Niravkumar D. Patel
  Ohio State University,
Physics Research Building 2047,
191 West Woodruff Ave,
Columbus, OH 43210

I am currently pursuing a PhD. in Condensed Matter Theory at the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Elbio Dagotto (Dagotto Group).

I am interested in variety of topics in Condensed Matter Theory. I am currently working on research in High Temperature Superconductivity (High-Tc Sc), dynamics of hole pairing and propagation in low dimensional systems, disordered systems. My research involve using computational techniques such as Monte Carlo and Density Matrix Renormalization Group (DMRG) to do model based study of various materials. In future, I plan to also learn and implement Matrix Product State (MPS) for study of low dimensional systems. My other interests are in various machine learning algorithms including Quantum Machine Learning, Neural Networks (Deep, CNN, RNN) and parallelization techniques using multiple CPU or GPU.

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Recent Highlights: 

  • ' Orbital and Charge Excitations as Fingerprints of an Orbital-Selective Mott Phase in the Block Magnetic State of BaFe2Se3 ', Niravkumar D. Patel, Alberto Nocera, Gonzalo Alvarez, Adriana Moreo, Steven Johnston, and Elbio Dagotto ArXiv:1807.10419 (2018) - (PDF).