Popular Writings

I occasionally contribute to Ideas for India, VoxEU, and popular press in India.

Ideas for India is an economics and policy portal that is intended to be this common platform and source for ideas and evidence on policy issues in India and will be a complement to the print media. By serving as an ideologically neutral space for economists, other social scientists and practitioners to use their research and experience to weigh in on key policy questions, Ideas for India hopes to inject more evidence into policy debates, and make these discussions more accessible to specialists and non-specialists interested in the issues of growth and development in India.

VoxEU.org  – CEPR’s policy portal – was set up in June 2007 to promote "research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading economists". Vox's audience consists of economists working in the public sector, private sector, academia and media – as well as students of economics in the broad sense. Vox columns cover all fields of economics broadly defined and is widely read (the site receives about a half million page views per month).