co-authored arXiv reports and others... 

PeerJ Pre-print:

  1. Data based intervention approach for Complexity-Causality measure, PeerJ Pre-print,  December, 2018.

 arXiv Reports:

  1. A Two-Parameter Model for Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization with Harmonic Imaging, arXiv:1712.03495 []
  2. Causality Testing: A Data Compression Framework, arXiv:1710.04538 []
  3. Simulation Study of Two Measures of Integrated Information,  arXiv:1706.09570v1 [q-bio.NC]
  4. New Empirical Evidence on Disjunction Effect and Cultural Dependence, arXiv:1703.00223 [q-bio.NC]
  5. Three Perspectives on Complexity - Entropy, Compression, Subsymmetry, arXiv:1611.00607 []
  6. Dynamical Complexity Of Short and Noisy Time Series, arXiv:1609.01924v2 [nlin.CD]
  7. A Compression-Complexity Measure of Integrated Information, arXiv:1608.08450 [cs.IT]
  8. Cardiac Aging Detection Using Complexity Measures, arXiv:1603.00817 []
  9. Neural Signal Multiplexing via Compressed Sensing, arXiv:1601.03214 [cs.IT]
  10. Comment on 'Interpretation of the Lempel-Ziv Complexity Measure in the context of Biomedical Signal Analysis',  arXiv:1308.0130 [nlin.CD]
  11. Classification of Periodic, Chaotic and Random Sequences using NSRPS Complexity Measure, arXiv:1205.4886v1 [nlin.CD]
  12. Lossless Data Compression with Error Detection using Cantor Set, arXiv:1308.2299v1 [cs.IT]
  13. Lossless Compression and Complexity of Chaotic Sequences,  arXiv:1101.4341v1 [nlin.CD]
  14. Sharing Graphs, arXiv:1009.2832v1 [cs.CR]
  15. How not to share a set of secrets, arXiv:1001.1877v2 [cs.CR]
  16. Huffman Coding as a Non-linear Dynamical System, arXiv:0906.3575v1 [nlin.CD]
  17. Increasing Average Period Lengths by Switching of Robust Chaos Maps in Finite Precision,  arXiv:0811.1823v1 [nlin.CD]
  18. Multiplexing of Discrete Chaotic Signals in Presence of Noise,  arXiv:0810.5221v1 [nlin.CD]
  19. One-Time Pad, Arithmetic Coding and Logic Gates: An unifying theme using Dynamical Systems,  arXiv:0803.0046v1 [nlin.CD]
  20. A Non-linear Dynamical Systems' Proof of Kraft-McMillan Inequality and its Converse, arXiv:0710.5898v1 [nlin.CD]
  21. A non-linear dynamical systems approach to source compression for constrained sources,  arXiv:0709.1545v1 [nlin.CD]
  22. Joint Entropy Coding and Encryption using Robust Chaos,  arXiv:nlin/0608051v1 [nlin.CD]
  23. The B-Exponential Map: A Generalization of the Logistic Map, and Its Applications In Generating Pseudo-random Numbers, arXiv:cs/0607069v2 [cs.CR]
  24. Re-visiting the One-Time Pad,  arXiv:cs/0508079v1 [cs.CR]
  25.  Cryptanalysis of a Chaotic Image Encryption Algorithm, arXiv:0801.0276v2 [nlin.CD]
  26.  A Non-linear Generalization of Singular Value Decomposition and its Application to Cryptanalysis, arXiv:0711.4910v1 [nlin.CD]

 I am qualified to endorse in the "nlin" and "cs" sections of arXiv (but this keeps changing, so please check!!!)


  1.  Infinitude of Primes - A Counting Argument (PDF)
  2.  The Factorial Triangle (PDF)
  3.  The Dynamics of Formal Axiomatic Systems (PDF)
  4.  Bhaskaracharya's Lilavathi - A Book Review (PDF)