond logic.  Jainism says women have to take birth as men to get Enlightened but I’m saying men have to have feminine consciousness to achieve Enlightenment.



Patanjali Yoga Sutras-168Sutra 4Chapter 6Verse

Tatra dhyanajam anashayam

Yesterday there was a TV show comparing me and Sathya Sai Baba. They tried to abuse me by saying that all those who receive the viboothy (sacred ash) and kum kum are my agents. Very soon we will do it under controlled conditions and prove it to the scientific community.

They abused me and Sathya Saibaba. What ever way they abused me I will not answer, but what ever way they abused Sathya Saibaba, I will answer. I will dedicate one morning for this!

See in the Hindu tradition, in India if the King or Queen lives in a luxurious way or swindles the world, we don’t care but when some one touches our religious sentiments, we dont keep quiet. See Aurangazeb, the whole Mugal empire crumbled down because he started cutting the sacred thread of Brahmins.

All the empires fell and collapsed because they touched the religious sentiments. Only when the British gave the bullets with the cows fat, the first revolt started. 

So I’ll answer all the abuses they dumped on Sathya Saibaba, but I wont answer any abuse on me because I’m not bothered.

168Sutra 4Chapter 6Verse-Tatra dhyanajam anashayam – I am continuing the same sutra as yesterday becos some more important revelations need to be understood from that sutra.

Tomorrow im going to speak on women and spirituality.

Yesterday I was talking of dyanajam, born of unclutching, samadhi.

Anasayam, free from impressions, not only free from impressions, free from the possibility of creating impressions. Just like how a fried seed can not grow, when unclutching happens, all the karma gets fried. Anasaya, the possibility of impressions don’t exist.

All your desire is disrespecting the cosmic presence. If you stand on this base, you will be showered with wealth. You desire because you don’t feel that the cosmos is supporting you. You don’t feel that you are being showered.

I'm not teaching you fantasy. Politicians and media mafia are teaching you fantasy. Move from contentment to fulfillment. Fulfillment is totally different from contentment. If you start with the idea of not having something, you will only think of grabbing. So many things are working, Im still feeling I'm alive, millions of possibilities open. The moment you feel you are alive, millions of possibilities are opening. The door for the millions of possibilities open up when you feel you are alive.

Few days back we celebrated my enlightenment day. On that day I just realized and recognized that I am alive, and millions of possibilities were open in front of me and I started celebrating.

Recognizing I'm alive is truth, recognizing billions of possibilities are in front of me is consciousness, and celebrating it is bliss.

When you recognize you are alive, thousands of possibilities open in front of you and you celebrate and you can become desire-less.

I'm cracking the head of ignorance here. If you are aware trillions of possibilities are in front of you, you will become desire-less  and even the possibilities of desire get burnt and you will feel like resting in choicelessness. The decision to rest in choicelessness happens when you see billions of possibilities in front of you.

The moment you make choices, you will be choosing say Tamil language, now you are in bondage to act in that language’s realm, till you choose you are not bound and beyond. When you chose being born in India, the + and minus of the society restrict you. If you are choice-less, you will be the infinite creator.

Try resting in choicelessness, you will attract infinite wealth. Now the people are realizing how the politicians swindle the wealth of this country and stash it abroad and how Swamis bring wealth from outside India to India.

The sacred secret in this sutra is relax into the space of gratitude, you are showered so much, trillions of choices are in front of you.

Let this become your experience and let this samyama happen. If you remember I’m alive, trillions of possibilities are in front of me, let me celebrate it.

20 MAY 2011


Patanjali Yoga Sutras-168Sutra 4Chapter 6Verse

Tatra dhyanajam anashayam


Dhyanajam is the key word. The sacred sutra is, all minds even if you express the peak performance in all your dimensions, the ultimate is which is established in Samadhi.


The word aja needs to be understood-which beautifully slips out of the origin-Beautifully slipping out, extending itself from the original in a very sweet breezy way and continues to be part of the original.


