Upcoming Events

Feb 26th                            Northfield, MN, USA: Carleton College, 7 pm "Veena Concert Tour"
March 2-4                          Moorhead, MN, USA: Concordia College, 7 pm "Song of Wonder Tour"
March 5                             Rochester, MN, USA: Rochester Civic Theatre, 7 pm "Song of Wonder Tour"
March 12th                        Westerville, OH, USA: Dhvani, 2 pm "Veena Concert Tour"
March 13th                        Hindu Temple Dayton 3.30 pm "Veena Concert Tour"
March 30th                        Cleveland Aradhana concert with Shri Raghavendra Rao Thanjavur Shri Murugaboopathi Shri Guruprasad
April 6th                            Princeton University - Princeton Swara- Jugal Bandhi concert
                                          with Shri Ronu Majumdar Shri Thanjavur Murugaboopathi and Shri Samir Chatterjee
April 8th                             Basilica of St.Mary Heart and Soul concert -
April 22nd                           INDUS Fest Dallas, Texas
May 8th                                Shama Green Bay WI
May 14th                              Naadhotsavam 5 pm Maithree