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Medieval Madness


The player assumes the role of a lone green-clad ranger, armed only with a bow and arrow.  The ranger must embark on an epic journey to defeat hordes of enemies and progress through all the different environments to complete his mysterious quest.  However, in true realistic fashion, he has only one chance to

Control Scheme

  • Arrow left/right-walk left/right

  • Arrow up-jump
  • Mouse point-aim the bow

  • Mouse click-shoot arrows to destroy the evil knights.  Hold down the mouse to charge the arrow speed.


  • A different environment for each level provides immense variety in the gameplay-includes cave, sky, and lava!
  • Enemy AI is designed like that of a guard: enemies patrol platforms, but when they see the player, they will pursue him.
  • The game design features a sneaky, tactical approach to defeating enemies.  A stealth attack results in a one-hit kill!  Pick off the enemies from a distance one by one to advance through the levels more strategically.  A head-on approach while rapidly firing away arrows, however, is also extremely effective.
  • Enemies will not only attack from the sides, but they will even jump down from above and stab the ranger with a sword pointed downwards as they fall.  This attack is devastating, and should be avoided at all costs.
  • Epic music tracks add to the exhilaration of battle, joy of victory, and sadness of defeat.
  • Arrows that have been shot remain in objects until the object goes away or a few seconds pass.

Technical Aspects

  • Arrows that are shot by the ranger follow parabolic motion beautifully, soaring towards the sky and then tipping downwards for the kill.
  • The ranger will only be pursued by the enemy if he has been spotted.  Each enemy has a field of vision--if the player is within it, the enemy will chase him down.
  • Movement and jumping are controlled primarily by two variables: velocity and acceleration.  Acceleration is added to the velocity, which is then used to update the player's location.

Known Issues

  • The player can sometimes jump in mid-air, when enemies are jumping.
  • Arrows tend to get stuck in surfaces more than they should.


Apr 5, 2010, 5:37 PM