The mind which is born out of unclutching and continues to be the source of dyanajam is the ultimate. Even the miracles you experience like levitation, Kundalini Awakening, extra ordinary experiences, teleportation, materialization etc which are extraordinary powers; even these are not the ultimate, the ultimate is the Samadhi state.


The extraordinary experiences and powers are great, they help you, support you but the ultimate is dhyanajam, the mind born from unclutching or Samadhi is the greatest.


Patanjali is an amazing master, when he was teaching people they might have been experiencing things directly. So he is reminding you not to get diverted, not to become egoistic, come back to the source, the origin.


Now, again, when he is happening now, people are experiencing the great powers, so he’s reminding you to come back to the dyanajam, space from which the extra ordinary powers and experiences happen by its very nature, unclutched and desire less.


Mind has a capacity to express extraordinary powers. Every time you ask something, it will give you. But only the space where you are desire-less is the ultimate.


Any question you ask your mind, it will give you, but it will be different always. It is the hiranya garba. But that hiranya garba, will not give you the ultimate, the ultimate always happens, its born out of Samadhi, unclutching, the space of desirelessness. I have spoken hundreds of times about this, but every time, I feel its new. Patanjali is a master who’s compassionate about the disciples not missing or being misguided, he goes on guiding and reminding.

19 MAY 2011


Patanjali Yoga Sutra - 167Sutra 4Chapter 5Verse

Pravritti bhede prayojakam chittam ekam anekesham


From today we are going to the next level of teleportation. All the centers having Naina Dhiksha, at least one person will have vibuthi and kumkum  materialization.  By Gurupurnima, we will be presenting the science to the world, mainly to show the power of the yogic tradition.


Who is controlling your life? The answer is nobody

The sacred secret is even though you are multi dimensional, the center controls the whole thing. Either you are schizophrenic, or Enlightened, creatively intensely active.


If you study Bagwan Krishna with a normal understanding that the psychologists are having, it will seem the same. But only if you look inside, you will find that Krishna is the peak. A normal man cant conceive Radha Krishna and Githa  Krishna whole day flirting, giving a cute feeling to the onlookers and on the other side, giving a reverential majesty to the onlooker.


A normal man cant conceive  this, you can call Krishna his holiness, Gita Krishna, his highness, Dwaraka Krishna-his majesty, multiple dimensions. Same way for Shiva, you can neither call him a Grihasta, or a householder, all the time siting in Samadhi, you cant call him as a silent being, cant call him an angry person, because he is beyond anger. He can be a Kala Bhairava and Dhakshinamurthy. I can say that the ability to handle multiple personalities without conflict between them, is Enlightenment.


Even your own self doesn’t believe you can be multidimentional. The power of mind game, how it can work on your very body-Arthritic patients were made to see their hands projected on a screen. Suddenly on the screen, they were shown that their hands are being pulled etc. like a physiotherapy exercise. After some time, there was no pain in their hands, this is the power of the mind. You yourself are stuck with the idea if you grow in one dimension you cant grown in another, this is psychological arthritis.


Not growing in multi dimension means you will be fighting with your multiple personality dimension. You will be worrying, what will I do about that, about this etc. I tell you I have hardwired you to express 108 dimensions. But the people don’t use it.


If Expansion is not happening, its mental arthritis. We have everything ready. I realized one  important truth, expanding the multiple dimensions is no way related to money or infrastructure. Its only your simple conscious will.


Patanjali says in this sutra, its your one single personality that controls the whole thing. If you unclutch form this personality, your relationship with your higher self and your relationship with yourself will be the same.


If you are unclutched, you will have tremendous devoted connection with the world, this is what I call as freedom. Either your multi dimensions feel if one dimension grows, you wont grow in another. Bill Gates is more closer to Enlightenment than a Bandra slum boy, of course the Bandra  slum guy is ready to expand himself.


My great grand father, the great Siddhar Pulipanai, in whose family I had the fortune of taking birth, sings very beautifully in one verse.


Your whole system is like a pipeline connected to one part. If that part is filled with nectar all pipe lines will receive nectar, if its filled with poison, all will be filled with poison. The main part is your central consciousness, if its awakened, all your parts will be awakened and you will be successful.


