Are you going to manufacture or license your invention?
There are two ways you can exploit your invention:
  • you can manufacture and market the invention yourself; or
  • you can license another business to make and market the invention.

It is often supposed that the second is the easier option but in many ways it is the more difficult. First you need to find a potential licensee for the invention. That requires a lot of market research. Secondly, you have to persuade a company that is already established in its market to consider a novel and possibly unconventional technology. You will need to show that your invention works. Thirdly, you must have something to license.  That usually means you have to get a patent (see "How do you protection your invention?"). Finally, you have to satisfy the potential licensee that it can make money from your invention. 

Making the Invention

If you take this route you are going into business. Before you take that step you need to make sure that you have the personal qualities and skills needed to survive as an entrepreneur. The Business Link website has a good wiki called "Are You Ready to Set Up". You should read in particular "Find out if you have got what it takes". Those articles are also on the main Business Link website. Other sites that you may find useful include 
Getting Professional Help

You will need a lot of help from all sorts of people from accountants, bankers, business advisers, lawyers, marketing consultants and others. This page is likely to update and grow so come back frequently,