Patents (Granted)
  1. Co-Inventor, Method and apparatus for segmenting structure in CT angiography, US PAT#  7,676,257, issued on 9 March 2010.
  2. Lead-inventor, Graph extraction labelling and visualization, US PAT#   7,719,533, issued on 18 May 2010.

Pending Patent Applications (US)
  1. Co-inventor, Method and System for Multi-Parametric Ultrasound for Liver Characterization, US patent appln., Nov. 2015
  2. Co-inventor, System and methods for propagation correction in ultrasound imaging, US patent appln., Dec. 2014
  3. Co-inventor, Image Registration System and Method, US patent appln., 20040139121, Oct. 2006.
  4. Lead-inventor, Data Embedding Method and System, US patent appln., 20040139121 Jan. 2003. 
  5. Lead-inventor, Method and apparatus for performing Non-dyadic Wavelet Transforms, US patent appln. 20040136602, Jan. 2003.
  6. Co-inventor, Position Coding System and Method,  US patent appln., 20040101205, Nov. 2002.

Note:  All patents were filed when I was working at General Electric Global Research Center, Bengaluru (Research Scientist: July 2001 - December 2004, Lead Scientist: September 2013 - September 2015).  I am only an inventor/co-inventor and not the owner of these patent applications.