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These are nearly always negotiable. They usually take account of the number of hours required to do the work and the specialist knowledge, skill and experience  and reputation of the barrister.  A senior barrister can usually command a much higher hourly rate than a junior one. However, that does not mean that he or she is necessarily more expensive. If the junior is on a learning curve, the length of time he or she may take to do the work can more than offset his or her lower hourly rate. 

Discounts for Start-ups and Small and Businesses

Some barristers allow discounts for certain types of client. For instance, Jane Lambert allows an automatic 40% discount for start-ups and a 25% discount for businesses turning over less than £1 million per year. It is very difficult to quote for work without knowing exactly how much work will be involved. For that reason, it is usually a good idea to request an estimate first. 

Interim Injunction Application

These are the fees that might typically be charged by an NIPC member of 15 years call or more for the following services:

  • £500 for a conference to decide whether to apply for or resist an application for interim relief and perhaps another £350 for a written opinion on the point;

  • £250 for settling a request for undertakings including a letter of claim or a response to such request or letter in accordance with paragraph 4 of the Practice Direction - Protocols;
  • £250 for settling an application notice and minute of order;
  • £350 or more for settling the principal witness statement in support of, or opposition to, the application;
  • £500 for appearing upon an interim applications day in London, Leeds, Liverpool or Manchester, including reviewing the evidence and preparing the skeleton argument; and
  • £1,250 or more for half a day's hearing on an application by order in any of the above cities.

Search Orders

Because of the increased risk and greater volume of work involved fees will be higher than for other interim injunction applications but not outrageously so. Settling a sworn statement in support of an application might cost between £500 and £750 compared to the £350 usually charged for settling a witness statement. The brief fee for the application would be around £1,250 followed by perhaps £500 on the return day. Conferences might take a little longer and of course the credentials of the supervising solicitor and accompanying expert have to be checked and considered.

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