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Jane Lambert's Fees

Jane's usual hourly rate is £250 plus United Kingdom value added tax (or the equivalent in US dollars or euro). If asked to quote for a daily fee she bases my calculation on an 8 hour day from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00 plus 1 hour reading time. Thus, her daily rate is £1,800 per day plus VAT.

To that rule there are 3 exceptions:

  • IP Office and other Fixed Cost Proceedings: If a dispute would otherwise proceed in the IP Office, Trade Marks Registry, Designs Registry or other tribunal where costs are fixed, she caps her fee £1,000 per day plus VAT however long the proceeding takes in order to encourage amicable settlement.

  • Mediations ordered by the Court: If a dispute would otherwise proceed in a court with a mediation scheme, her charges are the same as if she had been appointed under that scheme, or, of there is no local scheme on the same basis as if she had been appointed under the Manchester County Court scheme; and. 
  • WIPO Appointments:  the set fees for mediators.