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For those who want to play on their TVs, not their computers.

Mother's Day




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Welcome to Mother's Day, a site dedicated to translating Mother!


 7/26/06 - Whoa, I didn't even realize before putting this update up it's been exactly a month since the site was created.  Well, anyway, a nameless friend of mine is helping me emulate NES games on my Dreamcast, so instead of playing Mother on my Famicom, I'll just play Earth Bound (Zero) on my Dreamcast.  Yeah, so, unless I come up with any better use for this site (maybe just a Mother fansite in general), it will no longer be updated.

 6/27/06 - Yes, I know yesterday I said I wouldn't update for about the first week, but I just wanted to announce that I put a page up for a fangame called "Mother XP" being made by FrankFly from (topic can be found here).  Also, you may have noticed under the Mother section there's an unclickable section called "Mother to Earth Bound and Back Again."  Before accusing me of ripping off of Tomato, it is not a rip-off, but it is an homage (for those of you who don't know what this is, the link is here, but it is down at the time of this writing).  If you have anything you'd like to contribute to the site, just e-mail me.  Thanks!

6/26/06 - Just added web page today, I won't update for about the first week as I am constantly adding info.