How to use our "Safe Harbor" Dispute Resolution Service
This service is available only to individuals who have a dispute with a company or other organization that participates in our "Safe Harbor" dispute resolution service.  Click here for a list of participating organizations.

If the company or other organization participates in our service download its "Safe Harbor" policy by clicking its name.

If you think it has failed to comply with its policy fill in our "Safe Harbor" dispute resolution form and pay us £100 (being your contribution to our dispute resolution fee of £500) or the equivalent in your own currency. When we receive your complaint and fee we shall send it to the other side.   They will usually send you and us their reply and pay us the other half of our dispute resolution fee within 7 days.

We shall then appoint an arbitrator who will resolve your dispute in accordance with the facts and the applicable law within 7 days of the reply.   The arbitrator will usually apply our arbitration Rules with a number of modifications for this type of dispute.   The most important of these is that there is a single £500 fee for the whole service split between you and the other side regardless of outcome and no order of costs against the losing party.

You will then receive the arbitrator's award.   If he or she sides with you, the arbitrator may order the other side to do or stop doing something (an "injunction") or he or she may award a sum of money.   If the other side fails to comply with the award you can enforce the award in the civil courts as though it were a judgment or complain to the US authorities.   If the arbitrator sides with you, no further action will be taken against either party.

At present, we can offer this service only in English but we hope to add other languages later.

If you have any questions fill in our contact form or call us on 020 7404 5252.