Dr. Nino Hardt

Current Affiliation:

Senior Director, Methodology & Analytics

SKIM Europe

Previous Affiliation:

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Fisher College of Business,

The Ohio State University


Software packages:

    • echoice2 [Github repo][Package website]

      • Implements a number of choice models, covers workflow including estimation, prediction, policy simulation


  • Youngju Kim, Nino Hardt, Jaehwan Kim and Greg M. Allenby (2022), "Conjunctive Screening in Models of Multiple Discreteness" , International Journal of Research in Marketing (preprint) [LINK]

  • Allenby, Greg M., Nino Hardt and Peter E. Rossi (2019) "Economic Foundations of Conjoint Analysis" in Handbook of the Economics of Marketing, JP Dube and Peter Rossi, editors, Elsevier [LINK]

  • Kim, Dong Soo, Roger A. Bailey, Nino Hardt and Greg M. Allenby (2017), "Benefit-Based Conjoint Analysis'', Marketing Science, 36 (1), 54–69. [LINK]

  • Hardt, N., Alex Varbanov and Greg M. Allenby (2016), "Monetizing Ratings Data for Product Research'", Marketing Science, 35 (5), 716-726 [LINK]


  • Nino Hardt and Peter Kurz, "Volumetric Demand and Choice Set Size" [SSRN] [Latest]

  • Nino Hardt, Youngju Kim, Mingyu Joo, Jaehwan Kim and Greg M. Allenby "Reconciling Stated and Revealed Preferences'' [won best presentation award at the AMA ART Forum 2017, presented by G. Allenby]

Talks and tutorials:

  • Sawtooth Software Conference, 2022 in Orlando, 5/6/2022

  • Korea University Bayes Colloquium, 7/9/2021

  • Marketing Science 2020 ('Advertised reference prices and deal attitudes - a natural experiment') [LINK]

  • University of Delaware 2019

  • Marketing Science 2019 ('Predicting marketplace demand using Volumetric Conjoint Analysis') [SLIDES]

  • Marketing Dynamics 2019 ('Predicting marketplace demand using Volumetric Conjoint Analysis')

  • AMA ART Forum 2018 ('Tutorial: Volumetric Conjoint') [LINK]

  • AMA ART Forum 2017 ('Monetizing Ratings Data for Product Research')

  • Tilburg University (May 2017, talk, tutorial in rcpp)

  • Goethe University Frankfurt (April 2017)


    • at OSU: Marketing Research, CRM, Customer Management and Analytics, Marketing Models, Data Tools (R)

Code repos

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