Me (Kayleigh) and Brady trying to lasso plastic bulls off of wooden horses at Rader Farms :D
    Me (Once again, Kayleigh), Brady, and Lindsey on this swing ride thingy! The person kicking their legs in the green shirt is me, the girl in front of me is our sister Lindsey, and the guy in the grey shirt facing the camera is Brady.
 Ummmmm... I don't know why this is typing above the picture but this is the hawk sitting on our swingset. It is a Sharp Shinned Hawk and his name is Bobert. =)
    This is a picture from Kayleigh's trip to Wolf Park. --By the way, my grandpa took all these. :D   
    A howling wolf at Wolf Park.
    An awesome picture of a howling wolf at Wolf Park.
    An awesome picture of the whole pack howling!
    Two wolves with staff members.
    Hes striking a pose to demonstrate his awesomeness :D
    Two wolves walking.
    Sideways but still adorable... 8-week-old wolf puppies!!!!!
Pictures of Brady and Kayleigh's turtle Buddy
  Buddy on the bed.
  Buddy on the bed.
  Buddy on a box.
  Buddy still on the bed.
Kayleigh at Horse Camp
    Look at me!!!!!!!!! I'm on a horsie :D 
aiting in line..
    Yeah...absolutely no comment :D
I don't know why this is writing above the pictures (AGHHHH its not letting me type under!!!) but these pictures are from my vacation to Topsail Island, North Carolina. My sister and I were looking for seashells and we found some HUGE ones at the end of the island!!!        Amanda
PS. We also found a disturbingly large cockroach by my bed there too! And there are towers still standing from world war II because the island was used for testing missiles (some of which have been found right outside our house!) And a certain type of sea turtle is sacred to the island and they have a little hospital for them and we got to visit!