Title: Information Theory and Coding Techniques

Semester: Sixth Semester B Tech (ECE)

3-0-0,  3 Credits

Prerequisites:  probability theory


Information measures, Asymptotic Equipartition Property (AEP), Characterization of Information Sources. Entropy rate of a stochastic process, Introduction to Lossless Data Compression (Source Coding) for discrete sources, Shannon’s noiseless source coding theorem, Kraft-McMillan inequality for prefix-free codes, Shannon-Fano-Elias code and Huffman codes. Universal source coding - Arithmetic coding and Lempel-Ziv coding. Introduction to Rate Distortion theory.  Discrete channel characterization, channel capacity, Shannon’s noisy-channel coding theorem, reliability exponents.  Differential Entropy, Introduction to the Gaussian Channel. Introduction to Error Control Codes – Hamming Code and Linear Block Codes.


Text Books/References:

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