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This website is where you can find out everything you need to know about the Hillside School Summer Playground Program!! 

Check out the activities planned for each week, including who will be visiting the playground using the calendar links on the left!!

 Please join us on Friday morning at 9:30 for our year-end Camper Talent Show!  Each group will perform one song & dance and we will be done by 10 so if you need to get to Van Antwerp for their Talent Show, you will have time to do so.  And don't forget the camera!!

Niskayuna Fire District # 1 came to visit today, Wednesday, and the kids had a great time learning about all the equipment and talking to the firefighters.  They also had the chance to operate the big hose and put out the "fire" in the "burning house".  Please be sure to check out the photos (the link is to the left).  And the kids will also be featured in the Niskayuna section of the Gazette newspaper on Thursday.  If you would like to contact the Gazette photographer, here is his information: 
Peter Barber, prbarber@mac.com , 518-390-7916 (c), 518-395-3106 (w). 

Richie Phillips from WGNA Radio was at Hillside on Friday 8/1 and the children helped him write and record a Playground song about Mismatch Day.  You can hear the song here.    Richie also recorded several of our campers saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  They will be on at 6 AM starting Monday, 8/11 and I will let you know which camper will be on the air on which day.  Just keep checking back here.  They were great!  Enjoy the song!

As part of our Pajama Day, each age group wrote a bedtime story. 

We hope you enjoy how creative and imaginative your kids are!


Once upon a time, there was a train and a wolf and they ran away to the jungle.  They saw a lion and a giraffe named Allie.  The wolf ate Allie, but was still hungry.  He found some mac & cheese and ate it.  The train, the wolf and the lion became friends.  The wolf got fat from eating everything, so he popped!  The lion ate the train and a peanut.  He met an elephant named Luca.  They became friends and ran around, but the lion ran away from Luca after awhile.  He met another wolf named Joey.  Joey ate an apple and a banana and they both fell asleep.  They had a dream about being in a rainbow palace where they met Queen Emma and her loyal subjects, Dani and Abby. Awesome Allie, the giraffe, came back from being eaten and ruled the Rainbow Palace happily ever after!


Once upon a time, there lived a transformer and he had a best friend named Bumblebee.  They met a monster whose name was Monster and a bunny who had a blue carrot.  After the bunny ate the carrot, a man named Shaquille came by.  He had a dog named Lucy.  Lucy went to the ocean, where she met a shark.  The monster came and ate Lucy andth shark ate the monster.  Then a magical fairy came and brought Lucy back to life.  Shaquille and Lucy lived happily ever after.  The transformers took over the world and made it a better place!


Once upon a time, there was a horse named Horsie and his horse friend named Dot.  Horsie & Dot wanted to draw with chalk, but they didn't know what to draw.  So, they asked their friend Fox.  But he didn't know what to draw either. So, they asked their friend Bear.  But he said,"I don't know.  Ask somebody else."  Then they asked the unicorn, but the unicorn told them to ask someone else.  So they asked their friend the elephant and he said, "Why don't you draw a house?"  After drawing the house, they decided to draw the whole neighborhood.  Then they drew a whole city.  After they were done drawing, they decided to build a house out of chalk with their friend chicken.  They drew a parade through the city and they drew all day long until they fell asleep!

SECOND GRADE: Chucky & the Dark Twizzler

Once upon a time, a huge, brown, fluffy bear named Chucky lived in Candyland wth his 3 brothers & sisters.  His sisters names were Juliette and Katerina and his brother's name was Pablo.  Suddenly, a giant marshmallow fell on top of their house and broke open the roof.  Chucky and his family wanted to find out where the giant marshmallow came from.  They looked for clues that lead them to Healthy-Fruit-Land.  They found out it came from a marshmallow volcano that hadn't erupted in 3.7 million years.  They needed to figure out how to stop the volcano from erupting so nobody else's house would get ruined.  Chucky was the bravest so he walked into the volcano while it was erupting and found out there was a man controlling the whole thing!  "Hello", said the man, "I am the Dark Twizzler.  Welcome to my volcano of marshmallow doom.  Unfortunately, I cannot have any visitors while I am busy destroying the world.  My minions will have to escort you out."  When the minions started to charge at Chucky, he jumped on all their heads unti he reached the Dark Twizzler.  Suddenly, Pablo, Juliette & Katerina jumped in with candy blasters loaded with gumballs!  They defeated the Dark Twizzler, ate all his marshmallows and no house was ever destroyed again...well, at least not for another 3.7 miilion years!



Parents, if your child has an allergy or medical condition, please do not hesitate to discuss it with our camp medical director. She will be more than happy to speak with you and wants to make sure that we have all of the information we need!



                                                        What to bring to camp everyday:

A reusable water bottle, (with camper's first and last name on it)

A snack

Don’t Forget:

To put on sunscreen

To wear closed toed sneakers (no flip-flops)

Drop off is 9:00 each morning and pick up is at 12 noon

You MUST sign your child IN and OUT each day!