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About Us!

The Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team is a paranormal investigation group that seeks out the answers of paranormal activity from claims provided by our clients.  We are a husband and wife team, and we travel to anywhere within the Northern Ilinois area, or out of state, to work with another paranormal group if requested.

We are a self-funded science based group of paranormal investigators who have chosen to study all things paranormal. At this time our membership is small, but as time goes on recruitment efforts will be made and an application will be posted to this site. 
It is the idea of the founder, Larry Eissler , that this website should become a place for the NIPRT team to post photos, video, and articles worthy of our fans review. However, we still wish to offer our fans an opportunity to express their paranormal creativity. It's for this purpose that we are open to personal experiences, interesting paranormal articles, and fan submitted photos. To insure that the line isn't unintentionally crossed, seperate sections will be or have been set up to cater to the needs of our fans. Although the fan content needs to be submitted to NIPRT moderators, should it pass inspection, the site will be updated with the content as soon as possible. 
Submissions MUST be the sole property of the submitter and fall into one of the following catagories: personal experiences, advice on specific aspects of paranormal issues, and photographs/videos of paranormal related subjects; (ghosts, aliens, spirit orbs, hauntings, poltergeists, etc.). All submitted works are subject to review and be approved by Larry Eissler and/or Desiree Eissler.

All the information provided on this site is the sole intellectual property of NIRPT. All information provided on this site is solely the opinion of the webmaster and does not reflect the opinion or beliefs of any other group, expert, or organization mentioned on this site.

The site is still VERY new and a lot of information has yet to be added. We have lots of articles, essays, and other information we have   gathered during our investigations that will be uploaded as soon as possible. After this, the site will be updated often to reflect new topics, evidence, and group changes.


Our Experience Shows!

Please visit our investigations page and our media page (coming soon!) to view a list of our past investigations. Some investigations are NIPRT solo investigations and others are investigations hosted by other paranormal groups. For a list of paranormal groups we support, view our affiliations list to the right of this page, or visit our Facebook page at:

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