I'm a recent PhD graduate from College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), Syracuse, New York. My research interests include remote sensing applications in forestry and hydrological studies, Evapotranspiration (ET) estimation, Land use and Land cover Change, Surface energy balance, GIS-based modeling, and automated algorithms development. ET, a combined process of evaporation and transpiration, is one of the major components of hydrological budget and land surface model. My research focuses on the estimation of remotely sensed ET using surface energy balance algorithms. I'm trying to integrate genetic algorithms and multi-sensor fusion models in the ET estimation process.I'm also automating ET models to bring it within the domain of new users.I have also worked on automated tree crown delineation and object-based infested tree detection models. Currently, I'm looking for a new and exciting opportunity related with research in remote sensing applications in forestry and hydrology such as understanding vegetation dynamics, hydrological cycles, land use and land cover changes, surface energy balance system, carbon and energy flux changes. I'm also interested in computer programming and development of new algorithms and automated tools.

Contact Details:
Nishan Bhattarai
1 Forestry Drive
321 Baker Lab/107 Baker Lab, Syracuse, NY 13210
Email: nbhattar@syr.edu

Me, Laura and Colin (from left to right)                                                                                               
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