Upcoming Events

Feb 26/27 2015      National Music Museum Vermillion South Dakota @7 pm and @12 noon
April 25 2015          Hosmer Public Library @ 2 pm (with Marcus Wise) 
May 2 2015              Maithree -the Music of Friendship @ 4.30 pm with
                                Thanjavur Sri Murugaboopathi, Mr. Pat O'Keefe, Ms.Michelle Kinney 
                                and the Naadha Rasa veena /vocal Ensemble
May 6 2015              Art of Improvisation- Melodies and Rhythms of Carnatic Music Rochester Public Library @ 12 noon
May 9 2015              Geffen Auditorium Mayo Clinic Rochester @ 10.15 am with Thanjavur Sri Murugaboopathi
May 21-June 5         Philadelphia/New Jersey
June 21 2015         Camp Masala concert

Aug 10-Sept 7         India performances

Sept 10-Nov 1        Sounds of Ancient USA Jugalbandhi tour with Pandit Sri Ronu Majumdar, Thanjavur Sri Murugaboopathi 
                               Sri Ajeet Pathak
Oct 21,22 2015     Song of Wonder with David Harris Voices of Sepharad at St Olaf College
Nov 2, 8 2015        Song of Wonder with David Harris Voices of Sepharad at St.Gustavas College
Nov 7 2015             Kiranavali Vidya Shankar's project with other musicians at Sruthi Philadelphia