In your body you always carry an idea that your limit is only so much. Break that idea. If your mind says I can work only for 8 hrs a day, break that idea and work for 12 hrs a day. Break your mind, only then you will have gratitude to the central core of your body, the God. All different dimensions of Shiva are controlled by a central dimension, Dakshinamurthi, the silent energetic presence. Same way, you also have multiple dimensions and the center of you which is the superconciousness, when it expands and expresses multiple dimensions, you will experience Shiva in your consciousness.


When he goes to destroy Brahma’s ego he is Kala bairava. He is Veera Badra when he destroys yagna. When he blesses his servant he is Chandeshwarananda murthy. Different dimensions of Shiva, when he sits under the banyan tree to give Enlightenment, he is Dhakshinamurthi, as a light shaft in Arunachala, he is Lingodbava.


Some of the important truths not only need to be understood but need to be experienced, this multi dimension, you should start experiencing. Just start trying to do poetry, start some carving, just try different dimensions of you. That’s why they say Shiva has taken 64 births to express 64 arts. A normal being should be able to express at least 64 dimensions, a mystic should express 108 dimensions.


So try to express the multi dimensions. So the energy that controls you, will have a beautiful relationship with you and you will experience the beautiful experience of being a Yogi.

18 MAY 2011



Patanjali Yoga Sutras

166Sutra, 4Chapter, 3Verse

Nirmana chittany asmita matrat

When I was small, I will not look at any paper in which Arunachala’s picture was not there. I was so obsessed by Arunachala, I would have collected at least 20 bags of Arunachala paper clippings. I used to have a blanket on which I used to sleep and I used keep a lot of stones collected from Arunachala.

Yesterday I was at Arunachala & talking to my organizers. They asked for blessings, the parrot that came with me went away at Arunachala! Even if I had to ask for a boon, it would be that I would like to live in Arunachala as a Bolle Baba, happily moving around. It’s a joy given only to a blessed few. Just by remembering Arunachala, you can get enlightened.

I gave 50lakhs to Arunachala temple, 25 lakhs for the new construction of the kitchen, and 25 lakhs fixed deposit. I will give another 2 crores to give free food to the pilgrims; giving food to pilgrims is the greatest blessing. If I didn’t have this mission, I would have been sitting in the banks of Ganga and around Arunachala

Nirmana chittany asmita matrat - From egoism, various minds are created. When you deal with your son, you deal as a father, when you deal with your worker, you deal as a boss.

If you are without awareness, they can be a bondage for you. If you are with awareness, these can become multidimentional in you. If your various minds are expressed and if you are unclutched from them multidimentionally, you can be a conscious, enlightenened being. If there is a shaft and the different minds are getting clutched to it, you are a foolish being.

If I remain silent as a sadhu, that is one dimension of me, the other dimension I am a leader of a socio spiritual organization. 

Yesterday, first time, in my hand, kum kum got materialized. Long back, I did it. But yesterday at Arunachala, it happened very casually. I did not know it had happened. So within 6 months it will happen more casually regularly. I will go around the world, showing the Vedic powers and bring tremendous power to people.

When you are clutched, each expression of your ego is from a mind in bondage and ignorance. When you are unclutched, each expression of your ego becomes multi dimensional and your ego is enlightened intelligence. I can handle 25 minds at a time, one side, I can be a child, master, teacher, God, CEO, without getting confused.

Each department I can have a file. When I go around seeing things, those for that department will settle in that file.Independently I can handle at least 25 files without confusion or getting stressed. If you get attached, or clutched, your stress level in your body will increase. When you are unclutched, your different minds become multidimensional.

A yogis mind is a multi dimensional ornament for him. An atheists mind has only dirt on it. 

The sacred secret in this sutra is learn to unclutch from the different dimensions of your mind. Don’t try to destroy the different dimensions of you mind. If you do that, you will not be able to live your life. A yogi is a person who can handle different dimensions of his life without getting stressed. Become a yogi, that is life.

