Nirmaan Organisation

Towards a developed Nation


About Nirmaan

Nirmaan is a non profit organisation committed to work for poverty free, knowledge powered and economically empowered Nation by focusing on providing education and livelihood opportunities for underprivileged people.


Nirmaan erstwhile My INDIA was started by a group of BITSians, got registered as NPO on July, 2007 at Hyderabad. At present, it is operating with 500 members through 6 chapters in four different states.


Nirmaan believes that it’s the fundamental right of every child to get educated and it is the education alone that can bring about a social change. Apart from education, a person also needs a livelihood so as to get covered at least his basic needs. So, creation of livelihood opportunities for deserved and motivated but underprivileged unemployed is also a must so as to push the growth engine of the economy. Hence, Nirmaan believes that education and a livelihood opportunity are the basic necessities that any citizen must get fulfilled so that poverty which is a recurring problem doesn’t any more harass the society and thus Nirmaan works to provide such basic necessities of the society.


Vision & Mission

To provide a three factored education (Character building, Nation building and Economic advantage giving) opportunities to all those who are deprived of it, and to provide livelihood opportunities to all motivated but underprivileged and unemployed, and thus work for a poverty free, knowledge powered and an economically empowered nation.