Pidgin v2.b6 with Hebrew support


gaim_2.0.0beta6-1_i386.deb is a compiled pidgin (v2 beta 6) including the patch written by Shlomi Loubaton to fix the RTL problems in Pidgin. The deb file compiled under Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) with SSL (GnuTls) and gStreamer support, the rest is by the default of Pidgin.


1. Remove gaim from your computer using Synaptic or:
       sudo apt-get remove gaim, ubuntu-desktop
    ** ubuntu-desktop is package used only by gaim.

2. Download the above file.

3. Run: sudo dpkg -i gaim_2.0.0beta6-1_i386.deb

4. Optional: In some cases the package will not add a link to the `Applications` menu. 
    To add pidgin into the menu go to: `System` Menu -> Preference -> `Menu Layout`. 
    Choose your favorite category and click "New Item". There, type "gaim" in command input.


Note: Ubuntu will notify you about gaim upgrades. Upgrading will destroy the current installed package and will result in an unsupported RTL version.