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I spend much of my spare time providing technical advice to folks on the web.

Microsoft.Public.WindowsXP.Network_Web is the Usenet forum where I started out researching first unsolveable network problem, and where I now give advice.  It's a Usenet forum, that is also linked to Microsoft Newsgroups, and to Google Groups.

DSL Reports, aka BroadBand Reports, is a web forum which started out advising folks where to get Internet service in a given location.  They have since expanded into technical advice of every imaginable category, and into non-technical advice too.  For membership size, breadth of knowlege, and depth of knowlege, it's probably the most intense forum on the Web.

Google Blogger Help is a private Google web forum which provides technical assistance to folks with Blogger blogs.  It's got 4 active subforums, each of which focus on specific topics in the Blogger world.

Googolians is a new web forum started by a fan of Google.  Every Google product, and trend, is discussed here.  It's small, but has promise.