#machall channel rules

Or, how to not get banned in three seconds flat.

Hello and welcome to the Mac Hall (www.machall.com) IRC chat channel,

now representing Three Panel Soul as well!

This channel is as official as it's going to get, and is owned and operated by

Other operators include

Megatron (Steve)

Don't make these people angry.

Also occasionally gracing us with their presence are Matt, Ian, and Jes of Mac Hall/Three Panel Soul.

Try not to piss them off either.

This channel is located on irc.sorcery.net (and in the event that we cannot be reached, always remember to give mhredirect.ath.cx a try).

If this is your first time on an IRC type chat network, these commands may be useful

/nick newname - will change your name to newname

/me text - will make your text appear as an action

/msg person blah - will privately send a message to "person"

We only have a few rules, so please try and remember them, they're
pretty simple.

1. DO NOT rape or molest people in the channel.

2. DO NOT use netslang such as a/s/l, ic, g2g, u (especially u, you is only 2 letters longer). L33t is also bad. Regular english is so much easier to read, so speak it. Ever since the channel started, this has been a habit, and we enjoy it. Please follow suit.

2.4chan: Grammar used as part of several 4chan memes is definitely bad grammar. It is worse than old school netslang bad grammar because it's usually on purpose. Additionally, if you would need to have visited 4chan for what you're saying to be funny in the slightest... just go there and say it. We want none of it.

3. Profanity IS permitted, it occured frequently enough in Mac Hall the comic, it will occur here too.

4. If you have a problem with the way an op has treated you, take the matter up with Quixote or Evader via private message. DO NOT come back into the channel screaming "power abuse!" and bloody murder, this is considered making a scene, and is far more likely to get you banned from the channel than it is to accomplish your goal.

4.5 Although this channel is about Mac Hall and Three Panel Soul related things, that does not mean that Ian, Matt, or Jes run the channel, nor do they want to. DO NOT contact them about anything related to this IRC channel. If you absolutely MUST send an e-mail somewhere about anything related to this IRC channel please direct it to:
the name you used when chatting here(DOT)5(DOT)Quixote(AT)spamgourmet(D...you know the rest)

5. Asking for ops means you will never get it.

6. Links: If you post a link it must be safe for work, or labeled otherwise. No exceptions. Do not post the same link more than once per hour, or more than 5 times per day. Do not come here for the express purpose of linking something, or join and post a link before engaging in conversation.

6.5 Plugging: Do not excessively link your own creative works in an attempt to siphon readers. Ask if anyone is interested then PM those that are.

7. Thank you for reading, please try to remain courteous and civil (while being free to express just about any viewpoint you want to about anything but furries) and enjoy your stay here at #machall.