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OK, I'm a computer nerd.  I measure history by computing ability.

The first computer I ever worked on was the size of 3 very large refrigerators, and had less computing power than your wristwatch. The first personal computer I ever saw was a co-worker's Sinclair ZX-80.

My bud at work had a briefcase which he fitted to hold his ZX-80, a power supply (it normally used batteries), and a cassette recorder (it had no monitor).  So I guess considering all of the parts included, my HP1600 is lighter and smaller.

One of the first purchases that I made, after I bought my portable computer, was a briefcase, and a backpack, both designed for carrying computers.  Then Microsoft sent me another briefcase.  So whenever I want to go anywhere, my portable computer travels in style.

Now I take my portable computer to church, to show the church website to the other members.  Not everybody at church is a computer nerd like me, nor does my church yet have an Internet service.  My computer fits in my backpack, has 32,000 times as much storage as the former, and is similar in size and weight to the latter.