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Once upon a time there were 8 friends:  Trainy the dinosaur, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle, Alice the butterfly, Lucy the cat, Phillip the kitty, Bill the snake, Frederick the sheep and Charlie the bear.  One day Leonardo came upon a bridge.  On the other side there was a Moose.  So the 2 started to fight; the loser would be eaten.  The 2 fought for a long time before Leonardo finally won and ate the moose.  Alice the butterfly flew onto Leonardo's head and started to yell at him for eating the moose because the moose was her friend.  At the same time, Lucy the cat was getting stuck in a tree.  Luckily, along came Trainy the dinosaur with his long neck to help his dear friend Lucy out of the tree.  Phillip the kitty was waiting for his sister at the bottom of the tree and was so happy to be reunited with her that he yelled "Yay!"  Frederick the sheep saw how happy the 2 siblings were at being reunited that he started to cry because he had no siblings.  Along came Charlie the bear and he said, "Don't cry, Frederick.  I'll be your brother."  And Frederick the sheep was happy once more!  Bill the snake got scared of all the noise so he slithered back into his hole.  Trainy came along and accidentally stepped on all his friends.  Bill the snake came back out of his hole and slithered away to live alone so he wouldn't get stepped on.  And they all lived happily ever after, except, of course, for Leonardo, Alice, Lucy, Phillip, Frederick and Charlie!


Once upon a time there was a girl named Abigail, who was riding a horse.  She got off the horse and met a pink frog.  She kissed the frog and it turned into a dragon!  And the dragon blew fire at Abigail.She had frozen super-powers and froze the fire.  Afterwards, she went back to her castle, where she met a blue frog.  She kissed the blue frog and he, thankfully, turned into a prince.  They rode a deer to a restaurant (Chipotle) in the village.  


Once upon  time, there was land filled with candy.  Unfortunately, a monster (the world's largest gummy bear) ate all of the lollipops.  The gummy bear went back to his cave and came up with a plan to eat all of the candy in Candyland.  But Superman had followed the gummy bear to his cave and discovered his plan.  Superman went back to Candyland and told all the citizens.  Together they came up with their own plan to stop the evil gummy bear.  When he arrived in Candyland to eat all the candy, the citizens and Superman attacked the evil gummy bear and gobbled him up.  Yum! 


Roberto the fat pig was soaking in some cool mud when along came Bouncy the kangaroo.  "Roberto, what are you doing?" asked Bouncy.  "I am soaking in some nice cool mud and I am about to eat," said Roberto. "Would you like to eat with me?"  As the 2 friends were eating, along came Boo the ghost and stole all their food.  So Bouncy and Roberto decided to set a trap for Boo.  They filled the trap with pancakes, French toast, bacon, eggs and yogurt.  A little while later, Boo came back and started to eat the food.  To his surprise, Bouncy and Roberto trapped him in a net.  "Why did you steal our breakfast?" Roberto asked.  "I thought you were making it for me," cried Boo.  "Well, we can all make breakfast to share," said Bouncy.  They all sat down together and had a wonderful breakfast and became friends forever!


Thank you ever so much for all your wonderful and generous donations of candy for Halloween in July!  Click on the "photos from camp" link to the left to see some great pictures of the kids and The Levins, who performed their "Monsters, Aliens & Stinky Ice Cream" show for us.

Believe it or not, we are coming up on our last week of playground!  It has been a joy for me, for the staff and, I hope, for your kids.

Please join us on Friday, 8/7/15 at 9:15 for our end of the summer Talent Show!  Bring your cameras.  I promise to have you at Van Antwerp for their show at 10:15, if you have an older sibling to watch.  The kids will then have an ice cream social and pick up will be at the normal time of noon. If your child has a food allergy that prevents them from having ice cream, please supply a treat for them.


Parents, if your child has an allergy or medical condition, please do not hesitate to discuss it with our camp medical director. She will be more than happy to speak with you and wants to make sure that we have all of the information we need!



                        What to bring to camp everyday:

A reusable water bottle, (with camper's first and last name on it)

A snack

Don’t Forget:

To put on sunscreen

To wear closed toed sneakers (no flip-flops)

Drop off is 9:00 each morning and pick up is at 12 noon

You MUST sign your child IN and OUT each day!