High School projects

  • Evolution of complex networks - how does the Internet grow?

    The principal goal of the project is familiarizing with the basic concepts and models of complex networks, studying the structure of complex networks by modelling their growth, developing the software for the analysis of complex networks, application to technological and/or sociological and/or biological problems. Special emphasis is put on the description of complex networks appearing in nature and society, such as the Internet. The model of preferential attachment of Albert and Barabási, along with some of its elaborations, is studied in particular.

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  • Constructing a wireless sensor network

    Our mentor presented a 3-day flash overview of wireless communications, later focusing on wireless sensor networks. We discussed IEEE 802.11 networking, Bluetooth, cellular telephone networks, and IEEE 802.15.4, with an emphasis on basic wireless communication theory including signal modulation schemes and antennae characteristics.

    We then discussed various routing concepts and algorithms (specifically AODV and DSR), reliable delivery, and various present-day applications for wireless sensor networks. We implemented and tested a simple routing algorithm on a Telos rev-A series wireless sensor network. 

  • Burning virus project

    Software written in Delphi for simulation of epidemic spread over networks with discrete SIR model. Award at the Croatian national state competition in software projects, Vrsar, Croatia, 2005.