Objective of NIOSe Group of Education

Objective of NIOSe 

We aim to prepare learner to reach their aim of career with full potential and excellent marks. A good education gives the path of career through which they can success in their skills and enjoy a wide range of interest. Our institute aspires to value everyone associated with it, irrespective of age, position, race, gender, background or ability. We endeavor to motivate, support and inspire personal, spiritual, emotional and educational growth in a safe and secured environment individual for all rounds development. We aim to unit parents pupils’ governors’ staff and the local community, through agreed Institution policies, which aim to delivered value based quality education.


These are the targets we want to meet you........

To reach at your doorsteps

To provide you our e-community academic staffs

To make easier your subjective syllabus on based of your level of understanding

To presence for every time beside you

To make more conversion with friendly to the learners

To provide proper suggestion notes and information to them in order to marking Scheme 

This is how our organization will gain.

We will gain with your potential feedback and attentive attention for more about our activities and scheduled online classes Programmes. We the National Institute of Online Secondary Education (NIOSe), India

team endeavor to design and offer the best quality of self education programmes for all which made the difference for career enhancement and skills training to the learners as their desired and requirements with our enriched resources and well ensured system and procedure.

We will strive, not only to meet learner’s expectation but also to exceed our learners expectation. We highly committed team of professional market leaders in the field of self development by operating as a high quality and growth oriented organization, in a competitive and ever changing environment.

Our organization runs under the C.R. Act of 1982 HRD (Department of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education) Govt. of India and our programme followed NIOS / IGNOU / RGSU Boards & Universities.

 Why do you need NIOSe online classes

  • Accessibility: You may access our programme from any where at any time according to you’re convinced.
  • Flexibility : When it make sense for you, you may access your programe we are here for wee hours 
  • Interpersonal Breadth: You peers will include students all over the country and even the world. My online students have included military personnel working overseas as well as adults of over age they are also getting our online education easily.
  • Cost: NIOSe does not require that you relocate to a new place or what you forgo full time we are always beside you.
  • Documentation: No documents are required to learn from here only after your email address through which we will provide you our all require online learning accessory to you. Live discussion and training materials are all archived and recorded so that they can be retrieved via mail email to nioseorgindia@yahoo.in OR nios.org.in@gmail.com or visit our websites www.niose.in and for admission mail to adm.desk@niose.in
Why do you need to access our online classes:-

Online classes are open for you 365X24 hours from any where only if you are in front of your PC with Internet Broadband Connection you may asses your e-community teachers programmes and study materials what when do you need and required. No traffics are here to disturb you, no any suspiciousness that what materials you are getting is it will suggestive for your syllabus or immediate exam. All syllabus are made by accordance of your referred text books and required syllabus.



The Purpose (Mission)

Our 10+2 Schools, National Institute of Online secondary Education (NIOSe) is now the country’s fastest growing K-12 chain with 8 operational schools and 12 more finalized - which shall be coming up in the coming years. Our curriculum is of world standards and can be seen from the fact that we have a preschool running in Nepal and we signed a formal 10+2 GLOBAL EDUCATION. We currently have Online Study Programmes in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand , Uttar Pradesh, Andhrapradesh, Tamilanadu, Karnataka, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Bihar & Some parts of J&K. The feedback from children and parents has been amazing thanks to our unique system which
results in stress free learning for the child. More discussions are going on for other cities and we hope to achieve our target in different field of education.More than 1 Lakh children have benefited from this system in Delhi Board like NIOS CBSE NCERT ICSE & IGNOU itself.

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