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Three years ago, on Christmas, my parents got me the number one item on my Christmas list- Mother for the Famicom. It costed $60.00 on eBay (NOT including shipping + handling), and it came with the box, the game, a cool map/item/enemy/character guide, and some other thing fully in Japanese that I have no idea what it is. I am still mad at myself, however, because when I first opened it I ripped the bottom-middle part of the map/item/enemy/character guide and map. In fact, I'm still very mad at myself for that. However, my Famicom power cord broke so I couldn't play it, and when I tried an American plug my Famicom started smoking. Not good.

Then I got a bootlegged controller from the mall that played Famicom games, but unfortunately I lost the game by then. It had been lost for two years. Until June of 2006...

I found it after a LONG SEARCH for it because I got a Generation NEX (thing that plays old NES and Famicom games) and felt like playing it. Both the cartridge and the box were hiding behind a picture. I was so happy.

... However, I was having a huge problem translating the items and PSI spells.  I don't know Japanese at all, as my school doesn't offer it, nor am I willing to learn a third language on my own.  So I looked all over the internet for a translation guide for Mother, but... there was none, likely because of the translated "Earth Bound Zero."  But because I wanted to play the game...

On June 26, 2006, I created this site, not only to have a translation guide for other people, but for one I can reference back to if I need help.  I am posting things I learn on my own in the game, and help from other people.  If you have anything you would like to submit to the site, please send me an e-mail with any information you have on Mother in English.  Thanks for reading and submitting, and I hope I get many visitors to this site in the future.

Note:  A majority of the first part is taken from this forum post from, which is why it rambles on so much.