If your kundalini is awakend and you are having levitation, you cant complain about stress, come on bring your kundalini power. If your multi dimensions are not creating stress in you, then you are a yogi. Your kundalini awakening should directly translate in the tremendous productivity you express and the creativity you express through the multi dimensions of your mind.

Yesterday I said I had broadened my spectrum, all the deities I personally touched and energized, at Bidadi, LA, Saint Louis, Malaysia etc, all these deities will materialize viboothy and kumkum. Now I’m energizing Meenaskshi’s deity for Omam.

Any Kundalini awakening should directly translate into creativity and productivity in your life, only then it will permanently settle in your body. If you are unclutched, all the different minds will become different personalities. And you can be stress free. The mutiple personality person is clutched and an enlightened being is unclutched.

Psychologists know only clutched personalities. Now I will show how my mind is beyond any understanding they have of the mind. All you need to do is stay unclutched.

17 MAY 2011


24th Anniversary of 

1st Enlightenment Experience


Today is a special occasion, 24th anniversary of my first Enlightenment experience. I am in Arunachala, the energy field. Morning we had a beautiful ceremony at the exact rock where I had my Enlightenment experience.


Its time to celebrate, so I request all the devotees to sit in padmasana and samana mudra. At least 1000 people will receive viboothy and kumkum today.


On 111111 we are doing the materialization of viboothi and kumkum in the hands of devotees in 10000 places. today we will do the pilot study in at least 1000 places.  Really this broad band connection is very powerful now. Its not 2G or 3G now, its in 7G now.


Pournima date, the day of Buddha’s enligithement, the day of Shanmuga’s conquering victory, Subramaniya’s victory day. We are celebrating today, both, enlightenment and victory. At least in 10,000 places, people will experience levitation today. and at least 1000 places, people will receive kumkum and viboothy.


Let me describe exactly what had happened 24 years ago on this same day. The interested for mystery was awakened in me, thats all, the spontaneous existence, blanket of thick energetic silence in the inner space is opened up.


I’ll finish what I want to say in a few statements so that you can go on contemplating. What ever I say is like a mantra, energetic silence in the inner space has opened up. What ever i say today now will be like a mantra that you can go on contemplating.


Discourse means using parables, stories, jokes and revealing some truths. Satsang means straight away revealing truths. Today Im neither going to give discourse nor give a satsang, Im straight away going to give mantras, what ever I utter will be like a mantra, very less words, straight truth.


Discourse is lecture, satsang is instruction, mantra is programming your inner space. Today what Im revealing will be programing the inner space.


Opening yourself to the inexplorable mystery where the mind which has the  capacity to explore  gets exploded, where the spontaneous happening becomes a life breath, where the door to the thick energetic silence opens.


Just meditate on these 3 mantras. Go on meditating. Just remember these words, the interest in mystery will open in you. Mind which tries to explore will explode in you. The door to the thick energetic deafening silence will open in you.


I can go on speaking, I feel more than continuously speaking, giving discourses, satsangs, I will reveal some mantras to all of you, these 3 statements are the mantras, your interest for mystery will open up a thick blanket of energetic deafening silence will open up.


So meditate on these 3, your interest in mystery will open up, the mind which wants to explore will explode and the door to a blanket of silence, energetic deafening silence will open up.


Just meditate on these 3 mantras , i will see to it that all you will have a glimpse of the experience which had 24 years ago at Arunachala, you will receive viboothy and kumkum. Now I’m expanding my spectrum, so even if you are connected at a lower speed, you will receive. just sit and meditate on the 3 mantras.



Patanjali Yoga Sutras
165Sutra, 4Chapter, 3Verse

Patanjali very rarely uses examples. In this sutra he uses the example of a farmer breaking the obstacles. When there is a water canal, the farmers put some sand and cover it when they don’t want the water. After all, he is a man from the Cauvery civilization, he would have seen thousands and thousands of acres being irrigated.


What ever you see constantly only comes up as an example. So this proves that Patanjali was from some place where agriculture was a lifestyle.


