Niraj Kumar


Researcher & Educationalist

Areas of Interests: (1) NLP, (2) IR&IE, (3) Data Mining, (4) Machine Learning, (5) Deep Learning

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About Myself 

I obtained my PhD, (CSE) from IIIT-Hyderabad, under the guidance of  Dr. Kannan Srinathan and Dr. Vasudeva Varma

PhD Thesis Title: Towards Intelligent Text Mining: Under Limited Linguistic Resources.

The thesis can be downloaded from:


  1. Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Phenom People (Hyderabad, India). Dec-2016 to Now 

  2. Post Doctoral Researcher at University of California (Davis). Sep-2015 to Sep-2016

  3. Research Professional, TCS Innovation Lab, New Delhi. May 2013 to Aug-2015

  4. Research Intern; IBM IRL; Bangalore, India. May 2012 – July 2012

  1. BEST PAPER AWARD (1st place) @ CICLING-2014 - Details: "Niraj Kumar; "A Graph Based Automatic Plagiarism Detection Technique to Handle The Artificial Word Reordering and Paraphrasing", A. Gelbukh (Ed.): CICLing 2014, LNCS 8404, pp. 481–494, 2014. (LINK)
  2. IN TOP SYSTEM @ TAC-2011: My system was in Top system for "Automatic Summarization Evaluation Task" at Text Analysis Conference (TAC 2011), organized by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA TAC-2011. (For details, see My Publications)
  3. IN TOP SYSTEM @ TAC-2010: My system was in Top system for "Automatic Summarization Evaluation Task" at Text Analysis Conference (TAC 2010), organized by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA TAC-2010. (For details, see My Publications).
  4. Other Recognition:  Our Unsupervised Phrase Identification technique for Keyphrase Extraction, has been appreciated by the survey paper published in COLING-2010, Titled: "Conundrums in Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction: Making Sense of the State-of-the-Art"

Teaching Activities

At the current time, I am running a YouTube channel Be Expert in Minutes”. It freely provides high-quality video tutorials on topics related to "Text Mining", "Graph Algorithms", "Machine Learning", and Deep Learning" etc. I prepare these tutorials on my free time (weekend).

         My YouTube channel “Be Expert in Minutes” is highly appreciated by the people from technical, research & academic backgrounds for the good quality technical contents. It has successfully attracted a good volume of social media traffic and continually growing. (According to the Google Analytics report, till date (starting from March-End 2016 to Jan 15th 2017), My YouTube video Channel "Be Expert in Minutes" has crossed the count of 23500+ views with more than 90000+ minutes of watching time from 94 countries.)

  • My YouTube Channel can be reached at:

Research Updates:

  1. Niraj Kumar, Kannan Srinathan and Vasudeva Varma; "Unsupervised Deep Semantic and Logical Analysis for Identification of Solution Posts from Community Answers"accepted for publication in "Int. J. of Information and Decision Sciences", Journal Paper).
  2. Niraj Kumar, Kannan Srinathan and Vasudeva Varma; "A Graph based Unsupervised N-gram Filtration Technique for Automatic Keyphrase Extraction"; accepted for publication in "Int. J. of Data Mining, Modelling and Management" (Journal Paper).
 Complete list of publications are available at: My Publications

Other Research Activity

  1. Program committee member - ICON-2016, ICON-2013
  2. Reviewed articles: The Computer Journal (OXFORD JOURNALS)



1.     PhD in Computer Science & Engineering. (2015)

         IIIT-Hyderabad (INDIA)

         Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kannan Srinathan and 

               Co-Advisor: Dr. Vasudeva Varma

2.      MCA (Jan 2002 - June 2004)

         Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.

3.      BCA    (Jan 1999 – Jan 2002)

         Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi

Blogs, Sharings and Resume:
 Read My Blogs (All Technical) (Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Keyphrase extraction, etc.