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best nds rom emulation tools for windows, mac and linux. 

- No$GBA
- DeSmuME
- DualiS
- Ensata
- iDeaS
- NeonDS
- DSemu
- NDS roms

NDS rom emulators play Nintendo DS roms on PC where you control the game with a keyboard and mouse instead of dedicated game buttons and styles / touchscreen.

 DS emulator “DeSmuME”

Started by YopYop. As for reading, “[desumiyu] me”. In first edition, because name of emulator is not written everywhere, announcing release with the inscription, the news sight of emulator “YopYop” of home page name and production person name and “YopYop DS” of the title part of emulator individually. Formal DS Emulator name “DeSmuME” was announced in second edition.

- No$GBA - DualiS - Ensata - DSemu - DeSmuME 
NDS roms - games for you to play on the emulators
- iDeaS - NeonDS - new DS emulator that looks promissing

End of DS Emulator development was announced by 2006 March and the influence etc of the new Copyright Act which is enacted in France, the source code which is based on the GPL license was released. This is received, the team which manages the Sega Saturn emulator Yabuse directing, development of emulator is taken over extensively, the cooperation development with DeSmuME team which is formed by the member of several countries continues.    

In the functional aspect, when real time saving and the screen shot (BMP type), sound sound recording (WAVE type), frame skip, various debugger functions (the disassembler, the memory viewer, the pallet viewer, the tile viewer, the map viewer and the OAM viewer), with you said, it is thing. (Page reference of - DS emulator data)

Also DS Emulator operation of the commercial ds rom games has succeeded, but it is to be able to say emulator even altogether DS, but it has not reached to the level that you can play normally with still many games.

 DSemu Development started as an emulator research project of the ARM core which is CPU of Nintendo DS in 2004 May, with the source code first edition release was done only the ARM7 (GBA emulation) core part it mounted in 2005 August as a GBA emulator of the name, “DSemu”.
?And, in 2005 February version 0.0.1.e, the ARM7/9 (DS emulation) core part was added anew, succeeded in the operation of the demonstration program for DS, which release has already been done became worldwide first DS emulator. But, having in version 0.0.3c due to the nds roms disappearance of the environment for software development with the fact that the development machine of the production person crashes in 2005 April, you gave up the continuation of development. (In October as “DSemu-ng” only of the source code (next generation) development reopening.