Lets enter into the sutra. Patanjali is very clear that your actions good or bad are in no way related to enlightenment. It only breaks the barrier for good things in your life. The whole universe is like 2 huger rivers, both are waiting to flow on you, huge good river and huge bad river. Your good actions themselves don’t bring the good things you enjoy. If you give 1 rupee to a sadhu, don’t think you will get 1 rupee back. You can get a huge quantity back.


This parrot, from yesterday he’s sitting on my shoulder. Now I’m going to train him, he will say Nithyanandam, unlcutch etc he has become internationally popular. He’s feeling little shy, that’s why he's sitting behind. So, small good actions can bring a flood of good things in your life. Small bad actions can brings a flood of bad things in your life.


An old lady gives a sweet to little Krishna, and her house is filled with gems. When you do a small good thing to the master, flood of good things open, when you do a small bad thing, a flood of bad things opens.


Understand, the actions cannot be equated by results because they open floodgates, they don’t come back in the same quality. That’s why you need to be tremendously aware of the actions you are doing. A small bad act can open a floodgate of bad things to you. Even a small good action can open a floodgate of good things to you. So be aware of every action. Infuse tremendous awareness in every action.


I want to give you deeper understanding of every step, every move you make. Every good action can not only open the floodgates of good action to you, it can see an extraordinary expression  of good things in you, it can open a new channel of goodness in you.


Even a small bad action can lead to uncountable bad things to your life. One more important thing you need to understand, Praraptha is nothing but the ability to be aware which flood gate you are opening, are you opening the good actions flood gate or the bad actions flood gate.


The awareness which makes you understand the decision you make may be casual but not right. Usually when people attack others, they are so sure the opposite person will not come back, they think after all bacha (small) swami, what is our power, finish him off, what happens they don’t understand it is Arunachala. When you throw stones at man, he may be injured, when you throw stones at Arunachala, it is adding, Arunachala becomes more, that’s all.


Understand the important sacred secret you need, even if you feel its very casual, there will not be ripple effects, no side effects, suffering, even if you don’t directly see bad results coming; don’t do bad things. That action can open a flood gate of bad things.


There is a beautiful story. One rowdy was sitting on a tree and throwing stones at all those passing by, and one day a young sadhu  came, this rowdy threw stones at him, that sadhu said, be blissful and went away, this rowdy thought if you throw stones they will bless you. Then he started doing all things, robbed the treasury, swindled, suddenly the king of the country was coming that side. This fool threw stones on him, and was put in prison. The rowdy throwing stone on the sadhu itself did not bring imprisonment but it opened a flood gate. This kind of bad flood gate, by one or two bad things, you don’t need the result. He would never have thought that he will go to prison, but that’s what has happened. Because the action opens the flood gate of the bad things to happen in their life. The attitude can bring the punishment.


Learn this, even if you think you are too big, that guy will not be able to do anything in return, be careful, even if its a road side beggar, don’t do it, because that action will open a floodgate of bad things to you.

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6 FEB 2011

From time immemorial, masters have always created strong, powerful, energetic, experience based meditation techniques kriyas, sutras, mantras, mudras, yoga postures etc to reproduce the extraordinary experiences and powers. 

This eN KRIYA is one of the ancient secrets, I can say the sacred secrets delivered to the world in the Hatha Yoga tradition by the great masters Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath, preserved, protected, practiced and preached by the Hatha yoga sampratha yogis.

In this eN KRIYA, I have collected the essence of the great secrets embedded in the Hatha yoga and Mahavatar Babajis tradition. Please understand that eN KRIYA is not just a religious faith. I have done scientific study on this Kriya.

We have done a thorough study for 21 days during the Inner Awakening program in December 2010. The study proves that the Kundalini process, the initiation, has increased the mitochondria cell energy levels of the participants up to 1300%.

All available known process, drugs, therapy, even yoga can increase the mitochondria cell energy levels only between 20-30%. But the participants of Inner Awakening  experienced extraordinary earth shattering levels 1300%

Please understand after these extra-ordinary results, I was contemplating how we can help human beings experience this extra ordinary level in the mitochondria level, kundalini level. In this contemplation this eN KRIYA has happened as a gift to the world.

