This is a service for businesspeople whose businesses are threatened, or who believe their businesses to be threatened, by their competitors.

The threat may be commercial:   
- competing products may be entering the market; or
- consumers may be induced to contract with a rival because it has adopted a similar trade name, logo or trading style.
See "Do You Need An Injunction" for examples.

Equally, the threat may be legal. Your competitor may be threatening legal proceedings including an injunction application unless you withdraw a successful product from the market or change your brand. See "Has Anyone Obtained or Threatened to Obtain" for examples of those threats.

Either way the barristers of NIPC Law can help you, your solicitors or other professional advisors. That does not mean that we will urge you into expensive litigation.   Sometimes that would be hopeless or there may be better or cheaper ways to achieve the same result. We assess your case rapidly before you incur substantial expense.  

If it  is more sensible to abandon a product or change a brand whichever side you are on and where that is the case we can point you towards other professionals such as product designers and marketers who can assist your re-launch.