Title: Wavelet Based Signal Processing and Applications

Semester: Seventh Semester for B Tech ECE (similar to S3 Mtech VLSI)

3-0-0,  3 Credits

Prerequisites:  Linear Algebra, Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems

Review of Fourier Theory – Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – Short Time Fourier Transform – Wavelet and MRA – Recap of Vector Spaces –  Continuous Wavelet Transforms – Discrete Wavelet Transform –  Scaling and Wavelet Functions –  Filter Banks –  Design of Orthogonal Wavelet Systems –  Bi-Orthogonal Wavelet –  Introduction to Lifting Scheme –  Dealing with Signal Boundaries –  Multi Wavelet –  Frequency Domain Approach –  Design of Wavelet –  Wavelet in Image Processing –  Bio Medical Applications –  Data Compression    EZW Algorithm –   De Noising    Edge Detection – Object Isolation –  Audio Coding –  Communication Application –  Channel Coding –  Speckle Removal    Image Fusion.  


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