It mainly concentrates on awakening the kundalini in people. I respectfully invite the scientific community to study this - Within 21 days of practicing eN KRIYA, at least once a day, the mitochondria cell energy level will increase 500%. This kundalini awakening will have only positive side effects, mental health and physical well being. Its 100% fool proof.

If a group of people sit in any one city or place and practice this eN KRIYA at least for 21 days and experience Kundalini awakening, even the crime rate of the city, man made and natural calamities will drastically reduce.

So this eN KRIYA will be a powerful tool for you to heal your body, mind, fulfill you spiritually, contribute to social peace, peace for the place you are living. This Kriya is mainly focusing on balancing the five life breath movements happening in your system (pancha pranas). The Pancha Pranas are - Inhaling, holding, the prana which was held that spreading inside your system, exhaling and cleansing.

If these five movements are balanced and proper, naturally your body will be in health, your mind will be in a balanced space, your consciousness will be soaring higher and higher. Hundreds of good effects of your mind and consciousness will happen in your system just by balancing your Pancha Pranas. En KRIYA is all about balancing the Pancha Pranas. Many were asking if to do nithya dhyan or enkriya if u don’t have time. You can do eN KRIYA.

Here, I’m trying to reach out to the world in as many ways as possible so that people can experience health physically physiologically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel by spreading this eN KRIYA, we will create a new world health order.

I am meditating, consciously working, to come up with more and more gifts, eN MUDRA, eN BANDHA, eN DYHAN,  the essence of all meditation, i will be condensing and gifting to the world.

I am making it very clear, these will work on all the people belonging to all religions, caste etc.

This gift is from the Yoga-Vedantic tradition and I belong to yoga-vedantic tradition. Me and Dhyanapeetm belong to the Hindu yoga-vedantic tradition. We are not a non-religions secular tradition. We belong to yoga-vedantic tradition and we serve all beings, race, creed etc. Let me explain the eN KRIYA process one by one. Step by step,

29 JAN 2011

eN KRIYA is the gift given to the world by Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath through me. I bow down to all the great masters who created the system of Hata Yoga and experienced it and request their presence here and all the places where people are sitting with us.

Lets enter into the en Kriya initiation by invoking all the great yogis who happened on planet earth.

The eN Kriya is from my own research and experience with Hata yoga which is from the great masters of the Nath Samprathaya. They created a great Samprathaya by mastering the Prana. This naturally gives health, mental peace, emotional fulfillment and above all, the highest possible consciousness.

If the Pranic level is raised in your system, innumerable positive side effects can happen. The mitochondria energy level increases 13 times within 18 days. The research is done by taking the blood samples on day 1 and day 18. The doctors confirm again that there is no medicine or system in planet earth that increases the level more than 25%. Here, we have proved to the world that we can increase it 1300%.

Very soon this research will appear in the Indian Science Journal and the scientists will also be holding a press conference. The words used by the scientists are earth shattering and ground breaking.

This Kriya is one of the greatest gift by the great masters through me. I experimented in my own system and systematized it and shared it with a group of people under controlled conditions, then opened it with a small public. The original truth itself is from the great masters of the Vedic Tradition mainly the great Hata Yogis of the Nath Tadition, Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath, Swami Satyananda Saraswathi. The English translation is done authentically by the great yogi Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi. I offer my acknowledgement to all the great masters.

eN Kriya mainly aims at balancing and fulfilling the 5 breathing movements. As per the Sidha tradition, the air movements are 10, according to Yogis, it is 5. With this eN Kriya, I am working on all the 5 Prana movements-life breath movements.

