Under the Company's Terms of Service the Parties are jointly and severally liable to NIPC Ltd for its fees and expenses in facilitating and supporting the arbitration.   These are as follows:

 Fee             Description £
 Commencement Fee  Fee for registering the commencement of the arbitration pursuant to condition 3 (1) (c) of the Terms.     100.00
 Appointment Fee     Fee for appointing the tribunal pursuant to condition 4 (c) 25.00
 Telephone Hearing Fee Fee for arranging a telephone or on-line hearing pursuant to condition 6 (1) 100.00        
 Hearing Fee     Fee for arranging a hearing in which the Parties are present in the same room 250.00

The Company is registered for VAT and will charge tax upon all chargeable supplies.

In addition, the arbitrator will almost levy a fee for his or her services and seek reimbursement for his or her expenses. You may ask the panellist what these are likely to be or check his or her website.

The Company will invoice its own and any arbitrators' fees and where these are payable in advance NIPC Ltd and the arbitrator or arbitrators shall not be obliged to take any step in the proceedings or publish an award until all their fees and disbursements are paid in full.   

Rule 11 (3) of the NIPC Arbitration Rules grants power to the arbitrator to decide which party or parties shall pay those fees and expenses,