Nirmala Rajasekar is a world renowned Carnatic veena virtuoso and educator of South Indian Music. She has performed in venues throughout the world and is a recipient of many awards including a Bush artistic fellowship, a McKnight fellowship, Rotary Vocational Excellence award and Best Senior Veena Artiste.  She is known for her talents in exploring South Indian Classical (Carnatic) to create collaborative projects with other music traditions including western classical and jazz. 
The press has often described her as a "Carnatic Ambassador", as she has introduced Carnatic Music to many other art forms of the world.

Smt. Nirmala Rajasekar's album Maithree: the Music of Friendship has been making waves! The album is globally available on all streaming services on OCTOBER 26, with the album release concert on OCTOBER 28See and listen to some of the coverage:

Oct 23, KFAI Radio: Womenfolk

Oct 21, KFAI Radio: Century Song 

Oct 19, KFAI Radio: Fubar Omniverse 

Mayi Re Mei Tho Liyo-Meerabai

  • The new normal
    Greetings! 2020 has been quite the year for all of us - a year to remember and reflect. Travelling to the US on Feb 29 2020,  after being away on tour for 4 months, I would have never imagined that very soon a lot was going to change in a big way! The COVID-19 crisis came upon us all in a manner nobody expected. As I write this, I am fervently hoping and praying that there will soon be a vaccine that will be available to combat this virus. That the 'new normal' was social distancing and that we had to survive this virus by somewhat being in isolation, was a reality check that was stunning. Humankind is not made for quarantines - we thrive on being together! Performing artists were hit hard -with performing venues and concert halls being closed for the time being. 

    Thankfully, human spirit is what keeps us going in such moments. The support of my dear Naadharasa nonprofit Board came in strongly to do what we needed to do. Along with GCMA (Global Carnatic Musicians Association and ACF (the American Composers Forum where I have begun serving as Co-Chair on the Board of Directors since July), Naadharasa and I were involved in helping artists, instrument makers/repair shops and communities in need. This work which began in April 2020 has been continuing as I write this in November. My eternal gratitude to all the generous people from all over the globe who have stood by Naadharasa, GCMA and ACF. It has been a privilege to perform many concerts online for organizations such as Indian Music Society of MN ( in its fundraising support of the India Association of Minnesota's ( relief efforts. 

    It has been a time of great change in the world around us in many ways - from addressing inequities in our society to providing assistance and financial relief to those in need. Please take care, everyone. Though this not over yet, we know we can combat this together. May the upcoming holiday season beginning with Diwali this weekend, be a special time to cherish each other!
    Love and Peace!
    Posted Nov 10, 2020, 12:27 PM by Nirmala Rajasekar
  • Greetings from Chennai- Happy 2020
    Dear Friends, 
    Warm welcome to 2020 and to my website! Its been a wonderful Season 2019 and already 17 days have passed in a blur in the New Year. A Season filled with exciting new forays, new venues, new combinations and the favorite spaces revisited. Participating in the 173rd Thyagaraja Aradhana was a highlight this past week and now looking forward to visiting and performing in the the Mangalore area...Karkala, Manipal and Udupi followed by the inaugural concert of AKP Fine Arts to end January. Febrary begins with a special concert in Delhi followed by a lecture demonstration in Bangalore..Seeking Her Blessings and all your support.
    May this year be filled with the best of everything for you all. Take care!

    Posted Jan 17, 2020, 11:10 PM by Nirmala Rajasekar
  • September 2019
    An exciting last few months one reason being the ascending of the sacred space of performance by Kum Samyukhtha Shankar who presented a vocal concert on Aug 18th 2019 in Chennai's Pethachi auditorium. She was blessed to have done so in the presence of many Mahavidwans and connoisseur in the audience including Chitraveena Shri Narasimhan, Nagai Shri Muralidharan and Cleveland Shri Sundaram. She had the good fortune to have the support of veteran vidwans Shri VVS Murari, Thanjavur Shri Murugaboothi and Ghatam Shri Karthick. After this concert, she came home to Maple Grove, Minnesota and sang another concert at the Nath Auditorium of the Hindu Society on September 2nd. As I reflect on my journey as a teacher on this lovely occasion, my gratitude to my parents and Gurus is  foremost on my mind. All their gifts are what I am enjoying now with the Naadharasa Center for Music.
    My own performance travels are taking me to various interesting experiences around the state and the country in the next few months As I leave for a bit of north Minnesota this next week coinciding with the wonderful Navarathri week,  I will also go a bit easward to Syracuse University and then down south to Bentonville, Arkansas for performances before returning to homebase for a few more weeks of singing, playing and teaching before packing my bags for the  next round of travels outside the country.
    Celebrate the Arts this special Holiday season. Love and Peace- Nirmala
    Posted Sep 29, 2019, 8:13 AM by Nirmala Rajasekar
  • July 2019
    'Veena Gaanam 2019' at the Cleveland Aradhana on April 22 2019 was an extraordinary event. For the first time in 43 years of the Aradhana such a concert featuring the veena with vocal was presented. As our team of 72 people from 9 states of the USA took to the stage to perform an hour of veena/vocal/mridangam music, our Gurus' Grace was felt. The nearly 30 veenas  on stage stayed in shruthi for that one hour (a miracle in itself) and the performers sang and played their hearts out. Our deep gratitude to Shri VV Sundaram Mama for this great concept and for encouraging me to create this concert. Many thanks to Vidwans Shri Thanjavur Murugaboopathi Anna and Shri V.Srinivasan for working with our young mridangam players. Our gratitude goes out to all the eminent artists who came at 8 am that morning to bless the performers. The year is moving fast with residencies (8 of them) and concerts in Dhvani Columbus, Indian Fine Arts Academy San Diego, Cleveland Aradhana,  ' Summer Rain '  with Zeitgeist and performing in a special 1000 moon celebration event with Shruthi  Rajasekar for the legendary Spider John Koerner at the world renowned Cedar Cultural Center. Looking ahead to travelling to India for concerts and a special event there. I will post more after I am back.Take care and have a wonderful summer everyone! Thank you for visiting!
    Posted Jul 3, 2019, 9:37 AM by Nirmala Rajasekar
  • Oct 2018 'Maithree the Music of Friendship'
    A week away from the D-Day the launch of our new album 'Maithree the Music of Friendship'. Exciting times ahead. A dream now closer to reality. 
    We invite you all to join us on Oct 28th 2018 at the wonderful world music venue the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis at 3 pm for the release concert. My 'Maithrees'  Vidwan and Vidushis Thanjavur Muugaboopathi,  Michelle Kinney , Pat O Keefe and Tim O' Keefe will be performing with yours truly on that day. I am most grateful to Innova recordings for their faith in me and helping launch this album under their label, for Wild Sound Studios and Steve Kaul, for recording editing and mastering the album, Gary Hines (3 time Grammy winning group Sounds Of Blackness') Shruthi Rajasekar (composer-musician)  V.Srinivasan (musician) for their time in the studio as studio producers and several other friends for helping in so many capacities. It has been a journey of love, camaraderie and friendship and I thank my wonderful partners for their trust and support. The digital global release two days before the concert on Oct 26 2018. Hope you will all get a copy of the album. Let us know what you think.    
    Happy Dasshera! 
    Posted Oct 20, 2018, 8:52 PM by Nirmala Rajasekar
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