1) Air going in
2) Air staying in your system
3) Samana-From the air,life energy being separated and spread all over your system-muscle memory, mind, brain, all parts of you.
4) The air coming out, being released out of your system
5) Air used for cleaning the system - Apana

These are the 5 Prana movements in your body. These 5 are responsible for your health, mental wellness, emotional fulfillment, pain, restlessness, peace, and finally enlightenment. If they are balanced, you lead a healthy life. If they are awakened you achieve enlightenment.  If they are unbalanced, it can result in disorders in everything

In yogic tradition, there is no incurable disease. Soon, we will do further experiments and prove to the world, one by one, that there is no incurable disease. In the yogic system, not having disease alone is not enough. Raising the consciousness to the highest fulfillment and going beyond the life and death cycle which is being forced on you.

Taking the body out of free will and leaving the body out of free will is great, masters do it again and again but doing that out of forced will is very seriously wrong. That is why we call the life and death cycle is one more disease. Bhavaroha.

Here the eN-Kriya is shared with all of you to get rid of the  Bhavaroha itself. It will immediately balance your 5 breath movements and naturally that will lead to physical health, mental wellness, emotional fulfillment, awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain, anti aging and ultimately enlightenment.

Through this kriya, we have proved anti-ageing is possible. We have proved through the scientific research also. Normally, the mitochondria dies very quickly but if this energy can be increased to that extreme level of 1300%, it’s a straight process for anti-ageing and we will further expand research in a deeper way.

The eN Kriya is basically to balance the pancha pranas (5 Pranas). It mainly aims at increasing the mitochondria level and infusing life energy into your system, so automatically as a byproduct, the kundalini awakens and levitation will happen. It’s the essence of the 48 day LEP I did.

The whole kriya will take only 42 mins. Doing it twice or at least once a day is enough. If you want physical health etc, doing it once a day is enough, if you want to experience the sidhis and extraordinary powers like teleporting etc you can do it twice a day. If you can do it thrice a day, it can lead to Enlightenment.

Before launching this, I have thoroughly experimented with it scientifically and spiritually. The 13 times increase in mitochondria energy level has happened to all the participants. It is a selection, collection and compilation of Pranayamas, Mudras and postures.

I offer this to the world, as a deep gratitude to Sadhashiva, Mahadeva, Maheshwara, who is our adhi guru, first Master, Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath who are incarnations of Maheshwara and to Mahavatar Babaji. You are hearing one of the greatest Sacred secrets, Authentically experimented, experienced and now being shared with the world.

1st step - sit straight, very simple inhaling and exhaling 11 times just to prepare yourself for the Kriya - Close the right side of the nostrils with your thumb, inhale deeply and when you feel full, close the other side and exhale – after exhalation, now close the left nostril and inhale through the right nostril and when you feel full, cholse the other side and exhale. This is one step. Repeat this set 11 times. This will clean the nadis.

2nd step - Bastrika, pull your lower abdomen in and up without lifting the shoulder – 21 times

3rd step - pranayama - inhaling as slowly as possible, holding as long as possible, exhaling as slowly as possible, holding the lungs empty without inhaling, as long as possible – 4 actions make one cycle, 21 cycles need to be done.

The above 3 are the preparation for the eN Kriya. Only if you do the 3 steps, you can enter into the kriya. Without this, it wont have any effect itself.

4th step is the main Kriya-Shambavi Mudra-Thumbs on the ears, the 1st two fingers (index and middle) covering the eyes, the 3rd ring fingers on your nose and the little fingers touching your lips.  Stop the breathing flow, inhaling or exhaling completely as much as you can. After you feel that you cant stop any more, release those 2 ring fingers, the body will automatically inhale and balance. Don’t put your will. Body will automatically balance itself. This will be one pranayama. Do it 21 times

5th Step-settling in your body with intense humming. The energy created has to be churned in your sytem, making it a part of your muscle memory-Mahamantra-7 minutes of intense humming.

6th Step - Do the shakthi dharana meditation 7 times. Kneel down, lift your hands up and remain with your palms facing up. Experience the cosmic energy flowing through you. When you feel the fullness of the energy, rest your elbows on the ground,  bend down and touch your forehead on the ground.
Now sit for few minutes and send blissful love and peace into the world.

This is a unique combination, I have put the whole world into this one kriya.

Through this initiation I add the masters' grace, presence and blessings


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